Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 705: Scheme

No one expected for Li Qiye to be able to seal this carapace with more than a hundred wills inside. Just how terrorizing would he be after absorbing them?

“Halt!” World Emperor walked out of the portal and unleashed a strike surpassing the yin and yang.

“Boom!” The strike was aiming for the carapace instead of Li Qiye.

“Geezer, mind your own business.” Li Qiye laughed and released a galaxy-destroying palm strike.

World punched again and the two attacks collided, resulting in a quaking vibration.

Meanwhile, he also unleashed another dozen strikes with his other hand towards the twelve laws locking the carapace.

He was indeed a twelve-will emperor. His domain was able to separate the other ruling affinities such as yin and yang, time and space, karma and reincarnation. He was the sole supreme ruler of his space.

Eleven-will emperors were certainly no match for him.

Finally, he was able to get the ones inside out of the carapace. They were naturally horrified and all hid behind him.

“Move away!” World shouted.

The others could see the Heavenly Execution faintly appearing above World again so they ran away and kept their distance.

“Incredible!” Everyone was amazed that World was able to reverse the tide right away. The emperors from the three races were even more impressed. World has been able to do this during all the previous crises.

Darkness group heaved a sigh of relief. It was fortunately that World was on the sideline. If he had also joined in like them and got stuck in that carapace, it would have really been over. There was no doubt that he was much more prudent and insightful than the rest.

“Thank you, Dao Brother.” This was the first time Darkness felt such fear despite living for so long. He cupped his fist and showed his gratitude.

Though World was much more powerful and famous on top of having a greater prestige than Darkness, Darkness was much older. Plus, he was a founder of Celestial Court so he had always viewed World as a junior.

Nevertheless, World had just saved his life so he felt deep gratitude. Thus, calling him “Dao Brother” was completely reasonable. For the dao, achievements trumped age.

The other emperors also did the same. They would no longer be here if it wasnt for his interference.

Nevertheless, their wills were saved but their vitality suffered an immense setback.

“No need to be polite, were on the same side.” World Emperor retreated as well due to the threat above him.

“Geezer, you ruined my fun again. I will destroy your clan eventually for your continuous meddling.” Li Qiye laughed.

World responded with a cold glare.

“Though I couldnt get your dog lives, this carapace is actually quite suitable for me.” He pulled the armored being closer.

The Cosmic Immortal Carapace was too important for Celestial Court. It would be an unbelievable loss if the Dark Crow were to take it.

World had no choice but to step out again and reached for the carapace.

“World Emperor, Ive been waiting for this day!” Suddenly, an old voice came about, signaling the descent of a mighty palm from the sky. It crushed everything in its path while aiming for World.

Such a fierce palm astounded everyone. Who would dare to fight World outside of other top emperors or the Dark Crow?

World immediately pulled back and raised his palm forward to face the incoming strike.

“Boom!” The majestic shockwave emanating from the impact point scared even the emperors.

A figure emerged and stopped World Emperors path.

This was a gray-robe old man with white hair draping over his shoulders. He didnt have an oppressive aura but his tiger eyes were intimidating, capable of breaking everything. Even emperors didnt want to meet his gaze.

“Mortal Reversion.” World became serious with his eyes narrowing.

“Mortal Reversion Ancient God!” A Grand Emperor shouted in astonishment.

The High Gods took a deep breath and became excited, even the stronger ones among them.

“The apex existence of the High Gods!” One of them cried out.

The emperors took all the limelight this time during the assault on Celestial Academy. Multiple eleven-will emperors then even Profound, Yi Ye, and World. The last three overshadowed all the High Gods.

It could be said that their side was no match for the emperors this time. The ones here reflected and found themselves lacking versus World and his peers.

However, they became excited after seeing Mortal Reversion. At the very least, an apex existence from their group could win them some face again.

Of course, there were more Ancient Gods around but Mortal Reversion was the most active one.

In terms of fame and prestige, Inconcealable Ancient God was the greatest among them. Unfortunately, he has been in seclusion after defeating Darkness and challenging Origin Heaven Emperor.

Meanwhile, Mortal Reversion was still active so he became the hope and pillar of all High Gods. Of course, he also had his own famous tales, such as chasing three Grand Emperors from Wildlads clan all the way back to Celestial Court. In an older period, he even fought against Wave Emperor!

The gods from the hundred races loved him even more because he was from their group.

His origin was a demon; some said that he used to be a tiger. Another rumor stated that he was an alumnus from Celestial but others said that it was for such a brief period that he couldnt truly be considered a student there.

Nevertheless, he was on the same level of prestige as Immortal Monarch Yi Ye in the mind of the hundred races.

“An Ancient God against a twelve-will Grand Emperor? Will a victor be decided today?” The High Gods were lost in anticipation.

In fact, Ancient Gods have fought against top emperors before. Inconcealable Ancient God had fought against Origin before. This was certainly the first battle between these two realms.

Alas, no one knew the result, similar to the fight between Mortal Reversion and Wave. They never talked about the outcome so the world had no idea about the result.

“I think World Emperor will win, he has a True Immortal Armament as well.” A High God worriedly said.

“Not necessarily.” His peer was on the other side: “Remember, Mortal Reversion also has the Mortal-king bloodline, thats why people call him the second coming of Six Dao Monarch.”

“Its a shame that he doesnt have an immortal armament or it would be an extremely brilliant fight.” A few emperors felt a tinge of regret.

World hasnt put on his gear just yet but everyone knew that he would do so when the time called for it.

It would be a completely different story then. He would reach the very top of the power ranking after wearing it.

“Mortal Reversion, you wish to fight?” World uttered coldly after having his path blocked.

“And if I do? World, I can hang around but can you? Are you not afraid of the execution above?” Mortal Reversion laughed and said.

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