Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 670: Old Demon Tie Yi

“Rawr!” Suddenly, a dragon roar came about. A large figure appeared above and made the clouds disperse with its claw.

It was something akin to a dragon with bone spurs growing from its back. Each thorny spur emitted a glow rendering others aghast.

“A dragon…” Some students gasped after seeing this newcomer.

“Boom!” The dragons claw went straight for the emperor.

“Show me what you got!” He retaliated with his halberd with impeccable, penetrating sharpness.

Sparks went flying after the impact as if stars have exploded – quite a magnificent spectacle like fireworks at night.

This dragon was incredible and actually managed to stop the halberd. It seemed to be on the same power level as the emperor.

“Go!” He spun his halberd and broke free from the clutch of the beast before thrusting straight for its body.

“Crack!” The attack broke off several bone spurs from the dragons back while the beast went flying.

“Rawr!” The dragon turned around again for another assault with its claws. It tore apart the sky and shattered the myriad dao.

“Ill take you down now!” The emperor ferociously declared before unleashing a strike spanning through the endless space straight for the dragon.

The students gasped in admiration after seeing this – who knows if they were amazed at the fierce dragon or the domineering emperor.

“Whoosh!” Meanwhile, a terrible gale assaulted causing sands and pebbles to fly everywhere. Trees got uprooted while buildings were sucked into the sky. The mountains were the next victims.

The leech as large as a river was opening its mouth, wanting to devour the entire academy.

“Help me!” Some students were being sucked by the gale.

“Evil has no place here!” The headmaster of the academy appeared. From the depth of the academy came immortal-slaying swords. They banded together to form a gigantic formation that eventually culminated into an even bigger sword made of light with murderous intent.

The leech was horrified at this sight and turned to run. Alas, it was too late.

The sword of light came slashing down and divided the sky as if it was water.

“Raa!” The leech was instantly taken down by the slash. It fell to the ground with thick blood oozing out. One could see a bone resembling a jade band floating in this liquid being taken away by an ancestor.

“What an artifact.” This ancestor couldnt help but praise.

In another area, monsters resembling mantis jumped into the academy and met a group of geniuses from Emperor Mansion. The group attacked at the same time with surging flames and made the monsters roll around on the ground before turning into ashes, leaving behind their lotus-like cores.

The geniuses divided the cores and filled their pouches in jubilation: “Pretty big harvest this time.”


“Pluff!” A branch pierced through a monstrous centipede and pinned it to death on the ground.

“Boom!” She swung her branch softly again and blew a monster as large as a hill flying with blood spraying everywhere.

This was a branch with old, thick barks and around five green leaves – capable of being as hard as steel or as flexible as ones fingers.

It became the most terrifying weapon in the hand of this woman. She guarded the southern gate and not a single monster could take half a step forward.

“I didnt realize Fairy Mei was this strong.” The Emperor Mansion students were astonished. Her strength completely exceeded their imagination.

Of course, the branch itself was heaven-defying since it came from the World Tree. It contained a boundless life force.

She didnt show off with tempestuous aura or anything like that. Just a flick of her branch was enough to deliver a fatal blow.

The students were aware of her exceptional talents. Most students in Emperor Mansion thought that she was superior to Freesky Young Lord by a great margin but they didnt say anything due to his prestige.

She had never fought before so they werent aware of her cultivation until now. They realized they have been underestimating her all along.

“Rumble!” The earth trembled as a flood of monsters continued to assault the academy in an endless number.

The teachers and students were meeting them head-on. Meanwhile, the ancestors truly showed their might leaving beast corpses and blood in their wake.

Screams of battle and death echoed across the entire region. This was the time for the academy to show its true power.

These ancestors had world-destroying might. Dragons and heavenly birds were taken down one by one. The most exceptional tool of war was the sword of light that could put down just about anything.

This went on for some time in a chaotic manner. It was high time for a few people to take advantage of this chaos.

Study Room was far away and wasnt assaulted like the other classrooms. The beasts couldnt make it here before being killed by the ancestors and teachers.

If one or two were to somehow make it through, the students who stay outside would take care of them.

Li Qiye sat in the palace with a normal expression, not worrying about the academy at all. He was confident that the beasts couldnt do anything; the true danger has yet to come.

Study Room was very quiet right now because Ye Minxue and Goldloop have went into hiding while Jinsheng was on a scouting mission. He was the only one left right now.


“Zzz…” Ants the size of a fist somehow made it to the academy and rushed into Study Room. They then drilled into the ground as if wanting to dig everything out.

“Monsters, where do you think youre going?!” The Three Scions were chasing them from the horizon.

They shouted after seeing the ants going underground: “Dont think about causing trouble here, well still destroy all of you if we have to dig out this entire place.”

“Rumble!” The three began to virtually flip this place over by destroying everything in order to get to the ants.

Li Qiye could sense this inside the palace. His eyes became serious as he walked out.

“What are you all doing?” He asked the three.

Though the scions were mentally prepared, just seeing him still startled them all the same. They instinctively staggered backward while staring cautiously at him.

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