Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 714: Origin Of The Emperor Suppression Ar

The bolts of the execution coursed through Li Qiyes body like an overflowing ocean of tribulation. Each bolt started a huge wave assaulting the sky – capable of destroying the thirteen continents. Nevertheless, the four symbols inside his palace were able to devour the bolts.

He was powerful enough to judge any emperor and the world itself. His imperious glare made everything else seemingly insignificant.

“Stay and play!” Li Qiye spread his palm and bolts shot out of his fingers like arrows straight for Darkness group!

“Ah!” They were pinned by the execution bolts to the ground, unable to do much because they were preoccupied with dealing with the backlash from the curse. Thus, there was very little resistance against Li Qiyes judgment.

“Time to end this and begin my harvest!” Li Qiye shouted. The Primordial Will and its twelve iron laws locked the Death Coffin.

“Boom!” This artifact was immensely heavy. Just moving it a little bit made the entire ancient world shake. It was as if Li Qiye was dragging the whole place along with the coffin.

It already had a master and was groomed for millions of years. Seizing control was no easy task.

“Dont even think about it!” Brilliant saw the forceful takeover and wanted to kill Li Qiye with a palm strike.

“You need to get past us first.” Immortal Monarch Yi Ye smiled and attacked with his suppressive seal that could make other emperors look like ants in comparison. The armament allowed him to have a flame engulfing the sky. It didnt take long before the area and all affinities were frozen. The monarch was able to utilize his bloodline to the fullest potential!

“Damn right!” Mortal Reversion Ancient God also roared and put on the Cosmic Immortal Carapace. He gained a massive form capable of severing the sky and earth. His technique of choice was a dual-palm strike to stop Brilliant.

“Boom!” The two of them managed to repel the possessed Brilliant.

All existences trembled before this attack while the ancient world showed signs of crumbling.

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing this. One of them alone was monstrous enough, but the two together?

Nevertheless, Brilliant was simply pushed back. The strikes werent enough to take this monster down.

This puzzled the crowd – who was this guy? How could he take on both the Ancient God and Immortal Monarch at the same time?

“Clank.” Brilliant unsheathed two swords – both were completely shrouded in darkness and wielded its most terrorizing power. It could replace the light and swallow up everything.

“Die!” Brilliant crazily shouted and the darkness surged like an ocean, making all beings fall into depravity and sin.

One slash aimed for the Ancient Gods armor while the other went for the monarchs seal. His sword techniques kept on transforming with different variations.

Metallic ringing and fiery sparks were everywhere. Just a single ember could turn the entire ground to lava, drowning everything with death.

Alas, Brilliant couldnt break through these two powerful beings capable of mass destruction. The crowd was shaking; this gave them the opportunity to truly see how invincible these top beings were. Same with Brilliant; whoever possessing him was also a behemoth.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was using his twelve laws to forcefully drag the coffin over to seize control. Alas, his blood mark and the blinding laws were still having difficulties.

Nevertheless, it was still moving ever-so-slowly towards him. It meant that he still had a chance of taking it from the dark master.

Brilliant could see this and shouted: “Go!”

The coffin suddenly started flying for Li Qiye. Brilliant no longer tried to pull the coffin back but rather used it as a weapon.

This was a force capable of rendering any emperor or god into powders. Li Qiye was already wary of this so his body became resplendent with the Heavens Will Crystal Physique.

It slammed on him and the crystallized barrier actually shattered. The physique was broken – this was quite unbelievable because it was supposed to be completely impervious to any damage.

“Thats a heavenly treasure for you.” An Immortal Emperor who knew about this physique took a deep breath.

The coffin went on with a weakened momentum but still mighty nonetheless.

Li Qiye also had a plan for this by adding the human skin. It successfully lessened the impact but he still vomited blood. During the impact, he latched on to the coffin like a magnet, intending to swallow the whole thing.

“This is my time!” Li Qiye laughed and said.

An ancient book appeared and the sound of pages flipping came about. They shouldered the coffin, wishing to become one with it.

“Death Scripture!” A monarch recognized it and shouted in horror: “He has the Death Scripture!”

“No, you must die now!” Brilliant cried out after seeing the book.

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