Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 711: A Mighty Showing

This coffin made out of stone lacked carvings and decorations as if this was its natural form upon inception. It carried the traces of time with spots everywhere. Perhaps it was even older than heaven and earth.

It emitted a strange and unfathomable aura not belonging to any power affinity in this world. Because of this, the emperors felt suffocated by its immense might. Only a twelve-will emperor would be able to withstand it.

Li Qiye smiled with his eyes slightly batting: “Death Coffin, it truly exists and has finally decided to show its face!”

“Death Coffin!” Even Sword Emperor was shocked: “One of the nine Heavenly Treasures!”

The rest of the emperors felt the same astonishment. They naturally understood the significance of one, especially when it had a master. Even a Paragon Artifact couldnt compare to one.

Rumor has it that when the Ancient Ming ravaged the thirteen continents, it wasnt just because they were evil and fierce. Rumor has it that they also had one of these treasures – Corporeal Zone!

The Death Coffin was also one of them and corresponded with the Death Scripture.

“Creak.” The lid slowly opened to the halfway point. One could see more light coming in and out; there seemed to be a terrifying power within.

“Rumble!” It actually managed to suck in all the Heavenly Executions. It was able to withstand and absorb these lightning bolts.

Darkness heaved a sigh of relief after the sky became clear. They looked over at Brilliant Devil Emperor and became slightly confused about the validity of his rumored death.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you.” Darkness cupped his fist towards Brilliant.

“Our three races come from the same race, so were on the same side, no need to be so polite.” Brilliant said with a smile.

Nevertheless, some emperors still remained cautious, such as Sword. Brilliants wills were dark and this gave them a terrible feeling.

“Brothers, we need to kill the Dark Crow now.” Brilliant told them with a serious tone.

The group hesitated for a bit unlike before because the previous attempt had left a shadow in their mind – the Dark Crow could call down the Heavenly Executions!

“Brothers, there will never be a better opportunity; our three races wont be able to rise if we miss it. We might be able to run today, but hell take care of us, one by one, in the future! Will we ever be able to gather in such great number again to use Peacebringer?!” Brilliant persuaded.

The others naturally understood this but the fight earlier truly frightened them. The damned crow was too terrifying.

“Plus, Brothers, we have the Death Coffin backing us up. All conditions are on our side, when do we kill him, if not now?!” Brilliant raised his voice.

“Who is using that Death Coffin?” Sword shouted back.

The guy wasnt only spewing righteous rhetoric. This was also a veiled threat. If he were to leave, the executions would come again.

“Alright, we must work together for the sake of our three races. Kill the Dark Crow and the future shall be ours.” Darkness finally gave the order.

The others exchanged glances, realizing that they had no other choice. It was either to withstand the execution and wait for World Emperor to kill his way back, or to work with Brilliant. Perhaps there was still a chance of victory with the Death Coffin on their side.

In fact, they truly wanted to know who was behind Brilliant – an existence capable of grasping the Death Coffin. They also understood why Brilliant didnt die to the execution back then.

“Good, let us be of one mind.” Brilliant rallied the men: “I will open the way for everyone, you just need to perform the Peacebringer Art!” He did exactly that and was the first to jump at Li Qiye.

In fact, Li Qiye has been standing there just looking at the coffin, not giving a damn about the rest. Only the coffin could enter his sight.

Remember, he had the Death Scripture. If he could obtain this corresponding coffin, it would be akin to a tiger growing wings.

When Brilliant finally sealed his area, he looked over and smiled: “An eleven-will Grand Emperor of the Bestowment bloodline, considered to be the successor of Flame Emperor. What a joke, you are not qualified to be his successor. He had an unparalleled battle record, a majestic man. You are a mere dog to the darkness, a slave to an overlord. No need to flatter yourself by assuming the successor role.”

The others remained quiet. Though they didnt know the details, they were aware that Brilliant was no longer the same as them.

Brilliant was naturally humiliated by the comment. Ultimately, he used to be a famous Grand Emperor who controlled the strongest organization of the devil race. But now, he had become someone elses servant, a guide of darkness.

“Dark Crow, you have been arrogant for so long, others are annoyed and have decided to punish you!” Brilliant coldly uttered.

“Arrogant I am, but to send you to punish me? Haha.” Li Qiye retorted.

He continued on with a gaze of disdain: “I have experienced the darkness and death more than you! Tell your master to come out, Ill see how he compares to Samsara Wild Ancestor!”

“Haha, stop thinking so highly of yourself. Samsara was indeed amazing, but he was from the past, not belonging to our epoch. Thus, he faced limitations, but there are those beyond imagination. They have lived even longer than you, they are the real rulers of this epoch!” Brilliant sneered.

“Yes, they are cowardly turtles hiding in their shell.” Li Qiye laughed: “The strongest turtles are still only turtles. Tell your master to come out now. If I can slay a past overlord, I can also kill a present one!”

Brilliants expression became twisted: “Dark Crow, you are still only a chess piece, what is there to be gloating about?!”

Li Qiye chuckled: “Im a chess piece? Who do you think are the players then? Your master? You think he can beat me? No, I have been waiting for your appearance! The only thing surprising me is that I only led out a guide like you. In my eyes, youre a disposable pawn that can be thrown away at any moment.”

The truth was that Li Qiye had waited and prepared to lead out a dark overlord today!

Killing Samsara was only the beginning. He wanted to let them know that he was capable of killing them.

At that point, they wouldnt be able to sit still. The disaster of the academy was the best opportunity. As long as he was surrounded by the emperors, some of them would use this chance to eliminate him.

Unfortunately, this particular overlord was still hiding and as careful as ever to Li Qiyes disappointment.

“Enough talk! Well see who will fall today, Dark Crow!” Brilliant cried out.

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