Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 738: Cao Guoyao

“Boom!” She was winning in this struggle since the wills inched closer and closer.

“How can she do this? If she could shoulder twelve wills in one attempt, it meant that she could get thirty-six in total, and no one could match her afterward.” Someone was startled after seeing Lunargrasps ambition.

The emperors present were astonished by the sheer insanity of this task.

“Shes unbelievable.” A low-level Grand Emperor said: “Does the Dark Crow not know that this might bring about the Heavenly Execution?”

“Not necessarily.” An older top Grand Emperor spoke with a discerning glare: “The Dark Crow is allowing this… it might have something to do with a legend.”

The low-level Grand Emperor asked: “What legend?”

“Rumor has it that a very long time ago, our Grand Emperors were just like the Immortal Emperors, needing just one shouldering process.” The old emperor slightly raised his eyes.

“Just one time to shoulder all twelve? Does that mean thirty-six in total?” The low-level one said.

The old one replied: “Twelve wills are our ultimate limit, one process or three alike. No one can break through this limitation. However, the legend says that we didnt need three processes in the beginning.”

The low-level one remained skeptical: “Really? That shouldnt be possible, its not written down at all.”

He didnt have that many Heavens Wills but had lived for a long time.

“One Grand Emperor was able to do it – Purewood Divine Emperor!” The older one revealed.

“Purewood!” The low-level one was stunned. This was a mysterious emperor that couldnt be traced. He also had four Primary Wills and have gone further than all the other emperors.

“Really? He got twelve wills in one process?” The low-level one said, not quite believing it.

“I cant confirm but one thing is for certain – the three processes began with Qian Dao Heaven Emperor.” [1]

“Progenitor of the Qian Clan! Rumored to be the next Grand Emperor after Purewood Divine Emperor!”

The Qian might not be the first sect with nine emperors, but it was certainly one of the oldest lineages in the thirteen continents.

Qian Dao Heaven Emperor had nine wills so he wasnt that exceptional. However, he was virtually a living fossil, the only person confirmed to have met Purewood Divine Emperor in person! He had experienced the long history of the thirteen continents.

“Rumor has it that Purewood shouldered twelve wills at the same time, but Qian Dao Heaven Emperor tried to grab six and failed. Later on, Purewood taught him to divide the shouldering process into three stages.” The old emperor explained: “Thats something Im sure of, the current ascension system started with Qian Dao Heaven Emperor.”

“Whats the benefit of grabbing all twelve at the same time?” The low-level emperor inquired again.

He then turned his gaze over towards Li Qiye: “That Dark Crow over there knows something we dont, thats why hes not stopping her.”

“Boom!” The twelve wills were very close to the ground now but they were finally tapping into their true power. This was quite a devastating event.

All the spectators held their breath, wondering if it was truly possible. It would break the common belief for millions of years. If this woman ahead could do it, she would be giving an answer to this particular mystery.

The wills exploded with their real power, something completely unimaginable. The torrents assaulted the mountains and rivers nearby, truly splitting the earth apart.

“Crack!” The laws locking them couldnt withstand this and had cracks all over, on the verge of crumbling.

The fairy was being dragged upward since the wills wanted to escape. She vomited blood from the sudden impact.

“Let go if you cant.” Li Qiye calmly gave a piece of advice.

Though he wanted to help, the ascension process was a personal event. No one would be able to help her since it could call down a Heavenly Execution. Otherwise, so many emperors would be born and the realm itself would be meaningless.

“Come!” Lunargrasp wanted to go against Li Qiye even more. This was her stubborn nature – never giving up. She was very similar to Empress Hong Tian in this regard. The two of them refused to lose and would fight every time upon sight.

“Boom!” Her vitality erupted with endless runes surging out like a tsunami. It was a peerless and ancient power engulfing her very being.

“Buzz.” Immortal strands of light emerged behind her and illuminated the world. She already resembled a fairy but now, she became even more transcending, freed from the flaws of the mortal realm.

Inside the radiance was an expanding boundary – a kingdom of immortals. Deeper in there was a floating city shrouded by the myriad laws. Though blurry in appearance, it still emitted a terrifying force. It was as if all the dao in the world originated from this place. It was capable of deriving and creating everything. Even emperors couldnt see through it.

“Thats Immortal Dao City?” The emperors were instantly interested. They opened their heavenly gaze in order to see the very source and dao of the city.

Rumor has it that this was one of the nine Heavenly Treasures. Alas, no one had confirmed this because none had seen the real thing before!

The visual phenomenon behind Lunargrasp made them wonder if this was that legendary artifact. It certainly fitted the descriptions.

If this woman actually had the real thing, it would be incredible, enough for others to palpitate.

If it wasnt for the Dark Crow standing right there, some emperors would definitely come and ask her already.

1. I cant translate Qian here, because it has too many meanings and the author isnt giving context. It can mean – shallow; light in color; sound of moving water. The meanings are too different so picking the wrong one results in a big inaccuracy. I might change it later when I figure out the intended meaning

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