Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 737: Peerless Medicinal Skill

The sect masters and ancestors nearby were speechless. They couldnt imagine what could scare an eleven-totem High God act like this.

“Im still waiting.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Please punish me for being blind, Your Excellency.” Bullchief didnt try argue in favor of himself, only hoping that Li Qiye would spare his sect and race. Just one word from the Dark Crow was enough for numerous emperors to destroy their Bullchief Mountain!

The immediate concede from Bullchief made the gods and emperors sentimental. A while ago, a few top experts were courageous enough to speak boldly before the Dark Crow.

Alas, after the battle at the academy, this was no longer the case! He massacred more than ten emperors including big shots like Freesky and Dragonspear. Even a dark overlord started running away in defeat – same with World Emperor.

Nowadays, no one wanted to provoke the Dark Crow. Even if they werent afraid of death, they still needed to think about their descendants and race.

“Forget it.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve after seeing the kneeling High God: “Its not easy for someone to accept defeat so I wont make it hard on you. Scram now.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency! Thank you for sparing me!” Bullchief was ecstatic. He didnt expect to leave this place alive and was already content with Li Qiye sparing his sect. But now, this was a special showing of mercy. He bowed again and took a hike, not daring to linger around.

After the five High Gods left, the emperors knew that it was nothing to the Dark Crow to kill an eleven-totem High God. Thats why the begging worked; the Dark Crow was too lazy to kill him. Only twelve-will emperors and dark overlords could pique his interest.

As long as people didnt provoke him, he wouldnt give a damn about them.

Meanwhile, Lunargrasp only scowled after seeing him.

“Okay, you can continue now, I am your dao protector!” Li Qiye turned and smiled at the fairy.

He wasnt only telling her but also the rest of those qualified listeners in the thirteen continents. He couldnt make it more clear that she was under his banner!

It meant that anyone who dared to ambush her from now on would better think twice about this suicidal endeavor.

No one dared to comment, realizing that this woman was untouchable!

“Just good at bragging.” She didnt feel grateful at all and commented.

“Im just waiting till youre strong enough to challenge me.” Li Qiye leisurely said, not minding her attitude.

“I will, you wont be so arrogant for too long!” She coldly uttered.

“What can I do, its a bad habit. If you dont like it, come cut me down.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“One day I will.” Her calm self was finally annoyed and angrily said. She was the only one who dared to speak to the Dark Crow like this!

“Rumble!” With continuous detonations, the wills followed the flow of the chaos around the maelstrom, seemingly wanting to turn into one gigantic one.

“Hmph.” The fairy scowled and focused on the Heavens Wills with a fierce flash in her eyes – like a divine sword unsheathing.

She had prepared to go whenever. At the same time, Li Qiye nonchalantly stood there as if he didnt care for the ascension. Of course, just his presence alone was the biggest deterrence. He had already made his stance clear earlier.

“Rumble!” The wills resembling dragons jumped up and down, wishing to run away towards the high firmament.

“Now!” Li Qiye shouted after seeing this.

Despite her irritation, she still trusted him like before.

“Clank!” Dao laws soared to the sky and locked the fleeing wills.

The world seemingly stopped as if the sky vault was being dragged away. An indescribable power engulfed the area. It broke apart the ocean of chaos energy and revealed the lock wills inside.

“Twelve!” The crowd was slack-jawed to see her locking twelve wills at the same time.

This was too greedy – attempting this impossible task!

Even Li Qiye smiled wryly and simply watched on without commenting.

“Down!” She ordered with a voice as wondrous as a phoenix cry, capable of piercing through the world.

“Rumble!” The twelve golden wills were actually dragged down but they struggled in order to escape from the laws.

“Clank!” Her laws emitted a terrifying aura with an ancient glow. They didnt seem to belong to this particular era; each was filled with primal chaos energy as if they were stored away for a long time and finally got out right now.

They became thicker and maintained a firm grip on the wills – there was no escaping.

She roared and pulled down, causing the space around her to crumble. She mustered all of her strength and was extremely tense – not giving up while utilizing her dao to obtain those wills.

“Does she want all of them at the same time?” Someone murmured while watching this insane scene.

“She cant do it.” An Immortal Monarch replied.

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