Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 701: Yellow Silk Cloth

One could easily imagine the consequence of using bare hands against the ultimate power of these wills.

“Pluff!” Blood and flesh went flying from Li Qiyes battered arms despite his Indestructible Diamond Physique and the other eleven, his will and thirteen palaces, his ability to break through all shackles…

People finally heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the damage, especially the emperors on the other side.

The Dark Crow was still a human made of flesh, which meant that he could eventually be defeated one day. After all, the long-lasting legend of the Dark Crow was too frightening for the emperors. If say, he was completely fine before this attack, then everyone would fall into despair. What else in the world could hurt him?

Ultimately, the injuries showed that he was still mortal, so there was a chance of destroying him!

“Crack!” His body was creaking with blood oozing out, staining his robe in full.

“Go!” He roared and utilized all of his abilities again to the limit. A resplendent glow illuminated the thirteen continents as divine rings slowly emerged.

“Boom!” The court finally halted from the descend.

“An ant trying to shake a tree, fool.” Darkness also let out a battle cry. The symbol of the heaveners on his forehead lit up as he mustered all of his strength without holding back. His vitality melted into his wills and the formation.

“Gentlemen, were about to create a miracle, go all out now!” Darkness even rotated his longevity wheel so that his most precious blood would join in the formation as well.

It wasnt easy for him to live for so long yet he was still sacrificing his longevity blood. This showed just how serious he was undertaking this risk.

“Hes right, the thirteen continents will be ours if we take the Dark Crow down now!” Freesky Immortal Monarch roared and also poured his vitality and longevity blood despite his injuries.

The rest of the emperors and High Gods no longer hesitated and followed suit.

Longevity blood was immensely precious. Vitality can be accumulated and recovered but this wasnt the case for these drops of blood. Just one drop alone required an arduous refinement process.

The group became quite excited at the thought of creating a miracle by killing the Dark Crow!

This was an existence that could make emperors tremble; the ultimate leader of the hundred races. He had even killed epoch overlords. Their feat today would establish their status; they would be immortalized in the historical annals; the river of time would be filled with writings about them.

As long as they win, the Dark Crow would become a devil, one that was salivating for the thirteen continents, wishing to massacre the emperors and devour the land. Meanwhile, they would become the heroes, the sages that have killed a monster, the bringers of dawn.

Plus, the ones that joined had no other choice. They needed to kill the Dark Crow or he would end them later!

“Buzz.” The court exuded a power holier than anything else in existence. It seemed to be the lord of all laws, the ruler of justice. Everything else was subjected to its punishment and adjudication!

Li Qiye was certainly its victim right now. It would absolutely destroy his everything without showing any mercy or leaving any trace left. An end feared by all.

“Crack!” His body had cracks with blood gushing out. Just a slight touch would result in a total collapse.

Everyone held their breath watching the deterioration of his body. Their heart was about to jump out of their throat – whether it be from anxiety or excitement.

Only World Emperor remained cautious and continued to scout the area. His eyes gazed across the ancient world in order to avoid an ambush from the Immortal Emperors.

The rest was fixated on Li Qiye because they believed they were witnessing a miracle of the ages. The Dark Crow would die to the court if this continued. Only World Emperor remained skeptical without bothering to watch.

If the Dark Crow could die so easily, he wouldnt be the Dark Crow! He wouldnt have sent away his allies either.

Finally, Li Qiyes forehead cracked. This was his limit, unable to withstand the destructive capability of the court.

“Is it over? It wasnt wise to chase the Immortal Emperors away.” A High God took a deep breath and murmured.

The forehead was the toughest part of the body at this level of cultivation. It meant that Li Qiye was hanging on by a thread.

Freesky happily shouted at this sight: “Fellow Daoists, a little more! Well start a new generation after this!”

The party was jubilant but they thought about it – how unreasonable would it be for someone to stay alive against so many emperors and High Gods?

“Dark Crow, your demise is here! Celestial Court does not allow for a monster like you to cause trouble!” Darkness roared despite knowing that the Dark Crow wouldnt go down so easily. Nevertheless, he still needed to boost the morale of his men!

Li Qiye suddenly smiled: “Darkness, Im a bit disappointed, here I thought that you would come with something incredible, but it looks like this formation is it? What a stingy start.”

With that, his eyes turned fierce: “Im the one who is ending all of this, a bunch of fake gods thinking that youre the lords of the world?! Daring to represent the mandate of the heaven?! Die!”

“Boom!” The High Heaven Palace oozed out a majestic and dazzling force.

The sky unanticipatedly had a huge hole with the power of high heaven raining down. Meanwhile, the palace released countless runic symbols.

These runic symbols turned into a supreme grand dao – one that could represent the will of the high heaven.

The palace then soared to the sky, empowered by the strongest force in existence, one that could create the thirteen continents and all else – time, space, all living beings!

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