Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 687: Mysterious Girl

This woman wouldnt be called a goddess because of her beauty. In fact, she was no match for Mei Suyao and Yu Qianxuan in terms of appearance. Nevertheless, her features were extraordinarily pleasing to the eyes just like a perfect masterpiece.

The other two were certainly incredible but they would be overshadowed by this woman who seemed to be pure at birth with the temperament of an immortal.

She emitted a faint glow as if there was a river of time flowing through her, granting her a unique and eternal aura.

“Teacher.” She landed with an intimate smile after seeing Li Qiye – the most beautiful smile in the world. Others wouldnt be able to resist the urge to hug her.

“Little girl.” Li Qiye smiled brightly, one coming from his heart.

This was the first time Jinsheng saw the guy smile in this manner.

Who else could it be but Magu? She came with the two beasts to aid the academy.

“Eternal Physique. Someone has actually done it!” Immortal Emperor Yin Yang was astonished.

His vision was impeccable and instantly realized that the woman before her had a grand completion Eternal Physique – something that has never been done before despite numerous attempts.

This miracle of the ages was a marvel to behold. It could even be said that cultivating this physique was countless times harder than becoming an Immortal Emperor.

Alas, such a being was standing before them, something even more amazing than seeing a twelve-will emperor.

“You, you are that person from the Heavenly Dao Academy!” The emperor stared at her, astounded.

He had heard of such a person who was rumored to be immortal back in the nine worlds but there was no meeting between them. He finally understood what this “immortality” was now.

“Yes. Get ready now.” Magu didnt waste time and took one step forward.

Time began to flow and engulfed the emperor.

“Buzz.” The flesh on his body immediately withered despite his mighty vitality.

“Boom!” His wills appeared with its majestic power to restore his flesh. He took one step forward – one that could travel billions of miles – but Magu also did the same – one encompassing billions of years. His agility was not enough to escape the temporal river.

Back in Pure, Samsara and Li Qiye had researched the river of time but this was not the same. The two of them were looking at the actual thing.

Magus river was a creation; one second in the real world was billions of years there. The two were fundamentally different. [1]

Of course, Immortal Emperor Yin Yang was not on the same level as Samsara. Because of this, his step couldnt catch up to her.

“Now!” He shouted and placed his palms together. A yin yang portal appeared, transporting him from one world to another. He instantly made it to Magus position at the source of the river.

Yin Yangs expression changed after seeing this temporal current. Emperors were still afraid of this particular affinity. Being touched meant turning to ashes.

“Break!” His eyes turned into the yin and yang and poured out this power. It turned into a karmic shield and blocked before him.

The karmic cycle in the form of this shield was still slowly rotting away.

“Die!” He bought enough time to take another step forward and lunge for Magu.

There was no fear in her fighting against this experienced emperor. A third eye suddenly emerged on her forehead, one containing properties from the very start of the world all the way till now. Time itself was being gestated inside this eye.

“Buzz.” The emperor instantly disappeared after being illuminated by the light of the eye.

He fell into a world with an eternal flow of time. He tested by taking one step forward and half of his body instantly turned into a dried corpse so he anxiously retreated.

There were only two ways to escape this world of time. First, to choose the right temporal path. Alas, there were endless time paths from all the living beings. One persons path was but a bubble in the ocean. It was akin to finding a needle in a haystack the size of the sea.

The second method was using force to make it out of this world. However, this was simply impossible since the strength required was tremendous.

The emperor stood there with a serious expression, realizing his current predicament.

Li Qiye nodded approvingly after seeing this: “Surpassing the limits, though not enough to open a new epoch, but this is opening a new page and adding text to the Physique Scripture. Youre the only one who can do it right now.”

“What should I name it, Teacher?” Magu remained calm while fighting the emperor with a tinge of happiness after being praised.

“Lets call it the Eye Of Time.” Li Qiye smiled: “I havent started a new epoch yet you have improved the scripture. Later on, when I start my epoch, I will use this new Physique Scripture as the original copy.” [2]

“Eye Of Time? I like it.” She found herself easily satisfied while being around Li Qiye just like a cute little girl.

The nine scriptures varied depending on the epoch. Because they have lasted for an eternity till now, they took different shapes and forms. In this particular one, the physiques were based on the inner cores but this wasnt the case in previous epochs. It probably wasnt called the Physique Scripture for some of them.

Magu had reached the limit of the Eternal physique and even broke through it before the end of the epoch. She had added a new page, an entirely new world, to the Eternal Physique – the Eye Of Time.

No one has ever reached this level before. Some have finished grand completion Immortal Physiques, but never able to break through the limit like Magu.

This was because her whole life consisted of training the Eternal Physique. With her pure heart and mind, she used a rather clumsy and simple method to reach this unprecedented and unsurpassable height.

Meanwhile, the emperor was racking his brains about his own temporal path. Only by going through his path would he be able to escape from this world.

“Must be this place.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian has arrived at this time. His branches were all over the academy and he finally concluded that the High Heaven Scroll must be in this place.

However, he was surprised to see Li Qiye and the others. He tried but couldnt see through Li Qiye.

“Bai Lian, this is not the place for you to be, scram now.” Li Qiye told him.

A few High Gods were watching and became shocked after hearing this. A youth dared to talk to the emperor like this? So damn fierce.

1. The author is using these gigantic numbers as an adjective for a lot/great amount. No point in worrying about the actual time

2. Temporal Gaze was my original choice, but I feel like Ive been using temporal a lot, including the term Temporal Gaze itself. Eye of time doesnt sound as good, but its clearly a title.

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