Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 726: Kingdom-toppling Beauty

The figure seemed to be becoming one with the pond, or perhaps the entire planet.

“I need a very long period to create my body again.” The girls voice came from the pond. The figure and its spirituality were now gradually disappearing from the cloth.

“If thats the case, Ill be leaving then. I have carried out my promise, you will have to do your part in the future.” He chuckled and said.

“Hmph, I can keep my words.” The girl snorted, seemingly unhappy with his attitude.

“Good.” He nodded and turned to leave.

“My name is Long Xiao. Remember well and do not call me a little girl the next time we meet.” She called for him.

“My name is Li Qiye, Im sure you wont forget.” Li Qiye smiled and left.

After he was gone, the cloth was at the bottom of the pond and the figure finally disappeared completely. Who knows what would be born here in the future?

Li Qiye didnt wait for the dragon and tiger and went back to the academy by himself. They didnt need him to wait for them either. This pertained to their races origin, so they needed to rely on themselves. He had already carried out his end of the bargain.

He called for Yao Ting after returning because he was about to leave. Nevertheless, he was still worried for this little girl.

She was quite awkward after seeing him, not knowing where to place her hands and didnt even dare to look straight at him. This was completely reasonable.

Who in the academy right now wasnt scared in front of him? She knew that this was a supreme existence respected even by the emperors. It was as if this was a dream – a little character like her couldnt get close to an emperor or an ancestor of the academy, let alone a being of this level.

She was actually calling him “Dao Brother” a while ago. This made her have cold chills when thinking about it. Luckily, Li Qiye was nice enough not to care.

Her restrained appearance made him smile while thinking about a long-gone friend.

“Sit down.” He waved his sleeve and told her to stop being so reserved.

She quietly sat down without speaking, head lowered. Just being able to sit before a supreme existence was a great honor.

“What will you do after graduation?” Li Qiye asked.

She didnt expect this question despite thinking about the answer a thousand times before.

“Hmm…” She hesitated, not knowing her direction just yet: “Ill, Ill probably go back to the village.”

In fact, she didnt know what else to do besides going back home. She wasnt like the other students from the great powers. They had a clear goal after entering the academy and would go back to serve their sects and kingdoms.

Her cultivation journey was one of coincidence so she had no future aspiration. She was one of the better graduates and had plenty of potential so many other great powers would want to recruit her.

“Thats fine too, no place in the world is better than home, a place worthy of your love.” Li Qiye said softly.

Yao Tings mouth opened but no words came out.

He took out something and showed it to her: “We are connected by fate and I dont have anything else suitable for you, let this be a goodbye gift.”

He gave her none other than the 88,888 dao fetuses armament from Mad God Ominous Ground.

Yao Ting took a deep breath after seeing this armament. Despite having never seen anything like this before, she instantly recognized its precious value and didnt dare accepting it.

“Take it.” Li Qiye convinced: “This is fate, a fortune of yours.”

There was nothing else she could do. A supreme existence would never take back a gift. She bowed after accepting it.

“Go, try your best, there are many things to learn in the future.” He waved his hand and said.

Her mind was running amok and didnt know what to say. The disparity between their status was too great. He was supreme while she was a nobody.

As she was departing, the pensive fella called for her again: “The future wont be peaceful. When the disaster comes, the small shrine in the village will be able to help you. And then, as what to do next? Listen to your dao heart.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” She bowed once, taking in his words before leaving.

He sighed again and stopped being sentimental. The three other students from Study Room were next – Liu Jinsheng, Goldloop, and Ye Xinxue.

The three all bowed and greeted: “Teacher.”

Xinxue and Goldloop were reserved just like Yao Ting. Jinsheng was aloof and much more natural since he was already aware of Li Qiyes terror from the start.

“I will be doing a half-ass job; others will have to teach you in the future.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Most coincidences were a type of fate – so was this event in Study Room.

“Jinsheng, what is your plan?” He asked.

Nether Lunatic was cured now, no longer needing to disguise himself as a student at the academy.

“I might stay at the academy to teach something, who knows?” He revealed a rare smile.

There was no doubt that this was a decision made long ago, not just a momentary whim.

“Thats not a bad choice.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

Jinsheng continued with a smile: “I have gained a lot at the academy. There would be no Nether Lunatic without this place, only a regular Liu Jinsheng. Alas, my prideful self back then didnt want to admit this and thought that I would have shined regardless of the location. Plus, it saved my life recently too, so it is time for me to work and give back to the academy and its students.”

The recent disaster has affected him greatly. So many High Gods and Immortal Monarchs were ready to die to repay the academy.

It had never asked him to do anything for it, so now that he was at the top of the power pyramid, he should be repaying his debts.

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