Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 689: Gathering Of Guests

“Go now, consider our previous meeting a type of fate.” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively.

“Thank you, Senior, for sparing me back then.” The emperor bowed again. If it wasnt for Li Qiye showing mercy, he wouldnt be standing here right now.

Li Qiye nonchalantly accepted the gesture. This would be a grand event for someone else but it was nothing to him.

The emperor could predict the outcome of this event right now. The academy was only a trap to lead out the greedy emperors out of their cave. He was one of these victims.

After he left, Li Qiye sat there calmly with no intention of helping the academy.

“Its about time.” He smiled while staring at the sky.

“Buzz.” A luminous glow suddenly emerged above with the shape of a mirror. It took in the entire situation at the academy, reflecting it on the surface. Someone must be spying on these battlefields. However, spying was not the right word since the person was doing it so blatantly.

“Who?!” A High God said in astonishment.

“A direct mirror like this gives him a full view of this ancient world, not many are capable of this feat.” A rather mighty High God on the sideline took a deep breath.

A faint figure presided in this mirror – seemingly in a different space altogether. It was ethereal and impossible to see through with any heavenly gaze.

“Thats Profound Emperor!” A monarch recognized him.

Everyone was naturally shocked at this revelation and felt their scalp tingling.

“Profound Emperor wants to join in?” A High God felt his mouth becoming dry.

This was a twelve-will Grand Emperor from the divine race, the ninth in history to have this achievement and one of the four survivors. The other three members were Purewood, Yi Ye, and World.

Of course, Crimson Emperor of the devil race was also alive. However, for some unknown reasons, he chose to destroy one will and dropped down to eleven.

Because Purewood was an elusive individual, the other three were the top characters in the thirteen continents and steered the direction.

Profound had his twelve wills most recently among the four but people didnt know much about him. His identity and everything else remained a mystery. People said that after reaching this realm, he chose to hide everything.

Moreover, his grand dao was unknown as well. His title reflected his mysterious nature.

He was similar to Purewood in this sense. However, there was one distinction. Profound was still traveling across the thirteen continents while Purewood was nowhere to be found.

The only time Purewood formally showed up was during the Ancient Mings assault. If it wasnt for this, others would think that this person was only a fabrication. From then on, this Grand Emperor never appeared again as if he had evaporated from this world.

“Ha, the academy is done. Heaven Authoritys decree and Profound Emperor is here in person? No one can save it, not even if Immortal Emperor Fei comes back to life. It will be destroyed for sure.” One High God initially wanted to watch the situation developed but time was running out. If he didnt join in now, nothing would be left of the pie.

“Boom!” Another dao portal took shape above with five Grand Emperors walking out from their sect.

“Our Divine Race cant miss out on this lively event.” The leader was a gentleman wearing an elegant robe with six wills.

“Reigns group is here, are the diviners mobilizing now?” A spectator wondered.

“Profound Emperors observation is indicative of his stance, which is why these Grand Emperors are coming here now. Perhaps they even have Profounds backing. Who is in charge of the diviners now? Yes, Profound can order them to do anything.” A spectating monarch commented.

Though the Divine Race had two twelve-will Grand Emperors right now, Purewood had disappeared. Thus, Profound had a more pivotal role at this moment.

Though this emperor didnt directly rule like World with Heaven Authority and kept a low profile, it didnt imply a lack of involvement or prestige. The Grand Emperors of his race would follow all of his orders.

Thus, if Profound wanted to attack the academy, the diviners would be more than happy to obey!

“Fellow Daoists from the academy, please excuse us.” Reign Divine Emperor spoke: “We cant sit with a calm heart before this great feast, no point in being gentlemen any longer. Today, we will divide your academy. Be smart and leave, we wont kill the weak.”

There was nothing the teachers and ancestors from the academy could do right now. They were already occupied with many enemies and couldnt spare the force to deal with this new group.

Furthermore, the figure in the sky was truly dreadful.

“Reign, cease your impudence!” An old man with gray hair and a friendly face appeared before the five Grand Emperors. He had a walking stick with a peach growing on one end.

“So its you, Dao Brother Lifepeach.” Reign laughed after seeing this old man.

“Mysterious Bamboo is helping us! A ten-will alumnus!” A student happily shouted.

Lifepeach Immortal Monarch was a demon who graduated from the academy.

“One by one or all five together?” Lifepeach spoke in an amicable yet fierce manner. After all, he was confident in going against all five.

“Dao Brother, I admit that you are stronger than me, and even all five of us together. But there is no saving the academy now.” Reign said before darting his glance towards the mirror.

He was clearly saying – we have Profound Emperor on our side!

Lifepeach burst out in laughter: “Im not the only emperor from our hundred races, youll see.”

This brought solace to the nervous hearts at the academy.

“True, remember, Heavens Ender was created by Immortal Emperor Ba Zhen, so if Mysterious Bamboo is helping the academy, does that mean Heavens Ender is also involved?” A High God was pleased with himself after connecting the dots.

Heavens Ender was one of the strongest forces of the hundred races and had fought against Heaven Authority before too.

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