Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 716: Lightning Field

“Boom!” This destructive force was ready to shoot down all thirteen continents into pieces. The emperors nearby were blown flying while vomiting blood.

The low-level High Gods were lacerated with blood gushing out so they ran far away. Just the shockwaves were this powerful; imagine being struck directly by the attack.

Brilliant had a sword made out of bones in his hand now. Waves of destruction continuously emanated from it, enough to extinguish everything in the world.

His body couldnt handle it and started to have cracks as well. Remember, this was an emperor with eleven wills. One needed to be even stronger than him before using this incredible weapon.

“True Bones!” Immortal Monarch Yi Ye shuddered after seeing the skeletal sword.

Only the top existences knew what it was, such as World Emperor and Mortal Reversion.

This was a terrible Paragon Artifact, refined from trillions of bones – the evilest and strongest weapon of an entire epoch!

Back at Hope, Li Qiye had created an imitation with the bones there. Just that copy alone was mighty enough.

The sword in Brilliants hand right now was the real thing! A true Paragon Artifact!

Everyone was amazed – this person not only had the Death Coffin but also a Paragon Artifact. Who would be able to stop this dark being?

“Time to end this!” Brilliant shouted as his body crumbled inch by inch. It wasnt the swords doing this time – something else, seemingly hiding inside, was trying to break out of the flesh.

“Lets go.” Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion gave each other a quick glance before attacking with their main weapons again.

“Fools.” Brilliant unleashed another casual slash with True Bones. The galaxy above spanning for billions of miles became ashes.

“Boom!” This simple swing managed to stop the full-on assault of the duo easily!

With that, Brilliants body was finally gone. Another finally came into being from within him.

He was tall and study, surrounded by darkness. He seemed to be born from the darkness yet he could also be its source at the same time.

In the middle of his brows was a symbol of the heaveners. It was larger than anyone else – even World Emperor with his twelve wills didnt have one as big as large.

Normally, the stronger the person, the more golden their symbol would be. However, this persons symbol was completely black.

“Who is that?!” There was no doubt this person was also a heavener. However, these older emperors had no idea about the exact identity.

Nevertheless, he was simply untouchable, especially with True Bones as his weapon of choice.

World Emperor put on an austere expression after seeing the heavenly symbol.

“Juniors like you dares to show such impudence before me?!” His stern eyes spewed out dark rays drowning everything like a massive river.

“Boom!” He unleashed a slash straight for the duo.

The yin and yang were annihilated. The entire path of the slash was no longer habitable. Though the slash was aimed at Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion, some of the spectators were turned into bloody mists from the shockwaves!

The duo was surprised by this sheer power but they channeled their monstrous vitality. Twelve totems and twelve wills came down to form the toughest world. The Mortal-king Seal and Cosmic Immortal Carapace built a massive temporal river of defense, consisting of the past, present, and future.

“Boom!” All three lives were annihilated along with the toughest world. The duo got blown flying with blood being spilled.

The emperors took a deep breath in astonishment. One was a monarch with a True Immortal Armament while the other was an Ancient God with a supreme treasure yet they still got defeated in this exchange. True Bones was simply unparalleled.

“The myriad ages started with me, ants!” The dark overlord roared and sent out countless darkness. The most terrible thing was he looked to be the origin of the myriad dao. He also had a maelstrom by his chest that was devouring the essences and dao of the current world.

“The myriad dao, return to me!” The maelstrom rotated like crazy and absorbed the dao from the thirteen continents.

“Whats going on?!” Cultivators everywhere lost control of their cultivation and dao. These affinities flew out and were controlled by someone else. Their power was being used by him now.

Even the emperors felt the same way. Their dao has been extinguished so they only had the wills left as the source of power. They were naturally stunned, akin to a carriage going fast but the horses suddenly got free from the reins, leaving the body behind.

If it wasnt for their wills, they would be completely helpless right now. Though their cultivation and dao foundation were still there, the grand dao had been taken from them.

This also applied to World and Yi Ye. The only thing left for them was their wills, and also anima.

“I am the source of the grand dao, ants!” The dark overlord in his empowered state loomed over all existences. Even emperors were ants in his eyes.

“Boom!” The assault began on the duo again.

Yi Ye and Mortal Reversion were considerably weaker after being robbed of their grand dao. Nevertheless, they still leaped upward and unleashed powerful strikes against this dark overlord.

Meanwhile, the three maelstroms – silver, gold, and iron – from Li Qiyes Primordial Will also rushed forward and acted as a shield against the majority of True Bones power.

The three of them managed to stop this particular slash capable of one-shotting anything below twelve wills.

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