Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 708: Immortal Devouring Evil Jar

The crowd was shocked – the depth of the Qian far exceeded their imagination.

Everyone knew that it was the current number-one sect in the thirteen continents with nine emperors. They were also aware of its unfathomable resources and foundation. Nevertheless, this was still an intangible estimation.

Today, they had a better view after seeing the second World Emperor. Relying on the long years to create this being? Quite a terrifying achievement.

A Grand Emperor from the heaven race quietly said: “Not that far from the real thing. If the Qian doesnt have anyone holding them back, they might be able to unite the continents!”

Everyone shuddered at this sight. Some heaveners were even rejoicing about the existence of the Dark Crow. This terrifying existence was capable of holding back World and his clan.

If it wasnt for this dark hand behind the curtains looming around, who else could stop the Qian Clan? They would definitely be able to sweep through all oppositions.

“Clank! Clank!” The pleasant sound of equipping came about. Others could listen to it all day. The second emperor had a set of outfits on, filled with a blue ocean of energy.

This blue expanse was unreasonably vast, enough to contain the entire thirteen continents. A single wave from it could extinguish the sun and drown everything.

There was a round moon hanging in this ocean, emitting its cold radiance and basking the ocean with a silvery glow. It looked as if this ocean was hugging the moon.

“Seashroud Moon!” A top monarch startlingly exclaimed: “Thats World Emperors Immortal Armament, one of five!”

People were shaken to hear this. Though they have heard of these artifacts before, this was their first time seeing it in action or hearing the true name of this particular one.

This name also represented the core dao symbols of the armament.

People were smacking their lips while salivating with greed. There were only five of them around but two were missing. It was such a rare dao artifact.

They also realized why he wasnt wearing them in the beginning. So it turned out that his second body had it.

“Clank.” This second body held a shield with his left hand. Just a casual swipe of it could block all paths. A simple shake could take down the stars from the sky.

A hymn also came about as he lifted a heavenly sword with his right. It was refined from a galaxy with a silvery glow. A plain slash alone could sever the earth.

The sword and shield were also part of this True Immortal Armament, not just the armor.

“Damn, your clan is quite something.” Mortal Reversion laughed heartily yet his expression became serious: “A world avatar wearing a True Immortal Armament, quite a matchless being.”

An invincible Ancient God like him still felt pressure before this avatar.

His force was a budding seed that was crazily growing, overfilling the ancient world to the brim. All the emperors combined couldnt match his vitality.

“Mortal-king bloodline!” A spectator shouted.

So many members of the hundred races became envious. This was their races immortal blood, starting from Six Dao Monarch. It had an extraordinary power desired by all the monarchs.

It continuously multiplied for more power – resulting in something comparable to the immortal bloodline of the three races.

“Die!” Mortal Reversion crushed the void and leaped forward like a primal beast towards the second World Emperor.

This murderous force would suffocate other emperors. An Ancient God was certainly no joke.

The second World blocked it with his shield by severing his spatial location from Mortal Reversion.

“Boom!” The strike still struck the shield causing numerous stars to die.

On the other hand, Li Qiye had to fight against the real World while withstanding the curse.

“Boom!” Li Qiyes Primordial Will in the form of twelve laws wove together to stop the invincible blow earlier.

World was going all out now by releasing his supreme grand dao. His twelve wills was pressuring everything nearby.

Emperors paled in comparison; other spectators actually had the urge to bow before him and perform the most respectful ceremony.

His grand dao was one of the mortality – the mundane world and its people. He seemed to melt into this mortal world filled with riches and destitution; difficulties but not without hope.

Nothing in this world could truly stop hope. Hope was the driving force – the most impressive affinity of the mortal world.

World Dao was the name – the emperor got his title from this dao.

“I toil for the living beings!” World disappeared after his thunderous declaration. He became one with his world as hope continued to rise.

The power of hope was sharp and unstoppable. It wished to crucify Li Qiye.

“You are an imperious emperor, the living beings arent something on your mind.” Li Qiye laughed and shouted before retaliating with his own dao: “May there be desires on the fifth night, down with the World Dao!”

Hope was the most beautiful thing in this world and desire gave birth to even more hope. They blossomed like beautiful and tempting flowers.

As hope was gradually turning into desire, people had the illusion that they were enjoying the debaucherous and lively world of mortal men. The warmness of springs, the blossoming of flowers, the allure of sex beneath the lamps and moonlight…

All of this tempted the heart of men, leading them into a befuddled state.

This world that was once full of hope quickly declined from rising too fast. The flowers bloomed rapidly but also withered at the same pace.

The grand momentum of the world was gone; all things deteriorated and fell into darkness.

“Buzz…” This power of hope assaulting Li Qiye slowly disappeared into nothingness. World was unable to kill Li Qiye with this attack.

“Mercy for all men!” World let out a chant echoing for an eternity.

In this blink of an eye, he walked out from his mortal world with a resplendent aura. His rays of mercy crossed through the generations and saved the damned men from their own desires.

Li Qiyes weakened grand dao was crushed by mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. These forces were omnipresent and warmed the heart of men as hope rose again.

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