Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 61: Godly Might 1

The inner world was quite magical. There were magnificent sceneries and some unimaginable spectacles.

Here, one could see huge craters that were very spectacular. However, they also had a terrifying suction force that annihilated their surroundings.

In a different location, flames chaotically soared up and down. The most terrifying scene was a volcano unleashing a rain of fire in the sky. The lava rained down and continued to burn everything on the ground. This was a devastating scene — a completely scorched earth.

In another location was a silver waterfall pouring down from the sky. When it coursed through the earth, it looked just like a silver galaxy with tiny glimmering lights like little elves flying around.

However, there was an even scarier place. Xiaoxiao and Li Qiye passed through a certain location and heard a rustling sound.

She saw huge pits of quicksand with grain flowing to its center and enjoyed the spectacle very much. In the beginning, she didnt care too much, but upon taking a second, closer look, she felt creeped out.

They were not grains of sand but rather a bunch of tiny seeds around the size of sesame seeds! These were the seeds that drilled into corpses to turn them into withered back at the Divine Tree Ridge!

The sheer amount made them look like an endless coursing river. One would never be able to count all of them as they happily rolled in waves. Just how terrifying was this scene?

After thinking about how all of these seeds could get to the Divine Tree Ridge, Xiaoxiao could only shudder in horror.

“Isnt, isnt this a little too much?” Goosebumps were everywhere as she said: “If all of these seeds come out, even if everything in the nine worlds die, it still wouldnt be their turn!”

She felt nauseous at the thought that the creatures in the nine worlds could turn into half-dead withered.

“How could it be so easy in this world?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Seeds that can survive are very rare. You can even say that seeds that can turn into withered are one in several billion.”

“There is a natural order in this world, anything that breaks it will attract the attention of the villainous heavens.” He smiled and pointed at the sky: “It will not permit anything that becomes extremely heaven-defying to survive.”

She curiously asked right away: “Is there such a thing in this world? The high heavens is actually watching?”

“I dont know whether the high heavens has eyes or not.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I dont believe it either. I only trust that the world itself is the judge.”

“Is there a difference?” Xiaoxiao wondered: “Arent the world and the high heavens the same? They are both existences made out of laws.”

“No, they are different.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “The phrasethe heavens have eyes is too funny since its villainous self never cares about the well-being of any existence. Only the worlds judgment would be passed down. No matter how much the world changes, its judgment will remain the same.”

“What is this judgment you are talking about?” In many peoples minds, the term “worlds judgment” was only a general idea.

Li Qiye didnt answer her question, he only gazed at the far horizon. Who knows what he was thinking?

They continued traveling to a very magical location. This seemed to be the highest point in the world, a height even above the nine heavens. Standing here, one could reach out and grasp the stars in the sky.

The luminescent sky was full of stars, resulting in a beautiful and spectacular scene. Others would be mesmerized by its wonders. There were twelve great palaces in this lofty place.

They were of an unimaginable size, calling them cities was more accurate. One of them could contain several hundred thousand people or even an entire realm.

It was quite shocking to see these gigantic palaces by this starry sky. This was something in myths, the dwelling of immortals. They had a golden shimmer as if crafted from gold. This scene would incite greed and cause hearts to palpitate.

All twelve palaces were connected seamlessly with their gates closed. It appeared that there was no way to enter. It had a type of formation with grand potential. However, Xiaoxiao couldnt grasp it at all.

“Is this where immortals live?” She was shaken to see these majestic palaces in the sky.

Li Qiye smiled and replied: “Who knows if there are immortals in this world or not? However, Im certain they arent here.”

Having said that, he brought her through the palaces and the indiscernible formation. There was a small open space inside. It didnt look special at all, especially when the twelve palaces surrounding it were taken into account. People would completely ignore its existence.

There existed a shallow pond that was about to dry up; the water could barely reach ones instep. Perhaps calling it a puddle was more appropriate.

Next to this little puddle was a very small tree. Its withered self could only reach Li Qiyes knee while only being a finger thick.

It had died long ago. Even though some of the branches still had leaves, it was definitely dead.

After seeing the puddle and the tiny tree, Li Qiye murmured: “A peerless location, worthy of all my efforts.”

After seeing his expression, she knew that he purposely came to this place. However, she took a look around and found nothing noteworthy. This puddle and dried tree looked very common. This place was definitely not a treasure ground.

“Are there treasures here?” It wasnt that she didnt believe him, but this place was too ordinary. No one would look twice after coming here.

He leisurely replied with a grin: “More than just treasures.” He looked as if he was certain of victory and that everything was under his control.

“Where?” She carefully looked around but found nothing valuable.

He answered: “Some things cannot be discerned with the naked eye. The mysteries here would require generations of pondering, even for the greatest genius.”

In fact, this applied to him as well. Throughout the long years, he couldnt see through it until he obtained the Ancient Void Rune and Heavenly Daos Primal Chapter.

Of course, he knew full well that this place had an incredible secret as well as the most extraordinary items in this world. Alas, there was no way of obtaining them before understanding the mysteries. Before that, he only knew of its value.

Later on, he finally understood its true significance. This was one of the reasons why he came to Heaven Spirit.

Of course, it wasnt Xiaoxiaos fault that she couldnt see through the mysteries. Her intelligence surely wasnt the issue because even Immortal Emperors couldnt understand them after a few glances.

He told her: “Stand aside and watch.”

She quickly moved far away from this puddle.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and stood in the ponds water that could only reach his instep.

“Buzz!” He opened his fate palace. All four images came out and immediately arranged themselves at the four corners of the puddle.

The tree of life seemed to be wanting to take root here; the spring of life wanted to turn this place into a spring; the cauldron of life wanted to embed itself deeper and turn into a volcano; the pillar of life directly nailed itself into the ground as if it wanted to connect to the heaven and earth.

“Its time to begin.” His gazed slightly shifted. With a loud blast, his vitality soared and separated into four strands that flew into each of the four images.

“Splash!” With his vitality fueling the images, water began to gush from the spring, filling the pond in just a short period of time.

If one looked carefully, they would find that the drop of water in the spring of life had melted completely and became an indispensable part of the spring. The Life Origination in the pond was gently undulating in the pond in a very quiet manner. It seemed to be fusing with this little pond.

After the merger, the pond water unexpectedly seeped into the ground. The little tree nearby seemed to be absorbing the pond water as if it was parched.

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