Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 740: Cloud Soaring Venerable

The miracle of the new monarch attracted all eyes. The emperors didnt know how to feel right now.

Grabbing eleven wills with one go? They have never seen such a thing before.

Li Qiye smiled after seeing this. Even from a neutral standpoint, Lunargrasp was eligible to become an Immortal Emperor back in the nine worlds already.

In terms of talents and power, she was capable of going head to head against Empress Hong Tian. She was indeed the biggest rival of the empress during that competition.

Unfortunately, the empress was unyielding and never afraid of losing. She would always rise again and eventually took the throne.

This ascension right now made up for Lunargrasps loss back then. Li Qiye also made it up to her by being her dao protector right now. She deserved all of this.

“Forcefully taking them might not work; any mistake would leave behind long-lasting flaws.” Li Qiye looked at her and said.

In fact, she could have done three processes and still had a big chance of becoming a twelve-will monarch. If Li Qiye was there all three times, it would be guaranteed.

Alas, she was always this stubborn. South Emperor did it one step ahead and took the four Primary Wills so she wanted to take all twelve for better harmonization. This would allow her to go further and reach a greater height.

This attitude almost left her an indelible wound from the execution. Ultimately, she was still going to be a twelve-will monarch after grabbing eleven right now.

“None of your business.” The fairy coldly glared at him. Alas, this coldness had its own kind of charm. It only lasted a split second yet words couldnt describe its allure.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “If something were to happen to you, that would be one less person wanting to kill me. Being too invincible is quite a lonely life, having people who want to take me down makes it more exciting and hopeful.”

“So shameless.” The fairy said. Her coldness was dwindling down a bit compared to before.

“Thats nothing new. You already know that Im shameless, but being shameless is a type of art too.” Li Qiye retorted with a free and comfortable smile as if he was basking in the spring sun.

“Wait till I have twelve wills, Ill take you down then.” She glared at him with a touch of coquettishness.

“Ill be waiting.” He said: “But its such a mood killer to talk about killing each other. Were still old friends; I have some nice immortal tea leaves and good water for brewing. How about a nice talk?”

“You wish!” Lunargrasp didnt like wasting her precious words. Nevertheless, even her harsh comment sounded so pleasant and warm to the heart.

Of course, this particular tone was for Li Qiyes enjoyment alone.

He then shifted his attention towards the execution hitting the cliff back at Study Room before leaving as well.

“Will two twelve-will emperors come out in this generation?” A monarch wondered with a serious expression.

South Emperor had shouldered four Primary Wills so he was highly regarded by his peers. If he continued to work hard, the chance of him grabbing twelve wills was very high. Of course, this was predicated on nothing unexpected happening.

And now, this Lunargrasp Fairy came out of nowhere and took eleven wills. Though she couldnt obtain the last one, she still had two more attempts to finish the task. The probability of success couldnt be higher.

It meant that two top emperors could emerge for the hundred races. This potential future left the Grand Emperors breathless.

If it came to that point, the hundred races would become too strong since they had Immortal Monarch Yi Ye as well.

Nevertheless, her miracle broadened everyones horizon, opening a new door.

“Looks like the legend is true, Profound Divine Emperor could have grabbed twelve wills in one go.” The old Grand Emperor concluded.

Lunargrasps showing today made people rethink the common belief of three will-shouldering processes.

No one knew who created this method, perhaps Purewood Divine Emperor. This started with Qian Dao Heaven Emperor.

If one could separate the execution from the potential emperor, then they could indeed grab more than four wills in each process. This would give future experts a better chance at becoming a twelve-will emperor.

The emperors here were all contemplating about this possibility.

However, there were two difficulties. First, the genius must be at Lunargrasps level or they wouldnt be able to grab so many wills at once. Perhaps someone as supreme as World Emperor during his youth would be capable of doing so as well. Anyone less talented couldnt replicate this task. Secondly, they needed someone to divert the tribulation, up to three times potentially.

Thus, the problem is finding someone who could withstand the execution. No emperor wanted to try it for their juniors because death was the most probable outcome.

This took them back to the starting point. They understood that there was no replicating this miracle since there was not another Dark Crow in the world!

The older emperors thought that Purewood Divine Emperor came up with this three-processes method in order to give future generations a bigger chance, reducing the difficulties of reaching the throne.

“Its only in theory now.” A high-level monarch smiled wryly, knowing that the Dark Crow was the only one who could do this.

“Maybe Purewood Divine Emperor can do it as well.” A Grand Emperor said hopefully, believing that Purewood was on the same level as the Dark Crow, capable of creating this miracle.

Alas, this emperor was too mysterious and elusive. Few had actually met him so even if he was capable of doing this, they couldnt find him anyway.

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