Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 702: Person Inside The Yellow Cloth

“Bam!” The palace slammed into the court, creating a deafening impact ending with the court crumbling.

“Boom!” The resulting shockwave blew all the emperors away. The weaker ones felt their blood churning, causing them to vomit blood.

“Die!” Li Qiye chose Freesky again and lunged forward.

“Boom!” The monarch was immediately torn in half, a grisly spectacle.

Darkness came over with his banner swinging with the force of three thousand worlds and slammed it on Li Qiyes body.

“Break!” Li Qiye retaliated with his palms to crush the three thousand worlds in a simple manner yet sufficient power.

“Pluff!” A rain of blood descended. Even someone as powerful as Darkness was almost severed completely.

“Clank!” Sword Emperor slashed through the sky. The sword ray struck Li Qiye bloodied but the guy was gripping the sword now.

Li Qiye used this momentum and turned his palm into a devastating fist. He crossed through space and time to punch Sword in the chest. Dodging was out of the question so his chest was penetrated, flesh and blood spurted out.

In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye tore Freesky into two pieces before slashing down Darkness and ending with his fist through Swords chest. These eleven-will emperors were rather helpless before him.

This scene shocked everyone. Even the High Gods nearly pissed their pants with their legs growing weak. The spectating emperors shuddered – they knew that the Dark Crow was terrifying but have never experienced it in person until today. He was even worse than the legends.

Li Qiye looked like a being made of blood right now – his blood and the blood of his enemies. He was ferocious and ready to kill everyone. The cowards would squirm on the ground after seeing this scene.

“Ah!” Miserable screams echoed. Luo Wencang, Ying Shenyu, and the rest from Eight-Pillar Society were annihilated. Their totems were destroyed as well so it was a true death.

This made the advantages of the Heavens Will quite clear. Though emperors could certainly kill each other using their wills but this process took some time. Nevertheless, it was still easier than a High God trying to kill an emperor.

The totems were much more fragile in comparison. Freesky was killed several times yet he could still come back to life. However, the group of eight was annihilated instantly with the destruction of their totems.

In a one-on-one scenario, Li Qiye was simply unstoppable – meet god, slay god; meet Buddha, slay Buddha. One emperor one after another exploded into blood. This resulted in rains of blood dripping down.

Few were able to withstand even a single blow from him. They banded together but it was not enough to contain or stop him.

The emperors should indeed be afraid of him. There was a reason why he was in charge of the worlds direction for so long.

“Boom!” Freesky was crushed into mincemeat again. Among the emperors, he was the biggest victim, being pulverized repeatedly.

“Thats enough.” World finally stopped watching and stepped out of the dao portal.

A man equal to the high heaven has finally taken action. The stars, dao, and everyone else prostrated before him. Just a wave of his hand was enough to turn over the myriad ages. He had experienced millions of years as an unstoppable being with no peers!

His true self was here without emitting any oppressive pressure. Alas, just his gaze alone was shudder-inducing enough.

“Clank!” He decisively attacked Li Qiye with his World-Awaken Bell carrying absolute power without any technique or variation – all existences would be annihilated as a result.

The ringing of the belt was ominous and awe-inspiring. World was strong to the level where he could take down an eleven-will emperor with this move or change the tide of a battle. The heaveners were jubilating since he could save them all.

“Lets go!” Li Qiye let out a battle cry and used his High Heaven Palace to subdue the grand dao!

“Boom!” The ancient world nearly shattered and fell into complete darkness. Fortunately, the attacks werent aimed directly at the ground.

The attack was successfully stopped but the resulting shockwaves made the beasts here all drop to the ground.

It took a while before the light came back, revealing Li Qiye and World Emperor standing face to face.

The palace was fine and well but World Emperors bell had a huge hole. It wasnt due to the emperors lack of strength but the palace was simply too powerful. The bell was a Heaven Bestowment artifact at the Grand Emperor level yet it still received substantial damage!

All beings right now didnt dare to breathe, afraid to disturb these two.

“Thats the best High Heaven Scroll.” A monarch quietly murmured: “Maybe World Emperor needs to use his True Immortal Armament now.”

The emperors here all gazed at the High Heaven Palace, realizing that this was indeed a peerless artifact – perhaps comparable to a True Immortal Armament.

Even if it wasnt the number one in history, it couldnt be that much inferior. Because of this, they naturally salivated with greed. One would be lying to claim otherwise.

There had only been five True Immortal Armaments. Two from Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Six Dao Monarch were missing. Purewood was even more mysterious so the only two that were in action were World Emperors and Crimson Emperors – the one he got from Flame Emperor.

Obtaining this palace meant that one would be on the same level as World Emperor, at least in terms of weapons.

The crowd truly wanted to see World put on his armament just once. It has been a long time since World was in battle. They were aware that he was powerful, but to what extent?

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