Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 676: Imperial Draco-Bull

Some in Arrogance believed that Virtuous was matchless among the young generation, not even Gu Qiheng could compare to him. His status was at the very top of the hundred races.

The academy even had more fans of this alumni. They felt nothing but respect for this monarch with four wills and one of the two ancient bloodlines of the human race.

“Virtuous looks a hundred times more handsome than I thought.” Another female fan said in bewilderment.

This was the general atmosphere in the academy right now.

“Zong Zhengtuo, what do you want?” The headmaster appeared. [1]

Everyone knew of his title, Virtuous, but few were aware of his real name. Plus, they didnt dare to use it anyway.

Nevertheless, this was the academy and he was an alumnus. The headmaster, in particular, was qualified to call out his real name. Virtuous only another student among many.

Virtuous got down from his stallion and bowed his head towards the headmaster: “Greetings, Headmaster. I am here to help after hearing about the academys trouble.”

His demeanor so far only boosted his popularity, especially towards the female students.

“Thats Virtuous for you, still so polite and magnanimous after becoming a monarch. The first to come and help us, both moralistic and know how to repay his debt. It would be so nice to marry a man like him.” One girl said, completely lost in her infatuation.

The headmaster nodded, seemingly unmoved: “Very well, you guys can camp outside.”

For millions of years now, the academy had produced many emperors, including Immortal Monarch Yiye. Virtuous was famous right now but he wasnt considered that exceptional out of all the alumni.

“Teacher, just let me know if you need me to do anything.” Virtuous bowed again.

The headmaster nodded again. This wasnt out of arrogance but because he was not weaker than Virtuous. Plus, the guy used to be his student.

“Teacher, may I ask something?” Virtuous asked with a serious tone.

“Go for it.” The headmaster said while looking at him.

“Teacher, you know that Senior Kong was my dao protector. A few days ago, his son, Six-sword Young King, died at the academy. Senior Kong has not left his isolated cultivation so I want to know what happened in his stead. Please inform me, Teacher.” He cupped his fist and asked.

Senior Kong was naturally Nine-sword High God.

The headmaster gently waved his hand and said slowly: “Dont ask about this matter.”

The sudden inquiry suffocated the crowd. Everyone knew that the young king was killed by Li Qiye, a teacher here.

Nine-sword would not let his sons death go easily. Meanwhile, which side would Virtuous take? His dao protector or the academy?

Virtuous contemplated before answering in a serious tone: “Teacher, please excuse me for being nosy but I know that the victims also include the successors from Rumination and Freesky. They are exemplary prodigies in our time, so it does look bad for the academy, given a lack of a reasonable explanation.”

“Let this matter go, its best that you dont pry any further.” The headmaster was helping Virtuous by saying this. He knew better than anyone about who Li Qiye was. Virtuous couldnt afford to provoke a character of this level since the guy was no stranger to killing emperors!

Virtuous was surprised at the headmasters outlook and attitude on this matter.

The students here were curious as well. Just who the hell was Li Qiye? Why was the academy so protective of him?

Remember, the Three Scions all had an amazing background. Freesky was from a sect with five monarchs; Rumination had four emperors, and Six-sword had a powerful father.

Regardless of right and wrong, the academy was facing great pressure because these sects werent so easily bullied. Leaving this unresolved might turn them into enemies.

But now, the headmaster had no intention of elaborating on the issue or give a clear verdict. Perhaps the academy had no intention of talking to the victims sects.

“Teacher, I believe that we need a statement on who was in the right and wrong. Senior Kongs son cant rest in this manner, Im in a difficult position right now.”

The headmaster slightly frowned after hearing this.

“I killed them, so go ahead and talk to me.” The headmaster was thinking about how to convince Virtuous to drop this but a leisure voice interrupted him.

After hearing this, the headmaster no longer gave a damn and would let Virtuous deal with his own fate.

“Teacher Li.” The students quietly whispered after seeing the person.

Li Qiye floated above Study Room while Jin Sheng flew up with a chair for him to sit down on.

Virtuous eyes became serious after seeing Li Qiyes attitude. He flew towards Study Room and instantly appeared before Li Qiye.

“Hmph, this Li Qiye is too arrogant, first, he opposed Teacher Qiheng and now, Virtuous? Is it a sin to be a bit humble? Causing trouble everywhere, looks like he cant get along with anyone.” A female fan scowled, annoyed at Li Qiye.

“So the hell what? He can do whatever he wants after creating a fourteen-petal Dao Flower. Im not even exaggerating, with that achievement, the academy will treat him like a god. One monarch is nothing. If he stays at the academy, so many more emperors and gods will come out under his tutelage. Thus, he can flip the sky over and the academy will still have his back.” An insightful teacher knew Li Qiyes worth and said flatly.

Virtuous looked at Li Qiye but failed to see through him. He cupped his fist and asked: “May I ask for your name, Dao Brother?”

“Just a nobody, not worth mentioning.” Li Qiye answered.

This was the difference between Virtuous and Liu Jinsheng. Jinsheng didnt know who Li Qiye was but he could tell that the guy was too much for him. ;

“You killed Six-sword Young King? May I ask what he had done to deserve such a cruel death?” Virtuous didnt use his imperial prestige to pressure Li Qiye.

Of course, acting imperiously at the academy was not necessarily useful. The teachers at the academy were quite fierce; a few of them were stronger than ordinary emperors.

“Its just murder, simple as that, I dont need justification to kill someone. Go now, dont make a mistake during this perilous period.” Li Qiye calmly said.

The students took a deep breath after hearing this. It was as if Li Qiye didnt give a damn about this four-will emperor with an ancient bloodline at all.

‘So damn fierce. They thought.

Virtuous grimaced at the blatant showing of disdain in public. Alas, calling him arrogant or prideful would be unreasonable. A character of his level simply wasnt used to getting this type of treatment.

“Dao Brother, I am sincerely asking. This might be Celestial but one still cant kill for no reason. A reason is required.” Virtuous said.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “So what if you want to know? You think you would let this go if I give you a good reason for killing them? That this would be enough to absolve the grievances? What are you going to do to stop Nine-sword from having revenge?”

1. So Ren Sheng is a title, not his real name. This title would be literally translated to Human/Mortal Saint. I would do Saint for this but Saint is already taken. Changing Ren Sheng to Virtuous. All the previous chapters should be fixed now. ;

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