Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 679: Watch Me Die

“Rumble!” Blaring blasts detonated all over the academy resulting in numerous earthquakes.

“Whats going on?” The suddenness of the situation startled the students.

Certain mountains and buildings began to collapse.

Keep in mind that this land has been fortified by monarchs so it was immensely tough. Normal earthquakes couldnt do any damage but this wasnt the case this time around.

“Our place is not breaking, just the actual space around it.” An Emperor Mansion genius noticed this.

“Buzz.” Lines of coordinates appeared in the sky after the ancient world lit up. They wove together into a net and covered everything, the academy included.

This net was unreasonably large; the academy only took up a tiny portion at the very center. One could imagine just how vast the ancient world was then, but in the end, it was still abandoned.

“These are the coordinates refined by Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor.” A teacher murmured in astonishment.

“Crack!” The ground and their coordinates began to crack in multiple places like a crystal glass slowly unraveling. Just the slightest touch and everything would crumble.

More and more appeared with time, scaring everyone with the sound. It was tough to walk anywhere in this crack-ladened land.

Many students realized that something akin to an invisible hand was trying to pull the academy away.

“Its a spatial trap, the power of the ancient world is dragging us in.” A genius regained his wits and stated his conjecture.

Everyone looked towards the net of coordinates in the sky. Something monstrous was dragging the academy out of its own space so the lines were cutting the land apart.

“Why is this happening?” Confusion ensued.

“The day has finally come. Lets go.” An ancestor gently sighed and told his peers and lower-ranking teachers.

The collapse traced back to the very origin of the academy. Back then, the two emperors refined the ancient world and suppressed it under the academy.

As time went on, the power of this world became increasingly stronger. Eventually, the suppression failed so the world began to expand once more. The academy was pulled back and suffered this fragmentation.

If the academy couldnt stop this suction, it would certainly be destroyed.

“Boom!” A pagoda appeared, resembling the one that had emerged several days ago. The previous was locked by dao laws but this one was freed from constraint.

“Buzz.” Luminous light appeared everywhere, signaling the emergence of an ancient platform with corners occupied by gray-haired old men. They were the reclusive ancestors of the academy, rarely showing their face normally. Alas, they had no choice but to preside over this situation.

In this split second, majestic figures walked out of this chaos expanse. They were too faint to see but under their might, both gods and devils would shudder. Even emperors would feel the same way. This power belonged to the very peak of this world, not something ordinary emperors could grasp.

“Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor?” A keen student murmured: “Looks like Immortal Monarch Yiye too…”

There were more than just a few figures in the light. They began fortifying the area by directly pouring out chaos light into the pagoda floating in the sky.

The light fused with the pagoda, instilling power in it with haste.

In the blink of an eye, the ancestors, emperors within the brilliance, and the pagoda were connected together through the platform. This combination allowed them to exert their power to the limit.

Endless dao runes oozed out of the pagoda like a tsunami and reached all the nooks and corners of the ancient world. Because of this, they made contact with the lines of coordinates and locked onto the individual ones.

“Buzz.” The runes then turned into chains and locked the space. They tightened and stabilized the expanding world.

Just like that, the entire place trembled once just like a carriage going fast and the driver suddenly reined it in. Everyone shook back and forth; some even fell to the ground.

It was a success. The ancestors have finally stabilized the academy. Though the expansion had stopped, sealing it and bringing the academy back to Arrogance were still difficult and required a greater power.

Because of this, the ancestors remained on the platform, seemingly meditating. They continuously poured their power and vitality into the platform in order to accumulate more chaos energy.

These ancestors werent a match for their founders so they couldnt push the academy out of this place right away. Thus, their first step was to stabilize the expansion of the ancient world. Now, it was a matter of time and accumulate before the final eruption to seal this place.

Of course, this required a long period and all of their focus. They couldnt do anything else or even have the slightest distraction.

Alas, they didnt have clones to deal with a potential attack from the enemies right now.

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