Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 729: Alchemy City

e and noticed: “That girl, Su Zhen, got taken away?”

Heavenguards Su Zhen also came with Li Qiye to the tenth world. Of course, he had his reasons for taking her.

“Right, Miss Su Zhen was taken by Immortal Emperor Mu Tian.” Su Yonghuang nodded.

Su Zhens emergence had a lot to do with the emperor. He left her in the nine worlds hoping that Li Qiye would train her because she had a special relationship with Immortal Emperor Qi Zhens branch.

Now, when Li Qiye brought her along to the tenth world, the emperor realized his goal so he decided to personally train her instead. Moreover, Li Qiye had set up an outline already, he only needed to give a little guidance.

“Alright, no need to blabber on and on, come take a look at our Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation already.” The fiery Long Jingxian lost patience and pulled him away.

Even the cold Sima Yujian and Bai Jianzhen couldnt help but smile after seeing the little girl wanting to show off the fruit of her effort.

“Sisters, to formation! Show this ugly Qiye our invincibility!” Jingxian called out to the rest of the group.

Li Shuangyan and the others were ready on the plain beneath the gigantic vessel with the strongest formation prepared – Emperor Slaughtering!

“Buzz.” A silver arrow instantly materialized like a blooming flower radiating in the night sky. Both time and space fused with its light while dao runes paved a supreme formation.

The formation encompassed time and space, grand dao, yin and yang, reincarnation… It turned all of these affinities into a murderous tool.

This power exceeded all domains – anyone who took a step inside would instantly be slaughtered.

“Buzz.” Shuangyan entered the formation and began to assert control. She was the controller in charge of its variations.

The girl was always in love with formations and had a deep understanding of them even before meeting Li Qiye.

After gaining his guidance, she improved dramatically and headed for the apex of formations.

Perhaps no one in the nine worlds could match her right now. Alas, she didnt have a stage to show off in the lower realms.

Right now, the girl has finished forming this formation, allowing her to truly show off her skills!

“Clank.” Chen Baojiaos vitality erupted like the tempest with the saber in her hand. Both her sharpness and energy poured into the formation under Shuangyans command. She became the gate guardian – anyone who wanted to defeat this formation would need to get through her first.

The two of them had impeccable teamwork without any opening and weakness. Each time Shuangyan changed the variation, Baojiao would follow up perfectly.

“Boom!” Su Yonghuangs Solar Physique at grand completion exerted its might, filling the formation with destructive capabilities. This meant that it could refine everything in the world.

Her grand dao was majestic; her dao foundation simple and pure. She was the pillar, stopping anyone from shaking the formation.

There was a jewel hanging above her head while she held a jade pendant. These artifacts boosted her real potential and made the formation reach a new height. She – as grand as a mountain – was the most suitable to be the host of the formation.

Shuangyan was the controller, Chen Baojiao the supporter, and Su Yonghuang the host. The trio brought the formation back to life.

“Poof!” The four matrons from the Blood Race joined the formation, turning into a primal source of power. They had a unique bloodline so when their vitality entered the formation, it turned into a massive ocean of blood, fueling the rest of the girls.

It didnt take long before the formation was brimming with endless power, capable of fighting till the end of heaven.

1. Note, singular/plural is unclear here for the totem/totems. Assuming one unless stated otherwise

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