Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 675: Secrets Of The Draco-Bull

The academy finally triumphed over the relentless assault of the beasts nearby. None of them dared to take half a step closer now.

There were still plenty gazing at the academy but too many have died. Thus, the more powerful beasts became much more cautious.

The place had mountains of corpses. Some of the bigger beasts were large enough to reach the sky. Their blood accumulated into rivers – a grotesque scene of sanguine.

Its stench permeated the entire ancient world. Logically, this would attract even more beasts but its thickness served as a deterrence right now.

The academy began cleaning up with the students who hid earlier joining in. They gasped after seeing the aftermath of the battle. However, astonishment quickly turned into excitement, especially for the students from Hundred Halls.

There were too many corpses here and the teachers only took the most precious parts, such as the dao bones and inner cores. The rest was left for the students.

Thousands of students worked hard to clean up the place, wanting to take whats left of the beasts. Keep in mind that some of these creatures have lived for ten thousand or even more than a million years for the older ones. Their entire body was full of coveted treasures.

“Damn, that giant dragon, lets go peel the scales…” Some were ecstatic after seeing the corpse of a dragon as big as a mountain.

South Emperor only took the most precious parts and didnt care for the rest. This beast wasnt a True Dragon but its scales, claws, and tendons were still valuable.

“We gotta hurry in taking the tendons out or Emperor Mansion students will come too. The tendons on the back are the best…” They rushed forward.

“Get these claws off so we can grill it. Hey, hey, get the hell away, the Hundred Hall found this dragon first, you Sacred Institution people can go find something else.” A competition ensued.

Of course, they were only spitting words at each other; no one would actually fight for these corpses since there were plenty of them. They rather went and find something else instead of wasting their time fighting.

“Is this a strange breed of the Five-colored Godbird? Wow…” A student stood before the corpse of a bird and stared at the colorful feathers. This was his first time being so close to this type of creature.

“You got time for this?!” His friend slapped the back of his head and said: “Hurry up, well take the feathers from its back. These are sacred feathers, well be able to craft two fans from it that can unleash Five-element Flame. Go, go or someone else will take them.”

The first guy calmed down and instantly ran over: “Alright, I got it.”

In just a short time, the students were in high spirits taking care of the battlefield and collecting the spoils.

“Hell, even these bones are worth something, lets boil them.” Some students broke apart the bones in order to create medicine from them.

“Thats true, these dragon bones made into ointment can sell for a lot outside.”

“The blood is material for medicine too, refine them down to the essence and they will be worth something.” Another carried around a cauldron and gathered all the blood he could find.

Eventually, not even the bones were left. The blood on the ground was gone as well. Some of these students took everything that could be sold regardless of the price.

The academys peaceful appearance returned. Both the corpses and stench of blood were gone.

“Damn, I got so much this time, when will the beasts attack again?” One satisfied student wondered.

The ones from Hundred Hall benefited the most from this event. They were already poor from the start. Even if their sects had anything worthwhile and this was unlikely, it wouldnt be their turn for these items either.

Thats why they were the main force in the clean-up effort since this was a rare opportunity – a monstrous amount of resources had fallen down from the sky.

Of course, rewards came after hard work. All of them had their pockets and pouches filled right now, looking as if they had just eaten a full meal.

The students thought that the danger was over but little did they know that this was only the appetizer.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions resounded from the march of cavalry in the air.

“Boom!” The march crushed the sky with an incredible speed just like a saber piercing through the vault. They made it to the outside of the academy right away.

The cavalry had banners everywhere with a stern aura just like a flood of steel. People couldnt help but shudder after seeing this and realizing that this group had experienced numerous battlefields.

“Thats Immortal Monarch Virtuouss legion.” A student recognized the symbols on the banner and shouted.

“Youre right, is he here to help us?” Other students agreed.

“This is the strongest legion in our generation, the one that ambushed Jin Ge back then and even took on other imperial legions.” A human student proudly declared.

Virtuous ambushed Jin Ge back then and stopped him from the first will gathering. Of course, he lost his own chance because the heaveners got their revenge but he still became famous after this.

Many from the previous generation viewed him highly. They felt that he could uphold the banner of the hundred races and take on the Grand Emperors from the three races.

In terms of the grand dao, Gu Qiheng was above him but in terms of fame, Virtuous had the upper hand by a large margin. One was the leader of the races while the other was rather uninvolved.

All of this contributed to him being the pride in the heart of people in Arrogance, especially humans.

“Bam.” A heavenly stallion rushed to the front of the legion and landed right outside of the academy.

This stallion was peerless with a large frame full of power. One could instantly tell that they could easily traverse through any distance. The rider was even more exceptional, a youth with brows like the crescent moon and starry eyes. His brilliance would attract everyone, especially his eyes. They were the stars that could lead the way in times of darkness.

A son of an immortal wouldnt look different from this. Each of his gestures contained boundless charisma, causing others to believe and trust in him with full admiration even without hearing him speak.


“Oh god, it is really Virtuous! Im actually seeing Virtuous in person!” A few female students screamed.

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