Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 688: Maple King

Immortal Emperor Bai Lian had all kind of questions rummaging through his mind. He could count with his fingers the number of people who dare to talk to him in this manner.

“Senior, may I ask who you are?” He cupped his fist and said.

“Call me whatever you want.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “Out of consideration that it wasnt easy to get here from the nine worlds, I wont make it difficult for you. Leave.”

The emperor had a pensive expression, wanting to figure out Li Qiyes identity – not out of fear but out of curiosity.

“Clank!” A sword hymn interrupted him. A terrifying sword intent ravaged the area with the greatest bloodthirst pricking everyone all over.

“Boom!” It was because an old man broke the void in order to enter this ancient world. He had nine god-slaying swords hovering in the sky; each capable of cutting down planets.

He didnt hide his murderous intent at all and let it scream to let the rest of the world know.

“Nine-sword High God!” A peer said: “Is he crazy? Why is he not restraining his aura?”

“Do you not know? His only son got killed so whoever tries to stop him right now is gonna get it. Hell take down all just for revenge.” A knowledgeable god explained.

Virtuous also made his appearance in order to greet Nine-sword.

“Boom!” Nine-sword instantly made it to Study Room with fire in his eyes after seeing Li Qiye. The flame spewing out could incinerate the entire world.

“Little animal, Ill cut off your dog head and offer it to my son!” He roared and unsheathed his swords. The terrifying aura spewed out even more with incomparable sharpness.

The shrines and temples began to collapse because of the aura.

“So noisy. Jinsheng, bring me his head.” Li Qiye said emotionlessly.

“Yes, Young Noble.” Jinsheng bowed and took one step forward. He flashed into disappearance before re-emerging before Nine-sword.

“Boom!” He didnt waste time before releasing his vitality and a faint shadow encompassing the characteristics of three different beasts – dragon, serpent, and dog.

It spun playfully around him and howled with a world-devouring force.

Next, his eleven totems floated orderly in the sky. He was no longer a feeble old man but a master capable of looking down on all creations.

“Thats Nether Lunatic! Who the hell is that youth? Why is Nether Lunatic obeying him?!” A High God was shocked to see this.

“Nether Lunatic, you wish to oppose me?! I will kill anyone standing in my path!” Nine-sword uttered coldly.

At his age, he only had one son and adored the boy more than anything. Thus, he was willing to pay any price for revenge.

Though his temperament was mild now with old age, he was still imperious when dealing with someone on the same level as him, not giving a damn about the guy.

“Die!” Nine-sword didnt waste time either; his nine swords came together to form a massive slash.

Jinsheng punched in retaliation – the nether shadow soared to the sky and revealed its fangs!

Meanwhile, Virtuous was also in Study Room in order to watch or help Nine-sword if necessary. Nine-sword was his dao protector and had saved him several times.

“You, get the hell out of the academy right now.” Li Qiye pointed at Virtuous and ordered.

Virtuouss expression turned ugly after the public disrespect: “On what basis do you chase me away? Im a student here.”

“Were. The fact that youre standing here shows that you only want the treasures from Study Room instead of helping.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“You! Dont be falsely accusing people!” Virtuous turned red and trembled with rage.

“So what? Its not like we can be friends.” Li Qiye retorted.

Virtuous had no answer. Of course they couldnt become friends. Not to mention the previous provocations, just the fact that Li Qiye had killed Six-sword cemented their foul relationship with each other. He was naturally on Nine-swords side.

“If we cant become friends, then Ill overestimate myself and will ask you for a duel.” Virtuous was young and this was his first time being humiliated after becoming a monarch. He couldnt let this go at all.

“Boom!” His four wills emerged as he channeled his power.

“You are indeed overestimating yourself, I dont need to personally take care of someone at your level. Gu Guo, slay him.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve again before ordering.

“Out of my way!” South Emperor was fighting against low-level High Gods. He swung his halberd and repelled all of them before leaping into the sky towards Study Room.

“South Emperor.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian murmured. He has also heard about the existence of a slumbering genius at Mysterious Bamboo, one of the ten eonic geniuses.

“My pleasure, Sacred Teacher.” South Emperor stood in front of Virtuous and pointed forward with his halberd: “Fellow Daoist, I have heard of your great talents and wish to challenge you today.”

“Very well!” Virtuous leaped to the sky and summoned his divine weapon.

He was serious at the moment because South Emperor also had four wills just like him.

“Lets go!” South Emperors halberd instantly blocked off all the space around Virtuous.

“Die!” Virtuouss twelve palaces appeared with a loud detonation in order to stop the halberd.

The two of them began to ravage the sky vault.

“Sacred Teacher…?” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian looked as if he had just seen a ghost after hearing this title. He recalled an ancient legend he heard of during his youth.

He turned pale because he had experienced enough to know that this was no legend!

“You, you are that cr-” The emperor quickly changed his tone: “You are the leader of our nine worlds?”

In fact, he wanted to say crow or dark hand behind the curtains, but these titles were rather unflattering, a taboo subject.

This existence has eliminated the invincible Ancient Ming and crucified one of their emperors whose scream echoed across the nine worlds.

In the thirteen continents, his tale was even more overwhelming – the starter of Emperor Hunt against the three races.

“Back at the Verdant Cliff for that hero assembly, I spared you because it wasnt easy for an existence like you to reach the dao. Later on, you indeed have successfully walked on the regal path. Unfortunately, your achievements in the thirteen continents left me wanting.” Li Qiye said.

The emperor was drenched in cold sweat after hearing this. He could clearly recall what happened on that day. It wasnt until he became an emperor that he realized how close to deaths door he was. The fact that he survived had nothing to do with his power, only that the existence decided to show mercy.

He took a deep breath and bowed deeply: “Senior, I had no clue of your arrival, please forgive my insolence.”

Showing slight was unacceptable since even the unbeatable Ancient Ming emperor got killed, let alone someone like him. In fact, the guy didnt need to do anything. Just one word from him and the emperor would have no place to stay in the thirteen continents!

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