Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 727: Ming Yexue

These feelings made Jinsheng stay to teach at the academy. Though he was only one step away from being an Ancient God – a being with boundless future, he still made up his mind to do the right thing.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Everyone was arrogant once. The academy is worthy of your effort and the future certainly wont be easy. Having a capable combatant like you is worthy of celebration.”

This decision has made Jisheng much happier and smiled, recalling when his fiery self spewed out aggressive words against the teachers and left the academy. Now, this was a type of fate, becoming a teacher and dealing with students in his old age.

“And you?” Li Qiye looked at Goldloop.

He scratched his head and smiled wryly: “Haha, I do want to stay with the old geezer as my backing, but alas, I still have the old and young waiting for me back home so I have to come back and take care of them.”

He was different from Jinsheng and had a responsibility to strengthen his clan. He had found their lost manual so it was time to return and lead.

“Go now, a descendant of the Wang should go back.” Li Qiye casually gave him several treasures.

Goldloop was surprised to see the gifts and performed a full kowtow: “Thank you, Teacher.” [1]

His clan was in decline so a revival would take a very long time. These treasures were akin to a firepit in the winter; it was perfect and crucial.

“Dont let me down now.” Li Qiye nodded and accepted the ceremony.

After finishing the bows, he finally got up with a happy heart and went to the side.

“Xinxue, what about you?” He also liked this timid girl, recalling a different old friend.

“I…” She glanced at Li Qiye then at the other two, not knowing what to say.

The other two came to the academy with an agenda unlike her. She came to read and learn as an ordinary student, a purer intention. She didnt know what to do now since she would be the last one here at Study Room.

“I dont know… Ill probably just keep on reading.” The second sentence had another meaning. Though she came from a powerful clan and was the oldest daughter, she didnt get along with her family and wanted to drown in the books at the academy.

Thus, she wanted to stay at this library after graduation, far away from the trouble and complication of life.

“Thats fine, Ill tell the academy to let you stay here after graduation.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Really?” She became ecstatic. An ordinary student like her couldnt just stay at the academy after graduation. Only the excellent ones had this option, so this was amazing news.

“Haha, little girl, congratulation, your dream is becoming true.” Goldloop laughed heartily.

He gave her a quick embrace and smiled: “Try your best, little one, Im sure you will be successful in this.”

Her face turned red and nodded continuously. Words couldnt describe her emotions right now.

In the end, the three left and Li Qiye went to find Soaring Immortal Prince.

The prince bowed and said: “Thank you, Your Excellency, for saving Celestial.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “No need to thank me, this chess board has been prepared for a long time now, not expecting to actually use it. One can only say that greed is overwhelming even for emperors.”

The prince gently sighed. So many monarchs and High Gods didnt hesitate to end the academy despite what it had done for them.

“The thirteen continents should be calm now after this battle.” He said. No one would dare to challenge the academy now after fully seeing its capabilities.

“As it should, but this is only the calm before the storm, the prelude before the descent of darkness.” Li Qiye said.

“Its coming that fast?” The prince shuddered, aware of this terror.

Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, its very near. The dark overlords have been hiding all along, no one knew of their existences. But now, they couldnt help but showed themselves? Outside of the greed earlier, they knew that there isnt much time left so they wanted to take my dao heart as preparation for the winter.”

“True.” The prince nodded: “They have erased all traces of their existences in the past eras, not wanting the world to know that the shadow is always looking at the thirteen continents.”

Few knew about the existences of these beings, not even the low-level emperors. Only the top ones have heard of legends; the ones who could actually make contract were the twelve-will emperors.

Nevertheless, World and his peers wouldnt tell the world in a reckless manner.

“A war is inevitable in the future.” Li Qiye said: “I hope that light of the academy will be eternal. As long as it is around to guide the hundred races, even if it is weak and flickering, it will be just fine as a symbol of hope in the darkness.”

“I hope so too.” The prince sighed: “Well certainly try our best, but what we really want is for you to guide us as the lamp.”

Li Qiye shook his head: “Its time for me to leave. I wont be around in the future, theres something else I must do.”

“Where are you heading to?” The prince wasnt surprised at all, understanding the importance of Li Qiyes task. His father and grandfather also did the same.

“I dont plan on participating in the final battle for now since its much more arduous than you can imagine. Im going to someplace else, an untouchable world, for further research in order to reach a greater height. I must open a new page for this epoch, or it will be too hard later. Your father and grandfather have thought of this as well.”

“The mythical world that does not exist?” The prince asked. He knew many things due to his background. Both the emperors have tried to find the door to this world but due to a lack of fortune, they gave up and chose the ultimate expedition instead.

“Yes, the timing and fate werent right for them but I have prepared enough for a trip.” Li Qiye said.

1. A full kowtow is ”three kneelings and nine knockings of the head on the ground ”

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