Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 739: White Hair Alchemy God

Immortal Dao City was full of mysteries. Some said that it was the origin of all the laws in the world. Others believed that it could create any merit law. Possessing it meant that merit laws and techniques were no longer a secret because one would be able to create any of them. Even the dao runes of a High Heaven Scroll could be derived!

Of course, these were still legends since it had no known owner.

At this moment, all eyes were on this city behind the fairy in order to learn the real secrets. Alas, the city was hidden completely. Even the strongest could only see tiny aspects.

Everyone understood why the Dark Crow was here now. If it wasnt for him, some emperors would have taken action. The city was too tempting; no one was an exception.

Li Qiye calmly watched the whole scene, not surprised to see the city behind her because no one knew more than him about this secret.

Of course, this wasnt the real city. If she actually had it, she would have become an Immortal Emperor long ago.

Nevertheless, the city behind her was indeed related to this particular artifact.

The primal power from her empowered the twelve laws. They became much more terrifying and amplified the pulling force.

“Rumble!” The stars lost their color and the myriad things lost their light. The world fell into darkness as Lunargrasp devoured all of its power. The twelve wills lost ground to her domineering style.

“Maybe it is possible if you have the Immortal Dao City.” A monarch felt dread after seeing this.

The rest watched with bated breath. If the woman could do this, it would be a miracle of the ages – the birth of another Immortal Monarch with twelve wills!

“Boom!” Suddenly, a lightning bolt thrusting through everything descended. Nothing could escape from its unopposable punishment!

“Heavenly Execution!” People turned white at this sight, including emperors.

The only way to survive was to run back to Exploration Grounds. Resistance was futile.

“How can this be?!” People were confused. An emperor of the current generation had a negligible chance of experiencing these executions. Some even believed that the probability was virtually zero.

Only the unluckiest emperor in history would have something like this happen!

But now, she has yet to shoulder the Heavens Wills but it was descending down on her. They were witnessing an impossible development!

“Pluff!” She already spat out a mouthful of blood even before the bolt made contact. The power of this tribulation was insane – death was certainly her fate if struck!

The emperors could sympathize. They have experienced this terrifying tribulation before and knew that there was no resisting.

“Come!” Li Qiye was waiting for this moment – the reason why he was here in person to be her dao protector.

The towering pillar of life protected everything and penetrated deeper into the sky vault – the origin of the execution. The spring of life poured out healing power for Lunargrasp. Her wounds were closing at a visible rate. The cauldron of life issued rambunctious detonations with runes appearing, intending to refine the execution.

The bolt slammed on Li Qiye instead and destroyed his outfit. Blood still spilled but he managed to divert some of its attention.

Lunargrasp moved next to him for protection while the water of life was curing her wound. Normally, a wound inflicted by the execution would leave behind a permanent wound but the water could alleviate this.

“Crackle!” Li Qiye withstood the bolt then threw it at the sky straight for Celestial.

The ones at the academy were horrified to see the execution and thought that it wanted to destroy the school.

“Boom!” Li Qiye aimed it at the small mountain in Study Room. In fact, it has been assaulted by lightning bolts the entire time. More runes were lighting up.

The additional bolt slammed into the cliff and joined with the existing one, amplifying the force.

“Rumble!” The entire place was being split apart.

“What the hell are those rocks?” People were confused to see the area withstanding the bolts the entire time.

On the other side, Lunargrasp finally took the wills down. She instantly opened her palaces in order to shoulder the wills.

The emperors were nervous since they were on the verge of witnessing a miracle – twelve wills in one go!

“Boom!” However, one of the wills exerted an unstoppable power. The law restricting it shattered so it was able to jump and disappeared into the sky.

“Rumble!” Nevertheless, Lunargrasp was still able to take in eleven wills into her palaces.

“Buzz.” The chaos disappeared and she had an imperial radiance illuminating the entire world to her now!

The aura of a monarch ravaged Arrogance and the thirteen continents like a tsunami.

When she opened her eyes, she could create a world inside and devour the stars. She was the sole ruler of this new creation.

“Your Majesty!” The cultivators nearby prostrated on the ground to show their respect. Other emperors were in awe of her ascension.

The ordinary people couldnt watch the sight from ten million miles away but they had to kneel before her imperial aura.

“One shouldering process for eleven wills is a miracle.” A monarch murmured.

“This miracle cant be duplicated. Its still best to do it three times.” A Grand Emperor spoke with certainty.

People understood why the emperors needed three ascensions. Doing it in one go would incite the wrath of the heaven!

It didnt matter if Profound Divine Emperor created it or not. The three-step method became necessary, a blessing for the rest.

Plus, Lunargrasp Fairy had both the power of the Immortal Dao City and the protection of the Dark Crow. Otherwise, she would have died under the execution.

Thus, this achievement was also partly due to the Dark Crows protection. She couldnt do it by herself.

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