Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 707: The Play

Li Qiyes holy light was able to chase away the second dot but a third one appeared. Mighty he was yet this was not enough to stop more dots from appearing on his body.

“Die!” Li Qiye stepped forward and aimed for Darkness group with an all-destroying fist. However, they became illusory once he got closer just like phantoms.

It made the powerful strike useless even though a direct impact would mean pulverization. The group dispersed like smoke before coming together again.

“Buzz.” This attack only increased the number of dots on him. It seemed that its power had only empowered the curse.

“Whats going on?” A High God didnt understand and became surprised.

A Grand Emperor quietly said: “This is the backlash of the curse. Darkness and the others have become part of the spell. Destroying them would be useless. Any attempt would only magnify the spells power and directly lead it back. Thus, it would be akin to helping the enemy and attacking himself.”

“This curse is really horrifying?” The god murmured, not seeing how the dots were that scary.

An insightful monarch said: “Dont look down on those dots. It means theres no coming back from death. It will destroy his dao and Heavens Will after failing to withstand it. Thats how the three races killed the Ancient Ming back then.”

“You are completely right, Fellow Daoist.” A Grand Emperor nearby nodded: “This is a direct death; not even the Heavens Will can re-create the sufferer. The only way to defeat the users is to overcome the spell, then the users would be destroyed by it instead. This is why it is is so cruel; casualty is guaranteed.”

“Buzz.” More and more black spots emerged all around Li Qiyes body, acting similar to nether fire. They were slowly burning away his life.

“Dark Crow, you have lost.” Darkness indistinct voice came about: “Your vitality and will cant match up with all of us, and definitely not all the Ancient Ming back then. Dont you remember how they died? Today is your doom, and this date next year is your death anniversary!”

Darkness wasnt exaggerating. All of their vitality, power, and wills have turned into this terrible and majestic spell.

Back then, they used this method to destroy the Ancient Ming. This race was very powerful, but their three races have taken roots in the thirteen continents for countless years. They had ample emperors and experts. In a regular battle, they couldnt take on the Ancient Ming but the Peacebringer spell strengthened by the mass was too much for the Ancient Ming.

The race suffered a heavy casualty, on the verge of extermination, so they had no choice but to rely on the Corporeal Zone to run down to the nine worlds.

“Too early for excitement, well just see about that.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Boom!” Suddenly, World Emperor took action again and unleashed a palm strike at Li Qiye.

“Haha!” Mortal Reversion immediately went into this space again to attack the emperor.

“Buzz.” A grand formation appeared out of nowhere with starry glimmers. A majestic figure emerged in the middle.

“World Emperor!” This figure was comparable to the high heaven, capable of looking down on all.

The figure was identical to World Emperor; no one could tell which one was the real one. It stopped Mortal Reversion in his path.

“Whats going on?” Even the emperors were confused.

“The second one is not real.” A monarch was able to see through it.

Behind the second World was a lofty land with dragons and phoenixes – a scene of paradise. There were emperors guarding and chanting within; real emperors, not just illusions or accumulations of power.

Generations of descendants prayed for him with sages and High Gods among them. Numerous kingdoms presided over this land with billions and billions of citizens. They lived and prospered for one generation to the next, praying for a single person – World!

The power of their faith through time fused into the body of the second World. Thus, this body had more than its own power. It had the strength of the Grand Emperors, the descendants, the citizens, and all of the land.

“The first is real, the second isnt.” One Grand Emperor spoke with certainty.

“What is the second one then?” A High God asked.

There was no debating this because the Heavenly Execution would never make a mistake. However, the second one was not an avatar. An avatar had limitation but this second one seemed to be as strong as the first.

“The nine emperors of the Qian, well, not counting World and Sword, they themselves are empowering this being.” Someone commented.

“This could be considered a world avatar.” A top monarch said seriously: “The entire Qian Clan is working together to create this second World Emperor.”

Many emperors took a deep breath. Creating a second body was easy in the form of a dao avatar. Of course, this second body was much inferior.

This wasnt the case for World. This second body was just like the real thing. Even a Grand Emperor using their heavenly gaze couldnt tell a difference, same with their power level.

This was doubly impressive because an emperor was already so mighty. Creating a perfect imitation was virtually impossible. Nevertheless, World Emperor was able to do so with such little differences. This “world avatar” was countless times stronger than a dao avatar.

It required the effort of the Qian for many generations before creating something like this!

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