Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 699: Death Before Accepting Defea

Suddenly, immortals were also being born. These true immortals descended from the sky and swept through everything. They broke the swords and devastated the formation.

“Fellow Daoist, were coming!” Freesky and thirteen other monarchs released their Heavens Wills and poured their power into the sword formation.

With a loud hymn, the formations power rose to an insane level. The immortal-slaying swords appeared again with incomparable sharpness drilling out of these immortals body. Blood gushed everywhere.

“May there be love on the fourth night, giving birth to all creations!” The three thousand worlds finally gained countless living beings that were going through the reincarnation cycles. The gods and immortals were no longer lonely.

The thirteen continents seemed tiny compared to these worlds. The sword formation was certainly powerful but it occupied such a little space. Thus, even all of their power poured inside was not enough. They couldnt create these swords in everyones dreams for total destruction.

“Boom!” This great formation finally faltered before the fourth night of Li Qiyes dao.

The emperors were pushed backward by the resulting shockwaves. Anyone else would have turned into bloody mists.

“Heaven Suppressing Fist!” Under the empowerment of his Seven Night Dao and nirvana state, this fist destroyed everything. The emperors shuddered as everything turned dark.

“Activate!” The aghast group yelled and quickly used their best attacks.

They were still blown flying while vomiting blood before this world-destroying punch.

“Death for you!” Li Qiye pierced through space and time before instantly appearing in front of Freesky Immortal Monarch. His punch exceeded all limits and shackles of the world.

“Break!” Freesky decisively did a risky move, ignoring all defense for an all-out attack.

“Bam!” He successfully struck Li Qiye. An eleven-will emperor was impressive indeed. It managed to leave a bone-baring wound on Li Qiye despite his current state.

“Pluff!” However, Li Qiyes fist pierced through his chest.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Li Qiye went all out this time and did three eruptions inside the chest to the helpless monarch.

The torrential three fists made the monarch explode into bits and pieces.

Nevertheless, his wills were still there. They lit up and began recreating his body!

“Dont bother!” Li Qiye shouted and slammed his hand downward with unstoppable momentum, capable of suppressing the emperors.

“Bam!” He broke through the defensive barriers from the wills and grabbed the monarch.

“Crack!” In the next second, he ripped the guys head and spine out of the body in a viscerally brutal manner!

With that, the body was crushed into blood again.

As long as the Heavens Wills were there, the monarch couldnt die and kept on being re-created.

“Boom!” He learned his lesson this time. The wills turned into a large version of himself in order to buy him time for the real body to be created. It could open its mouth and devour the stars.

“Break! Heaven Suppressing Fist!” Li Qiye used the same unstoppable move again. The heaven and myriad ages themselves were trembling before this move.

“Boom!” He broke through the barrier in the form of the gigantic figure. The created body inside got annihilated again.

“Stop!” Sword Emperor and the others came over after the second torture.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, the sound of thunder with thick lightning bolts suddenly crossed the sky.

“The Heavenly Execution?!” The sudden development horrified everyone, especially the emperors who instantly kept a distance.

Tribulation clouds loomed above Li Qiye with a destructive force of judgment. This was the primal power of heaven and earth.

Sword Emperor hesitated after seeing the clouds.

However, the execution didnt come down but wouldnt disperse either. It looked a decapitating sword, just waiting for its preys.

Li Qiye looked at the tribulation and chuckled: “Villainous heaven, the tribulation is not under your command! This power doesnt belong to you!”

The emperor heaved a sigh of relief with conflicting emotions. They wanted the execution to kill Li Qiye but also wished to be safe from it.

After all, he was a current generation Immortal Emperor which meant that his chance of seeing a tribulation was much higher compared to them from the previous generations.

“Finish this!” World Emperor got up from his throne and commanded: “Darkness Heaven Emperor! Lets go!”

“Buzz.” The dao portal opened again with more Grand Emperors coming out.

The leader was someone with a holy glow and a massive flame behind him. He looked profound as if he came from an ancient era with an all-piercing stare.

“Darkness! The leader of Celestial Court!” Someone shouted.

“Looks like Celestial Court wants to take down the Dark Crow right now!” A High God shuddered.

“Not just the court, all the three races are coming. Look at the emperors again.” A monarch felt his scalp tingling. There were fifteen emperors behind Darkness with members from all the three races.

A total of twenty-three emperors associated with Celestial Court and Heaven Authority were present – more powerful and famous than the average emperor.

“They wont let Sacred Teacher go this time.” One Immortal Monarch said.

This group was too monstrous and wouldnt be seen outside of the ultimate expeditions and the previous Emperor Hunt. It looked like the three races would pay any price to take down the Dark Crow here and now!

“This was their plan from the start!” A High God had a revelation – thinking that they werent here for the academy from the very beginning.

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