Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 695: A King Medicine Is Only A Radish Or Cabbage

“Dont rush now, why ruin this fun party with so many emperors here?” The smiling Li Qiye interrupted the tense atmosphere between Ren Xian and Sword.

He got everyones attention, especially the top emperors who were watching each and his every moves.

This was someone who had killed emperors before so naturally, the spotlight was on him.

“The main character should be me tonight. Even the twelve-will Grand Emperors better play nice right now.” Li Qiye asserted.

Everyone took a deep breath and glanced over at Profound and World. As for Yi Ye, he was naturally on the academy and Li Qiyes side.

However, Profound and World didnt respond. He glanced at the two of them and smiled: “The two of you will continue to stay at your lair or come out and fight?”

World remained calm on his stony throne: “I naturally will join when the time is right. Im old now, I can wait a bit more.”

“Always wily you are. How about you, Profound? If you want to fight, then come. If not, then get the hell out. Stop peeping over there; Im not a bathing beauty.” Li Qiye clapped and laughed loudly before looking at the mirror.

“Sacred Teacher, youre too funny. I havent fought in a very long time so my bones and techniques are stiff. Im just here to watch the show, the thirteen continents only require you and World Emperor to steer the wheel. Brother Yi Ye, am I wrong? We have some free time right now, how about come have a match with me? Ive recently come up with a new play that is usable for all situations.”

Everyone listened with bated breath. Profounds sudden exit caught them off guard. Nevertheless, he was wanting to take Immortal Monarch Yi Ye away with him.

“How can I refuse your invitation? Well see who will have the best moves then.” The monarch resoundingly answered.

“Alright, Ill brew some tea and wait!” Profound smiled then told World Emperor: “Brother, the future is up to you, I am simply an idle passerby.”

Having said that, the mirror collapsed and Profound Emperor disappeared! One more explosion ensued with a force causing the entire thirteen continents to quake. Even the ancient world could feel this. A boundless aura of an Immortal Monarch crossed through the world.

“Immortal Monarch Yi Ye is coming into being!” Back in the mainland, many didnt know what was going on in the ancient world. However, the aura of this great monarch forced them down to their knees.

No one understood why the monarch suddenly came out. Of course they didnt know he was going to meet Profound Emperor.

Though it was only a chess match, this could also be a decider for the future of the world due to their great level.

The ancient world calmed down a bit. This ended in a draw because the diviners have lost Profound and the academy Yi Ye.

“Alright, the fun is lessened with the two of them gone, but it is still a feast, right, Geezer Qian?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Indeed, but people will have to rely on their skills if they want to eat.” World Emperor said.

“Our hundred races will beat down your three races for the transgression today! In the future, well mobilize and flatten your Celestial Court!” Immortal Emperor Tun Ri fiercely declared.

“Good one! Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, you think our court is that easily bullied?!” Sword Emperor snorted.

The Immortal Emperor laughed in response: “Its not that strong either. Back during Emperor Hunt, Empress Hong Tian chased your courts leader, Solidarity Heaven Emperor, all around the thirteen continents. In the end, she still killed him inside your court! If Sacred Teacher gives the order, we Immortal Emperors from the nine worlds will certainly repeat this!”

The Grand Emperors present grimaced after hearing this. Alas, they did not deny the authenticity of this story. It was a humiliating moment for the court.

Back then, these Immortal Emperors were unreasonably fierce. Even one of their strongest Grand Emperors and the leader of their court, Solidarity, had to run for his life against Empress Hong Tian. He made it back to the court but she still ended up killing him by the entrance!

Keep in mind that Solidarity had eleven wills on top of the immortal bloodline of the heaveners – Authority. He was one of the leading founders of the court and certainly made it prosperous. Perhaps he was not the strongest out of them all, but his influence left no room for doubts.

If it wasnt for World Emperor holding the fort and more Grand Emperors from the divine and devil races joining in, these Immortal Emperors would have slaughter so many more.

The unstoppable force led by the Dark Crow forced the three races to sign an agreement absolving the control the three races had over the hundred races – true freedom.

Thus, the members of the three races were glaring at Immortal Emperor Tun Ri for bringing up this humiliating history again. They were the masters of the thirteen continents once but have lost control due to Emperor Hunt!

“Not convinced?” Tun Ri was a participant of this war so he was still as fierce as ever despite so many eyes being on him: “Then lets go again, well see just how strong you are now after years of recuperation!”

“Lets do it then, well just see who will be the last one smiling!” Dragonspear retaliated.

Celestial Court also had emperors from the devil and divine races. Of course, the heaveners still had the majority.

“We need to mercilessly cleanse the hundred races as well, the ones that dared to attack our cradle of civilization!.” Immortal Emperor Mu Tian added.

“I agree.” Immortal Emperor Ren Xian nodded and had a murderous glint: “Those who dared to scheme against the academy deserve death, same with their clans and sects!”

Freesky Immortal Monarchs group just became the target. The members of the academy were glaring at these fourteen monarchs for their treacherous deeds!

“Ren Xian, you Immortal Emperors from the nine worlds do not speak for the hundred races. There are plenty of monarchs so why do you think your group is in charge? Ultimately, Immortal Emperors are still outsiders in the thirteen continents; were the real masters of the hundred races!” Freesky Immortal Monarch coldly uttered.

It seemed that in the beginning, Freesky and his sect had some animosity against the Immortal Emperors. No one really knew the reason why.

“I think that some of you monarchs can also join our Celestial Court, we will take you in!” Sword Emperor laughed and said.

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