Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 690: Dao-sense Peak

Reign smiled in response: “Dao Brother Lifepeach, Heavens Ender is indeed unstoppable but dont forget, Heaven Authority is still around. Who in this world is capable of opposing this power and World Emperor?”

Reign reminded everyone that Heaven Authority was also part of this ordeal. The decree showed the powers intent of destroying the academy. Plus, if World Emperor were to join in, it would only be a matter of time before the end.

Profound Emperor was also watching and might join in as well. At that point, who could save the academy from two top emperors?

“Dao Brother Lifepeach, please go back, you have tried your best.” Reign noticed Lifepeachs silence.

Lifepeach naturally understood this but he still calmly replied: “The academy has given me everything, including a home. As long as there is one breath left in me, I will protect it!”

His calm and simple statement actually touched people, especially the High God alumni.

They asked themselves – what did they learn from the academy? What were they doing when the academy is facing a crisis?

“Thats right, fight to the death to protect the academy!” One teacher roared!

“Bai Yunguan is here now, Im sorry, I was wrong!” A High God answered the call with an earthshaking roar. He entered the academy with his disciples and fought against the invaders!

“Thats Whitecloud High God.” Someone said after seeing him floating in the air, surrounded by the clouds.

“I, Hong Ye, swear to stand with the academy till death!” Another High God chimed in and entered the battle to fight alongside the ancestors.

“Brother Hongye, count me in!” A third High God named Jinguang couldnt sit still any longer.

“Heaven Authority? Twelve-will Grand Emperors? So what?! The academy will last forever upon the foundation of our blood!” Several more High Gods decided to join the fray.

In fact, they were here early but wanted to watch first. Some even wanted to take advantage of the situation. However, Lifepeachs words have touched them deeply. They recalled their brilliant youths; the academy might not have given them supreme manuals but it certainly taught them how to survive in this cruel world of cultivation while leading them to a greater door!

This firmly established a foundation for the rest of their lives, allowing them to become High Gods, tyrants of their own domains. Their descendants would prosper as a result.

Because of this, they felt their blood boiling and decided to help the academy after Lifepeach gave the exemplary determination.

“Lets go!” Lifepeach stopped wasting time and revealed his ten wills to begin attacking Reigns group.

Reign and his peers also retaliated together to take on Lifepeach. This was not a foe they could afford to underestimate.

This was a world of the strong; those who dont scheme for themselves deserved death. Alas, these people were still willing to die for the academy, the hope of the hundred races, even though it wasnt their sect.

“Who will be able to stop the twelve-will emperors?” Despite finding more reinforcement, the situation was still as dire as before. Profound Emperor still loomed in the mirror and instilled fear into the crowd.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, a green radiance illuminated the entire academy. Verdant leaves fluttered downward and bathed the place in its lush lifeforce.

A sapling emerged from the ground and slowly grew into a gigantic tree. However, there was only one leaf on it. This single leaf represented the creation of a new world.

All the ancestors, teachers, and supporting High Gods became spirited right away. They felt their strength returning to their body and all fatigue swept away. Even their wounds were closing at a visible pace.

“Immortal Monarch Yi Ye!” An ancestor shouted. [1]

The scream wasnt that loud but everyone heard the name clearly because of its shocking and threatening nature.

“Our twelve-will emperor is here!” The crowd naturally screamed like crazy.

Some of the students even had tears streaming down their cheeks: “Our human monarch!”

This was the only twelve-will emperor of the hundred races, the pride of the humans. He was a mixed-blood of a charming spirit and a human, but the humans considered him as their own.

“That monarch is coming.” Even the spectating Grand Emperors took a deep breath.

The legend of the hundred races, the only person who could stop World and Profound! Yi Yes existence gave hope. As long as this emperor was around, the hundred races believed that they could still contest against the three races!

“Is Immortal Monarch Yi Ye entering now?” A person murmured while looking at the gigantic tree.

“Not that easily, just like Profound Emperor. They are waiting for the other to act first.” One High God said.

“No, these twelve-will emperors wont join recklessly, the Heavenly Execution is too terrifying. Though this is the ancient world and not the thirteen continents reducing the chance, their probability of invoking one is far higher than regular emperors. Plus, if two of them fight, this probability is doubled.” A low-level Grand Emperor agreed with a nod.

Meanwhile, the students of the academy found solace: “At least someone can take on Profound Emperor now.”

Profound Emperor has been a demon in their mind so far, but the appearance of Immortal Monarch Yi Ye gave them hope for a chance to reverse the tide.

As an eleven-totem High God, Jinsheng still felt awe when looking at the tree. This wasnt the case for Nine-sword High God and the attackers. It was a terrible development.

“Its time for the old geezer Qian to come on stage.” Li Qiye wasnt surprised at all. This was all within his expectation so he waited for his old enemy – World Emperor.

“Buzz.” Another portal appeared in the sky with blinding radiance. It was extremely powerful, crossing through one continent to another.

There was a stony throne on the other side of the portal, carved in an exquisite manner – simple and unadorned yet people couldnt help but wanting to prostrate before its imperial prestige.

1. Yi Ye means one leaf

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