Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 733: Observant Mansion

“Whats happening in the nine worlds? A new emperor is coming so early.” Li Qiye smiled, seemingly in a good mood.

Aoxue gently shook his head: “The nine worlds have enjoyed peace since you left, Your Excellency. Nothing had changed much but the world energy had become denser. In my opinion, it has something to do with the Void World. The energy in there is incomparable and is spreading out to the rest.”

The Void World was naturally the area inside the Void Gate. Li Qiye had blessed it into something unique. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that its level of energy was comparable to a primordial land, more than enough to handle all living beings in the nine worlds.

“I see.” Li Qiye nodded, understanding the Void World more than anyone.

If the energy there was expanding outside, it would make sense for the Heavens Will to form early.

The two of them talked about the nine worlds for a long time, about the events after Li Qiyes ascension and also old friends.

At the same time, Li Qiye told Aoxue about the current situation in the thirteen continents and the cultivation method here. Aoxue lacked knowledge about the thirteen continents so this conversation was quite beneficial, especially on the cultivation front.

“Go now, itll be good to meet your ancestor emperor.” Li Qiye eventually told the youth.

Aoxue stood up and bowed deeply. He then went to say goodbye to everyone else before going to find his ancestors.

“Everyone, keep training. Ill be in reclusive meditation for a bit.” Li Qiye told the rest.

The others didnt wish to disturb him. Li Shuangyans group personally guarded his room, not allowing anyone to bother him.

In fact, he was actually sealing the room in order to reach the most mysterious location in Arrogance. This place was impossible to trace since all were hidden. He stood there, waiting for someone to come.

The person finally arrived with his appearance and everything else shrouded. No one was allowed to know his identity. Even the strongest being wouldnt be able to calculate anything.

“Youre late again, seems like Im the punctual one between the two of us.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“There are even more eyes on me now than in the past. You should know how hard it is to make this trip, we shouldnt meet up too much.” The mysterious person said.

“I know, this might be the last time so before leaving, Ill hand you a few things as ace cards for this world.” Li Qiye said.

“You want to go to Nonexistence?” The being could guess his intention. These two visionaries have been scheming for so long and had many beliefs in common.

The mysterious person was silent. He was also capable of fighting to the very end where others have failed. Alas, he had too many things to worry about unlike Li Qiye who could go all out.

“There will be no answer or an end at the final battle. No one has done it since the start of the primal chaos.” The person said.

“I know, but I have to keep going since someone has to do it. Who else are we waiting for? The dark overlords? Or the villainous heaven. Those dark overlords are simply cowards. If they do not dare to come out today, they certainly wont do so in the future! We cant rely on these men who wont guard their own epoch to come out for the final battle. They only want to live a borrowed life.” Li Qiye uttered coldly.

“True.” The person sighed softly.

“The path ahead will be yours alone; Im afraid no one will be able to work with you.” Li Qiye said: “This didnt matter in the past, but now, the dark overlords are getting impatient. Darkness will come soon.”

“I know.” The person nodded: “You know, my path will need twelve-will emperors and Ancient Gods.”

“Yes.” Li Qiye said: “When necessary, Mortal Reversion will help you but this will expose many things, so be careful. As for Yi Ye, he cant do much right now since he needs isolated cultivation.”

“Another step forward.” The person naturally understood this: “If Immortal Monarch Yi Ye could do this, then it would change a lot of things. We are missing emperors who can take on these dark overlords by themselves.”

“Thats why hes doing it. If our twelve-will emperors cant take on the overlords, the situation would be very grim. You alone wont be able to handle the darkness for long.” Li Qiye said.

“Heavens Will for anima; anima to reach immortality. Twelve wills are only the beginning, the path is still so long.” The person said with a tinge of emotion.

“Anima is indeed supreme. Only truly reaching it would one be able to handle anything. Of course, it is still far off from immortality.” Li Qiye nodded.

“No need to become an immortal.” The person smiled: “Just taking these two steps alone would be enough. I dont believe anyone can be stronger than Samsara in this world right now.”

Li Qiye replied: “Thats hard to say. Some have been slumbering for a long time while some of the fallen are trying to evolve. Ultimately, relying on external items doesnt make one the strongest – Paragon Artifacts and Heavenly Treasures alike. If a person wants to truly jump out of the restraints, they would need to use anima. Thus, I cant guarantee that someone from the darkness hasnt made this leap.”

“Well, I suppose you can call such a person an immortal.” The person said.

Li Qiye disagreed: “Its easier said than done, becoming a true immortal that is. As far as we can see, the closest are those who claim to be pseudo-immortals. Of course, we won ’t see any real ones unless they were to descend from above.” [1]

The person sighed again. The world didnt know about the dark danger looming above them or the tempestuous future.

“Since when are you so sentimental?” Li Qiye joked.

The person stared at him and said: “How about we switch place then? Im sure youll be sad too; I have to deal with the mess you left now.” [2]

“Dont worry, people will help you. Our twelve-will emperors arent just sitting idly by. Like Yi Ye, he just needs to take another step and his battle power will be immense.” Li Qiye said.

“I hope hell be able to truly grasp anima, well have another incredible general at that point, a firm pillar for the thirteen continents.” The person was certain of this.

“The future is incalculable and uncontrollable, but my massacre just now had somewhat flattened the way. At the very least, the chance of having backstabbers is lowered now.” Li Qiye said.

“I hope so.” The person said: “What a shame, if only Flame Emperor and Min Ren are still here. If all of us work together right now, we would definitely destroy the darkness!”

“It wont change too much since the darkness is only one corner of the overarching situation. Min Ren has his own goals and is walking even further on this path. Same with Fei and Origin too.” Li Qiye said.

“I guess everyone has a different view.” The person added.

Each of these beings viewed the situation differently so they made different choices. Some chose to guard the epoch while others embarked on the ultimate expedition.

1. The latter is more of a joke, I wouldn ’t take this literally. He ’s not saying that there are immortals above. The tone is harder to convey here

2. Yea, this sounds like World

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