Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 718: Lightning Eye

“Die!” The overlord roared against the combined effort of the trio. His True Bones swept forward, intending to stop the attack.

True Bones was simply unstoppable; emperors were indeed ants before its sweeping strike.

“Break!” Li Qiye utilized his thirteen palaces, Heavens Will, three vessels, anima, seven night dao, twelve gods and devils into the Heaven Suppressing Fist.

At the same time, the three maelstroms turned into a gigantic shield and flew forward.

This full power attack could destroy the stars. Even a twelve-will emperor would find it hard to stop it. Moreover, the maelstroms contained a primordial power of chaos.

At the same time, that Primordial Lightstone was also emitting its strongest pressure. The darkness filling the sky earlier weakened and dissipated.

“Boom!” Li Qiyes fist with his shield slammed into True Bones and managed to stop it.

This overlord was insane – this slash could destroy everything. Li Qiye at full strength was still swept by the remnant ray of the slash. Despite wearing the human skin, he still staggered several paces backward with blood dripping from the corner of his lips.

On the other side, the overlord stopped Li Qiyes frontal assault but he was struck by Mortal Reversions sabers.

His wings were severed in the process of trying to block the slashes. Without this line of defense, the monarchs Mortal-king Seal slammed into his body.

“Boom!” His body got destroyed right away. Ordinary emperors wouldnt be able to harm him, but this was the ultimate attack from Yi Ye.

Nevertheless, his true fate was still there. However, the real killing blow was coming in the form of a Heavenly Execution arrow.

His true fate was frighteningly tough, but this arrow consisted of more than ten emperors executions. It could definitely kill just about anyone.

Without the protection of his body, the true fate couldnt handle the arrow and got penetrated.

“Ah!” A miserable scream came about from the overlord. The destruction of the true fate meant death for any existence!

“Coffin!” The opened coffin was closed again and the twelve laws finally stabilized under Li Qiyes absolute power.

The ones in the darkness became serious, evident by their eyes contracting. This particular overlord was among the very top of their echelon, a lord of overlords. He had the Death Coffin on top of a Paragon Artifact. But today, he still got put down by Li Qiyes group. This truly threatened them, a sense of fear that they have not felt in a long time.

“Is that the end?” A spectator murmured before this shocking scene.

“Buzz.” The coffin actually had runes moving around with a true fate appearing inside, trying to recreate the body. The overlord was trying to come back to life!

“Down!” Li Qiye roared and tightened the laws in order to close the lid of the coffin.

“Mortal-king reaching immortality!” Yi Ye unleashed his killing move again.

“Lunar Dual-slash!” Mortal Reversion followed suit with his sabers.

“Die!” The furious overlord couldnt handle the humiliation of being killed by juniors. Alas, his body didnt come back in full just yet so the slash from his True Bones wasnt half as strong as before.

“Boom!” The incomplete form of the overlord failed to handle the attacks from the duo and exploded again.

At the same time, the emperors controlling the Primordial Lightstone aimed for his true fate. Smokes sizzled from it – perhaps burning it would kill him completely.

The true fate was distracted and couldnt control the Death Coffin so Li Qiye closed it completely.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Unfortunately, you wont be able to rebirth again. Rumor has it that a Death Coffin can bring anyone back to life once, nine times for its master. How many times have you used it so far?!”

“Open!” A majestic figure came out of the coffin – his real body. It fused together with the true fate, empowering the true fate once more.

“Boom!” This new body lit up and tried to run away with all of its might.

The overlord wanted to run with the coffin so he let his True Bones unleash an all-encompassing strike in the sky to stop Mortal Reversion and Yi Ye.

Suddenly, eradication came from the nine heavens in the form of an unbeatable attack straight for the true fate. A dreadful feeling was born in the pit of the emperors stomach!

“Emperor Suppression Art!” A monarch recognized this ultimate attack and shouted in astonishment.

Everyone immediately thought about a particular existence – one woman that had swept through the thirteen continents!

The overlord already used his sword to stop the other duo. There was no way he could handle this sudden ambush! His true fate was smashed completely and weakened once more.

“Obey me!” Li Qiye pulled back with all of his strength so the coffin fell down from the sky.

“Click!” In this split second, a click resounded as if something has been unlocked. The broken true fate of the overlord abandoned the coffin and fused with True Bones instead. He shattered the void to create a terrible black hole. He jumped into it in order to cross through time and space.

“Dont give chase, there might be an ambush ahead!” Li Qiye shook his head and prevented Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion from following the overlord.

“Boom!” Li Qiye caught the falling coffin.

“What a shame, the guy is too smart or I would be able to gain so much more after capturing him.” Li Qiye was disappointed since he could get so much useful information from a dark overlord.

In a moment of life or death, the overlord decisively let go of the coffin – a very wise move. No one else would drop such a supreme treasure, but he knew that holding on to the coffin would end with his death since Li Qiye had won completely. He was also aware of the terrible consequences of captivity. [1]

1. Author tricked us with title; I was going to spoiler it

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