Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 713: Emperor Suppression Ar

“Bang!” The Ancient world turned into a mirror with the academy at the center.

A boundless holy light surged from every inch of the land as if it had permeated deep in the mud long ago.

The thickest of them all came from the academy with the shape of a pillar, capable of refining all darkness and washing away the impurities in the world.

“Buzz.” The light overwhelmed the darkness so remnant ashes scattered from the sky. The dark flame was blown away so Li Qiyes blood remained on the coffin.

“The academy still has this power?” Everyone was shocked. They thought that it had used all of its resources earlier just now – just hanging on for this long was impressive enough. But now, it exuded a power capable of fighting against Brilliant.

“Destruction!” Brilliant smashed down on the pillar of light coming from the academy with a hammer.

The strike was so devastating that the entire academy was shaking, on the verge of extinguishing.

“You need my permission first before destroying the academy!” A handsome middle-aged man appeared above the academy out of nowhere.

His life force was majestic, causing spring to return to the land.

“Immortal Monarch Yi Ye!” A monarch from the hundred races shouted.

“Why is he here?!” The crowd became slack-jawed. Earlier, Profound Emperor had led him away for a chess match so this counter surprised everyone.

“Haha, Profounds chess abilities are bad, no need to continue playing with him.” Yi Ye laughed and said.

“Clank.” An armored suit appeared around him while spewing immortal radiance. A mark floated above him.

“Mortal-king Seal, thats Six Dao Monarchs True Immortal Armament!”

This artifact was named Mortal-king Seal by Six Dao Monarch. When he fell to the Heavenly Execution back then, it became missing, never to be seen again.

Thus, the crowd was astounded again. Immortal Monarch Yi Ye had been hiding too much.

“The hundred races have been pretending to be weak…” One Grand Emperor shuddered.

Everyone realized that the monarch probably obtained this armament a long time ago, perhaps even before his ascension.

However, no one in the thirteen continents was aware of this. The question became – why did he hide it so well?

They immediately thought of someone else – the Dark Crow! These two had a good relationship together, so perhaps the Dark Crow had something to do with the monarch possessing this armament.

Of course, their clandestine intent became more obvious now. This fight didnt come without planning on the other side. Perhaps they were ready for this from many generations ago starting with the ancient world.

Darkness and the others foolishly walked straight into this trap!

“Boom!” Yi Ye was unstoppable with his armament and twelve wills!

“Yes, all of this was meant for you and this Death Coffin.” Li Qiye had successfully recreated his body and left a bright red mark on the coffin.

People shuddered after hearing this. Thats the Dark Crow for you, scheming for years until today and was going to take down so many emperors in the process.

“With just you two?!” Brilliant was unperturbed. His gaze remained stern and disdainful towards all.

“And me.” A domineering voice came about. Mortal Reversion Ancient God was now standing next to Li Qiye.

The crowd became breathless. Just the Dark Crow was scary enough but now, Mortal Reversion and Yi Ye made it even worse.

“I knew you would come today. Killing Samsara would have alarmed your group, realizing that there were still people in this world who could threaten you. Thus, you all must kill me and take my dao heart! And when is a better time than the siege of the academy? Haha, so easily baited!”

“An even bigger net.” A monarch thought that the Dark Crow was terrifying not because of his power or political influence but rather his schemes. No one would be able to escape from his plans spanning for millions of years.

“So what? You dont know the extent of the terrible beings you are facing!” Brilliant revealed a malevolent smirk.

“Stop thinking so highly of yourself.” Li Qiye retorted: “You think you can compare to the villainous heaven? I have returned alive from the final battle so I do not fear your group. Its just that you all are so good at hiding so I cant kill you all.”

The emperors glanced at each other. One Grand Emperor whispered: “So it is true, he has experienced an ultimate expedition before…”

They have heard of a few legends about this before – that the Dark Crow managed to return from an expedition. The man himself had verified it just now.

“Alright, lets see how tough you are! I am not someone Samsara can compare to!” The darkness possessing Brilliant was still as confident as ever facing the trio.

“Lets go!” Li Qiye laughed heartily.

“Boom!” The High Heaven Palace fused into his body. His eyes turned bright as he sucked away the executions inside the coffin.

“Crackle!” After taking in the bolts, lightning currents channeled around him, making him look like a Heavenly Execution in human form.

“Damn, another ace card topping the previous.” One spectator murmured.

However, people simply didnt understand how he could call down these executions and even control them to an extent.

One must start with Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo. This was someone who had peered into the high heaven and had written down what he found. He gave all of this knowledge to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye had even taken a step higher, having traveled to the end of the world before. He understood that place even more, so he filled in the blanks and eventually created a supreme merit law – Heavenseer!

This became one of his key moves in this plan. As long as the emperors left Exploration Grounds, he could call down their Heavenly Executions!

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