Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 684: Birthday Celebration

“Boom!” The stabilization was interrupted by a great hand stretching down from above. It aimed straight for a peak farther inside the academy. It seemed to be carved out of golden jade with the leaves and branches made of the same materials. They fluttered in the wind and issued metallic and pleasant ringing.

“Crack!” It ripped out the peak. One could say that it wasnt too greedy if this was its only target.

“Halt!” The warning gong resounded again at the academy. One ancestor soared upward and unleashed a waterfall-like slash at the hand.

“Pluff!” Blood gushed out so the hand let go of the peak.

“Boom!” It fell back into the initial position.

“Celestial, its time to hand over your natural heavenly treasures.” The master of the hand appeared. It was a High God with seven more appearing behind him.

Their divinity engulfed the entire place, wishing to drown the academy in entirety.

“Luo Wencang, Ying Chenyu.” The old headmaster glared sharply at the eight High Gods and sneered: “Eight-pillar Society, the ones who kneeled outside the academy back then.”

Numerous student were frightened after hearing this. This was one of the strongest groups in Arrogance. At the same time, they felt rage because some of these High Gods were alumni of the academy.

“Headmaster, its all in the past.” One of the High Gods standing in the back became a bit awkward and coughed: “The academy will be history tonight and divided people, your student will just be taking my part. After all, rather me than the outsiders, right?”

His name was Luo Wencang, a previous student here.

“So shameless.” One student scorned.

“Sigh, your hundred races always complicate matters. Being evil yet wanting to justify it? So troublesome. Want something? How about just take it?” Oblivion laughed and said.

He became resplendent and his real body materialized. “Boom!” His gigantic foot stomped down with an annihilative might.

“Buzz.” Defensive barriers took form in a dazzling manner. Imperial runes and power oozed out; they covered the entire academy.

“Boom!” The barriers managed to stop this first stomp.

Their two main progenitors left such a great foundation behind for the academy. Even Oblivion was stopped in his track.

“Dont just stand there and wait. All courteous pretenses are broken now, no need to act like saints anymore.” Oblivion told the eight High Gods.

Having said that, he roared and gathered his energy. Ten wills hovered in the sky and devastated the entire place.

“You will open!” His weapon of choice was a colossal hammer filled with exploding laws on the surface.

The first smash caused the entire academy to quake. Everyone inside could feel their chest being pulverized by the hammer and turned pale. The students were naturally affected to a higher degree.

“Break!” Eight-pillar Society all attacked at the same time. There was no need to put up an act any longer since they wanted to seize their desired items first.

“Maintain your positions!” The headmaster shouted.

All of the defensive lines have been activated with imperial runes erupting like volcanos. The academy was luminous just like a great formation. Majestic figures came into being – Immortal Emperor Fei, Deep South Divine Emperor, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, Mortal Reversion Ancient God, Immortal Monarch Yi Ye…

These beings have blessed the academy before with their impressive power.

“So much fun, count me in!” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian laughed and took out a divine cauldron.

“Poof!” Ceaseless flame poured down from the sky and began to assault the barriers.

“Of course, no point in hiding anymore.” Another person popped up, completely shrouded in fog. There was something indistinct about him; it was as if he didnt exist in this world despite clearly standing there.

“Brother Er Shi, youre here too? Welcome.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian smiled after seeing him.

“How could I miss this feast? I need more resources and once enough, I might be able to repeat another generation.” Er Shi, the second emperor from All-eras Ancient Kingdom, smiled back at him.

His smile didnt mean that he was friendly. He took out a spinning wheel and threw it down at the academy as if it was a planet.

“Immortal Emperor Er Shi…” A High God lurking in the shadows shuddered: “Can this person really reincarnate like the legends?”

“It might be true.” His friend became serious and said: “According to the tales, his previous life was also an Immortal Emperor named Yi Shi. However, he got hunted down after coming to the tenth world and was the first emperor to be killed. Next, in his next generation, he called himself Er Shi. But who knows if this is the truth or not?”

“Break!” The lion-headed figure also appeared. A maelstrom materialized behind him. He raised his hands like raising two mountain ranges and slammed down mercilessly. Sparks splattered everywhere on the barrier, resulting in an apocalyptic scene.

“Would be a shame if I dont have a piece in this feast.” A voice from an indiscernible location came about, from the east then the west.

Another figure emerged with a loose cloak. The thing that attracted others was not his imperial aura but a golden horn on his forehead. But upon closer inspection, it wasnt a horn at all but something akin to a wiggling tumor. It was as if there were countless insects inside trying to break out of his skin.

“Immortal Emperor Chong Huang! The scariest one is here, an invisible murderer.” A spectating High God noted.

Many people shuddered after hearing this name. He came from the Nether Sacred World and had created the Insect King Lineage there.

His insect mastery was the most dreadful thing about him. This allowed him to kill people in an undetectable manner.

He spewed out countless ferocious insects that could devour steel and metals to the horror of the spectators. They began chipping away at the barriers.

“Fellow Daoist, allow me to help.” Another shadow flashed into existence behind Immortal Emperor Er Shi. It was another Immortal Emperor. The moment he opened his eyes, one could see the sun within.

“Boom!” Two rays shot out and penetrated the barrier.

“Youre here too, Brother Yin Yang.” Immortal Emperor Er Shi smiled at him and continued to attack the barrier with his wheel.

“There are a lot of Immortal Emperors coming this time around.” A High God said.

“This is Arrogance so there are plenty of Immortal Monarchs and Immortal Emperors from the hundred races hiding. They are so close to the academy, theres no way they would miss this chance.” His friend smiled.

There were plenty of High Gods just waiting on the sideline for the best opportunity to divide the academy. They were weaker so they couldnt grab the good stuff, but just a little bit of soup wasnt too bad.

“My turn!” Gods Hall didnt attack in full force just yet, but Hundred-arm began with a divine weapon and unleashed a serious blow on the barrier.

“Rumble!” The entire academy was trembling, ravaged by the power of these emperors – a tiny ship ready to capsize at any moment among the raging tempest.

Cracks began to form. It was only a matter of time before a complete collapse.

Though the ancestors of the academy were extremely powerful, they were occupied with stabilizing the expanding world or the result would also be the same. This severely weakened the academys actual barriers.

“Its not looking good.” Liu Jinsheng was worried.

“No rush, the real legions arent here yet. The danger will actually come when a twelve-will emperor appears.” Li Qiye remained patient.

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