Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 741: Cloud Soaring Venerables Scheme

Lunargrasps shocking ascension miracle moved the other emperors.

“Just a little bit from a full fusion of twelve wills. That would have made her life much easier in the future with anima, faster than those before her.” A twelve-will Grand Emperor slightly raised his brow and said.

The top emperors felt regretful about the “failure” because it could have been a good point of reference for this future path.

Legend stated that a fusion of twelve will from one shouldering process would boost cultivation speed. Of course, no one has been able to verify this.

Purewood Divine Emperor was the other potential candidate but he was too elusive to be studied. Flame Emperor and Origin Heaven Emperor have made their way onward, but they didnt leave behind their system.

Now, future emperors could see potential in this despite it being unrealistic to carry out.

Some other emperors were jealous of her grabbing eleven wills at once, but the twelve-will emperors only felt bad about it. They speculated that this path has been one before with a complete system. However, someone has erased all traces of it. Thus, future descendants could only try to learn once more.

The path of anima would take longer for her now so these top emperors couldnt use her as a reference to boost their own cultivation – a new path that might reach immortality. Thus, her failure made their path harder. The chance of becoming an immortal remained unreachable.

The thirteen continents have been rowdy with recent events but it finally calmed down a while after this ascension. Everyone focused on cultivation without leaving their sect.

On a random day, the mountain in Study Room finally attracted attention with loud explosions.

The cliff area seemingly split apart. The truth was that after so many days of being attacked by the execution, the cliff had changed in appearance. There was a portal there now with an endless vastness of lightning currents inside. Any intruder would be destroyed instantly by the thunderous destruction behind the shaking portal.

“It wasnt a mountain at all.” An emperor who had been watching the whole time said.

These emperors paid attention. After all, a mountain that could withstand the execution was certainly interesting.

The portal now made them realize what was going on. One said: “It was a spatial coordinate. The execution only forced a path open to another world.

Li Qiye who was meditating stood up and said: “Time to go.”

He hugged everyone to say goodbye.

The girls didnt wish for him to leave but they knew no one could hold him back. All they could do was wait. Li Shuangyan asked: “Young Noble, when will you return?”

The girls forced themselves to smile and saw him off.

He headed straight for the academy. Someone over in the horizon was watching him in the air. The guy stopped and noticed that it was Lunargrasp Fairy. She didnt say anything and only watched him.

“Ill be back.” He smiled and waved at her before entering the academy.

She didnt answer and continued to watch until he disappeared from sight. Words seemed to be unnecessary between the two of them.

The ancestors of the academy were waiting at the portal to see him off. Even Soaring Immortal Prince also came out for this departure.

The emperors were also watching, especially the informed high-level ones. They cared more about this than anyone.

“Maybe such a world exists.” An eleven-will emperor spoke softly.

Some of them didnt know what the Dark Crow wanted to do, but the informed ones were aware of certain secrets.

The twelve-will emperors were very interested in this journey. They knew that the Dark Crow was not only going to another world, but he was also finding clues about an age-old question – immortals!

These top existences wondered about reaching immortality after surpassing the apex. Alas, their world certainly didnt have immortals. Perhaps this non-existent world might?

Because of this, World and Profound were certainly watching. Perhaps he would be able to answer after coming back.

If immortals were around, then they would have a new goal and stronger motivation for their path. If immortals didnt exist, the future was full of the unknown for them.

“Maybe this will be the ultimate miracle of our epoch.” One of them said.

In fact, even the ones in the shadow were watching him. A dark overlord mumbled while feeling quite complicated: “Nonexistence.”

They naturally have searched for this world too but they lacked the timing and luck. Plus, they didnt want to take the risk of traveling through that boundary. Failure meant death.

The Dark Crow was one step ahead of them in testing this world, so they didnt know how to feel.

Of course, from a selfish perspective, the overlords naturally wanted him to die there and never come back. No one would be able to stop them in the future calamity.

However, his death would mean losing a chance at concrete evidence, an opportunity of learning more about this mythical world and a chance to break free. Thus, they all had conflicting feelings.

“Lets do this.” Li Qiye took a deep breath while looking at the ocean of lightning behind the portal.

“Take care, Your Excellency. I pray for your early return.” The prince said: “The thirteen continents need you; the future requires you to pave the way.”

“I will return.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded at the group.

“Boom!” His vitality erupted as he prepared himself.

All eyes were on him with bated breath; emperors, monarchs, and dark overlords alike.

Li Qiye looked back at the world and said: “Goodbye for now.”

With that, he decisively entered the portal and was swiftly met with an ocean of execution bolts – intending on drowning him.

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