Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 733: Observant Mansion

rstood the existence of this ethereal arbitrator. The exact details remained elusive because no one could truly grasp it.

“I have toiled for generations, not for survival like those dark overlords and epoch lords that want to protect their world. All I wish for is to fight to the end!” A terrible light flashed in Li Qiyes eyes.

“One day, people might think you will become the devil as you keep on going down this path.” The person said.

“And some might also think that I will become the high heaven, such as those hiding in order to live longer, but they dont know that has never been my wish.” Li Qiye smiled.

The person sighed again. The Dark Crows thinking was always unexpected because his vision was much more insightful than others.

“Being hated as a devil or being worshiped as the high heaven? Either ones fine. I will only be doing what I want to do, thats all.” Li Qiye concluded.

The person looked at Li Qiye and said: “As you have said earlier, the future wont be easy but I wont let the current situation fall completely. I dont care what you will do or become, devil, high heaven, judgment, whatever. Just guarantee me that a second Ancient Ming wont appear. You are aware of the grave consequences of that happening!”

“I cant.” Li Qiye replied: “The only thing I can guarantee you is that if a second race of that nature appears, I will be the first to cut them down, no matter where I am, alive or otherwise! Is that enough?”

The person couldnt say anything after hearing this. This guarantee from Li Qiye was stronger than everything else.

They kept on talking about secretive plans regarding the fate of the thirteen continents! Each individual plan was incredible and would certainly astound emperors.

Eventually, the conservation was heading to an end. The person said: “I wish you luck. Maybe you will meet immortals or become one yourself. At that point, no one will be able to catch up to you.” The person sighed.

“Regardless of the future, the Dark Crow will still be the Dark Crow. The existence of immortals might not be a good thing. My becoming an immortal will not be good news either. If you catch wind of this news, Im telling you, run as far as possible, dig yourself a hole and hide, dont ever show up again.” Li Qiye said slowly.

It sounded like a joke but carried a realistic stench of blood.

“Alright, Ill be the first to run then when that happens.” The person joked back.

The two of them disappeared without leaving any trace of this meeting. No seer could ever detect or calculate it.


The thirteen continents were quiet after the battle at celestial like a serene pond. Many imperial lineages have closed their doors and connecting portals. People even felt as if the emperors themselves didnt dare to breathe loudly right now. Everyone was playing it safe.

All of this was interrupted by auspicious energy coming out of nowhere, something similar to when reishi mushroom came out. [1]

In just one night, majestic power of grand dao and chaos energy slowly emerged. The world seemed to be heading towards the original chaos once more.

All of these powers were connecting together and headed for the same direction. Though it wasnt that fast, the sheer amount coming from all thirteen continents gathered like endless rivers with loud detonations. These rivers flowed above the sky and everyone could see and hear them.

1. A sign of good luck

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