Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 717: Dispelling The Tribulation

Li Qiye, Immortal Monarch Yi Ye, and Mortal Reversion Ancient God formed a triangle – ready to take down the dark overlord.

“Just you three? No one in this world can stop me. My coming will herald the end of time. Well end this with your death first.” The overlord snorted with disdain.

“Yes, time to end this, we have been waiting for your real form to come!” Li Qiye smiled.

“Want to slay my true form?” The overlord was completely arrogant and didnt give a damn at all. He believed that no one in this world could kill his true body, not even the twelve-will emperors.

“Boom!” Suddenly, Heavenly Execution came from the sky and pierced through his body.

“Down with you!” He roared and slashed the high heaven with his True Bones. The strike pierced through numerous firmaments but still wasnt enough to destroy this execution. It continued to rampage through his body.

“Zzz…” His body was lit on fire. This execution was different from anyone else. The emperors had lightning bolts attacking them but the one assaulting this overlord had boundless light affinity aiming straight for his darkness.

The overlord was one with the darkness, so when it was being burned by the light, his body itself was turning to ashes. If he were to fail, death would certainly be his fate!

“Dont forget, you have thrown yourself into the darkness, you will never be able to show yourself in this world again!” Li Qiye smiled.

“Lets go!” The overlord roared as his forehead lit up with a faint image of the Death Coffin. This image shot chain-like rays straight at the coffin itself and coiled around it.

He forcefully pulled it over against the resistance of Li Qiyes twelve laws, stretching them to the limit! The coffin was opened again and devoured the execution.

“Come here!” Li Qiye roared as his Death Scripture kept on flipping its pages. The Primordial Will exuded an endless power.

The twelve laws became tighter so the coffin was shifted back closer to him, allowing a small portion of the execution to still attack the dark overlord.

“Raa!” The overlord roared and his vitality turned into darkness. The pair of wings grew larger with enough power to withstand this weaker execution.

The guy was simply too strong. He probably couldnt handle an execution in full force but this tiny one was just fine!

“I will annihilate all of you today and take everything!” The furious overlord glared frightening at Li Qiye. The rays emanating from his eyes wished to refine his foes.

He wanted Li Qiyes everything, especially the Primordial Will. This was something worthy of his desire!

“You need to be thinking about how to leave this place alive first.” Li Qiye laughed: “Go!”

The twelve laws and the scripture continued to refine the coffin.

This overlord could use everyone else dao, including the emperors. However, Li Qiye had thirteen palaces – he had jumped out of all restraints!

“Buzz.” The academy that had virtually turned into a mirror had an even smaller mirror made out of jade appearing in the center. It was as white as snow and completely flawless as if made from the purest light in the world.

Monarchs and emperors appeared one after another in order to control this jade mirror – Tun Ri, Ren Xian, Mu Tian, Soaring Immortal Prince, Lifepeach… They sent the power of their wills into the mirror.

This caught everyone off guard. These emperors have left the ancient world before but now, they came out from the academy? Their retreat must have been a ruse earlier.

“Boom!” The jade mirror unleashed a pillar of light straight at the dark overlord and burned away his unholiness, instantly weakening him.

“Primordial Lightstone!” The overlord was shocked, not expecting this group to find such an item.

“Thats right, just a little piece but more than enough to deal with you. So now, who is the chess player today?!” Li Qiye laughed and said.

As part of the darkness, these overlords only feared the lightstone outside of the executions.

“What is this Primordial Lightstone?” An emperor didnt know what it was.

“A legend that has never been seen before, but His Excellency has found it.” A top-level Grand Emperor murmured.

Even a Grand Emperor from the three races was addressing him as “His Excellency” at this second!

Rumor has it that at the start of the world, only chaos was present. Next, the heaven and earth were split open then came light and darkness. The light actually originated from a single stone before illuminating everything!

Li Qiye spent years to find this particular stone. Of course, this was only a broken piece, not the complete thing. Nevertheless, its holy power was terrorizing enough. He engraved it on a mirror before leaving it at the academy. Its powering source was the Heavens Will.

“Seize the opportunity and kill him now!” Li Qiye roared and turned into an arrow of Heavenly Execution, aiming straight at the overlord.

“One leaf to create the world!” Yi Ye turned into leaves scattering everywhere. Each leaf gave birth to one world. Their emergence had chaos powers that were connecting together.

After a full connection, the force came back to Yi Yes true fate and fused together with his anima.

“All grand dao start from simplicity!” Mortal Reversions twelve totems returned to nothingness and disappeared. There was no grand dao, no power of chaos. However, this reversion to simplicity and mortality created a supreme force of will beyond the dao. A new god seemed to have been born, no longer restrained by conventional cultivation!

The two of them returned to their apex state once more. Previously, the overlord had taken away their dao power but these two finally used their secret techniques, allowing them to recover back to peak power. This meant that in the future, even the gravest injuries wouldnt stop them from being at full power.

“Mortal-king reaching immortality!” Yi Ye also added another move that he has been hiding all along.

The armament paved out a supreme path with its dao symbols for Yi Ye to walk on as a being resembling a newly ascended true immortal. He was above the nine firmaments and the ages, something comparable to the high heaven.

He used his Mortal-king Seal, intending to annihilate the dark overlord. This power could instantly annihilate an eleven-will emperor!

“Lunar Dual-slash!” Mortal Reversion had two bloodied crescent sabers – a pair of Heaven Punishing Weapons, adequate enough to judge the heaven and massacre the world.

Its sharp snow-white glint illuminated the entire area. Just these rays alone could kill emperors and gods in an unopposable manner!

Li Qiye, Mortal Reversion, and Yi Ye all unleashed their killing moves in order to take down the overlord. They have been scheming and waiting very long for this moment!

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