Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 712: Allpine Treefather

“Only an ant, not worth mentioning.” Li Qiye glanced with contempt at Brilliant before turning his focus back at the coffin.

“Fine, Dark Crow, die!” Brilliant was furious and turned his palm, revealing a devil mirror spewing out dark energy of death.

“Buzz.” This death ray shined on Li Qiye, causing his spots to spread again.

“Peacebringer Art!” Darkness and the other emperors once again channeled the curse on him.

They didnt give a damn anymore and went all out, wasting their longevity blood. Li Qiye was too terrorizing. If he were to survive today, they would never have a day of peace again. He would eventually kill them in the future.

“Buzz.” The executions earlier made the spots go away because the emperors didnt have the energy to curse him.

But now, the chanting once again intensified the spread. His body ignited with fire again and his skin became ashes.

Nevertheless, he remained nonchalant and smiled: “You think I care for your Peacebringer Art? Just a childs play for me today. The darkness is nothing in my eyes. This curse is also only a side branch, Ill show you a real dao today in the form of an unstoppable dao heart!”

With that, rays of light oozed out from his chest. They were holy and pure; this power didnt come from cultivation or any external source – only from his heart!

“As long as I am a saint, there will be no devils in this world!” Li Qiye said slowly.

The light became thicker and more majestic during this holy transformation. He was a saint standing at the apex of the world. His light eliminated all darkness and led the way for all living beings!

This was the power of the dao heart – one that was creating a holy presence. He was simply unstoppable with a force capable of expelling all evil. As time passed through the epoch, so would his eternal light.

It was as if he had melted into the epoch. His light was everywhere – all darkness would turn to ashes after seeing it.

“Is this a holy dao?” Many High Gods were shocked to see the light flowing on the river of time itself. They were affected and had sparks lit up inside them.

“No, its a dao heart.” A monarch took a deep breath and said: “His dao heart is simply unbreakable, allowing him to transform to whatever he wants or do whatever he pleases with a single thought! Yes, this guy had surpassed everyone in terms of dao heart!”

“Buzz.” The black dots on Li Qiye receded like the tides.

His vitality slowly returned. The power of the terrible curse was not enough to deal with his holy power stemming from the unbreakable dao heart.

Ultimately, the curse was still not a main branch of the dao and was helpless against the light.

“Hurry, hurry, remove the spells!” Darkness and the others were scared out of their mind and tried to recall their wills.

“I want your holy heart!” Contrary to the group, Brilliant was not afraid at all but rather ecstatic.

“Pop!” He suddenly had two wings popping out of nowhere. Darkness engulfed the ancient world; all the forage and trees instantly withered after being touched by this darkness.

A starry formation emerged on this emperors chest, causing him to tremble as if someone else has taken over. When he opened eyes again, only darkness, death, and greed could be found within.

Anyone who fell into this dark world would never be able to enter the reincarnation cycle again.

“Pluff!” He stretched out his devil claw and reached for Li Qiyes chest. It was unreasonably swift, intending to take out Li Qiyes heart!

Nevertheless, the claw was stuck in an ocean of holy light. The power of light restrained the darkness. These dark rays fell apart until the claw only had bones left. The emperor had no choice but to pull back.

“You think youre stronger than Samsara? Even he didnt try to attack my dao heart.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Is that so?” Brilliants voice was no longer his. It was an ancient and terrifying voice. People instantly realized that Brilliant has been taken over since he was only a guide of darkness.

“Today, I shall take your dao heart as my meal, Ive been waiting a long time for this!” The emperor declared. [1]

“Ive been waiting for a long time too. You think youre ambushing me instead of falling into my traps?!” Li Qiye laughed.

Having said that, the entire ancient world lit up and poured out ancient laws. These laws were incomparably thick and sealed the whole place.

Earlier, the white crane had expelled and sealed this place into a prison. Right now, this prison had become even more fortified. For example, if it was made from stones earlier, the walls were now made from steel.

“Just childs play, die!” Brilliant released primal darkness. It was as if he was the devil king – all other devils came from his lineage.

“Boom!” The Death Coffin flew at him. This would end in absolute destruction; not even an emperor could survive a direct smash. The earth was crumbling to pieces beneath its trajectory.

“Not good!” The spectating emperors who were safe now became aghast.

The nine treasures were too much. Imperial weapons were not worth mentioning before them, mere scrap metals!

“Pluff!” Li Qiye couldnt block it and was rendered into a bloody mist. It dripped all over the coffin.

The world became quiet while the emperors gasped. Everyone knew just how strong he was, virtually invincible, capable of fighting against a horde of emperors. But now, he was finished in just one move?

Suddenly, his blood was moving all around the coffin. He was using his longevity blood to leave behind a mark!

“Dont even think about it!” The possessed Brilliant knew exactly what he was doing and poured down a dark flame in order to incinerate his blood.

1. The I here is an imperious one, usually someone from a higher status speaking to someone they think is beneath their station

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