Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 673: Dragon Princess

Qiheng spoke with a grave tone: “Brother Qiye, you are forcing me to subdue you in order to uphold the rules of the academy.”

“Come, stop wasting time.” Li Qiye chuckled.

In the blink of an eye, Qiheng blinked at Rumination. The youth understood right away and whistled.

“Zzz…” Countless monster ants came out of the ground and rushed for Li Qiye from all directions, wishing to engulf and devour him straight down to the bones.

“Die!” Qiheng also attacked with a flexible sword just like a serpent.

He had seven totems so his attack was naturally shocking. Normally, it would have a destructive momentum but not this time around.

His attack was virtually undetectable and the tip of his sword was coming for Li Qiyes throat before the word, “die”, made an audible noise.

“Bang!” Blood didnt gush as one would expect. A hand interrupted this sanguine scene at the very last second.

The move was incredibly swift with the speed of lightning but the hand was even faster. It broke the sword and unleashed a palm on Qihengs chest.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Qiheng was certainly moving faster than time itself but the hand was ten times faster. There was no way for him to dodge.

He was blown away with blood gushing out of his mouth. His chest was broken as well in several places.

The assailant was an old man that was as mysterious as a phantom.

“Jinsheng, youre too anxious, I was waiting to see if there was anyone else.” Li Qiye stood unmoving and smiled.

The newcomer was Liu Jinsheng. His swift dispatch of Qiheng horrified the young ones so they started to flee.

They never gave a damn about him; no one at the academy would. He was only an insignificant in Study Room but now, just one strike from him was enough to deal with Qiheng, a seven-totem High God.

“Szzz.” Flames jumped out of Li Qiye and incinerated all the monster ants.

“I hate lowly backstabbers the most.” Jinsheng stared at Qiheng and uttered.

Qiheng was also startled. He clearly knew that the old man was quite mighty; the two of them werent on the same level at all.

“Let me send you on your way now.” Jinshengs eyes flashed with a murderous glint and raised his hand towards Qiheng.

“Boom!” Qiheng exploded into a bloody mist with an eruption of power heading straight for Jinsheng.

Jinsheng grimaced and began evading. However, the mist instantly retreated and shrank at a rapid pace. One could hear space fluctuating before it disappeared altogether.

“Decent escape art.” Jinsheng scowled, not expecting for the guy to run away after the first exchange.

Qiheng came prepared and even thought of an escape plan. He knew that defeating Jinsheng was impossible so he instantly self-destructed, using this power to pierce through time and space in order to leave the academy.

“Youll have your chance later, he wont give up on the treasure here.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Strangely enough, the flames Li Qiye used to kill the ants were actually attracting them. More and more jumped towards him like moths drawn to the light. Even the ones underground were making their way up.

It didnt take long before the last one got burnt to ashes. Li Qiye wiped around and said: “Im off to chase them then.” With that, he crossed through space.

Meanwhile, the Three Scions were scared out of their mind. They could imagine that Li Qiye was powerful, but they didnt expect Liu Jinsheng to be able to defeat Qiheng with one move.

They thought Qiheng was their savior at the start but he was still out of his league. Thus, they were running for their lives, wanting nothing more than to leave the academy and stay as far as possible from a monster like Li Qiye.

“Stay for a while, why run?” A leisure voice out of nowhere sounded behind them.

This familiar yet terrorizing voice made their soul leave their body. They looked back and saw Li Qiye already standing there. They tried so hard yet he was a stubborn maggot in their bones and wouldnt let go.

“Cmon, cmon, stop him!” The aggressive Six-sword was horrified and pale while screaming at the other two.

He was the weakest among the three due to a lack of an imperial weapon. These weapons were the only chance to stop him.

“Die!” Rumination and Freesky had no choice but to take out their imperial weapons.

Laws poured down in the sky with an invincible momentum. The assault began but it was more of a time-buying effort this time in order to run.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye activated his bright Stagnation Domain again.

“Boom!” The youths bones were cracking again after being stuck in this pressure.

“Whats going on?” This attracted others attention. The students were even more shocked, not knowing why Li Qiye was chasing the three.

“Daring to scheme for Study Room while being so weak? Such impudence.” Li Qiye reached for the group with a crushing force.

“We, were students of the academy! We want the ancestors to sentence us! Ancestors, please!” Freesky cried out for help but not a single ancestor answered their call.

“Your Majesty, please save us!” As the large palm descended for them, he called out for the emperors.

This was futile as well. The academy was still as strong as ever so even the interference of an emperor wouldnt be able to save them. They would only lose their advantage by acting rashly and alert the enemy.

“Pop!” The two of them couldnt resist at all and were rendered into bloody mists.

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