Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 669: Legends

Li Qiye smiled at this point: “The academy doesnt need to worry about this world, only the ones from ours.”

Jinsheng could understand. Normally, no one would dare to attack but a disaster was here now. As the saying goes – the best time to strike is when the prey is sick. This was indeed a heaven-sent chance to attack the academy.

Those who ever had any ideas about the academy would never let go of this chance, including the top emperors.

“I wonder how many powerful emperors will come unannounced, eleven wills or twelve wills?” Jinsheng became serious since he would fall before these beings. Even the academy would face real danger at that point.

“Thats a good thing, the more people, the merrier. The more wills, the more power and influence.” Li Qiye grinned.

At this particular moment, Jinsheng just had a ridiculous thought. Perhaps the situation wasnt that dire for the academy. Li Qiye seemed to be waiting like a hunter hiding among the thickets, waiting to deliver the fatal blow to his prey.


The students were naturally alarmed in this primordial world because they could see the beasts outside.

“Whoosh!” A creature resembling a hawk crossed through the sky above the academy. Its wings could blot out the entire things with claws capable of clutching mountains. The flash of sharpness instilled chills into the spectators.

“Splash!” The river suddenly billowed right outside the academy with mud flying everywhere, enough to create marshes in the nearby areas.

“Damn!” People eventually realized that it was a gigantic leech. Its mouth was large enough to look like a terrible black hole, capable of swallowing the academy in whole.

“Buzz. Buzz.” Another noise terrorized the academy. Everyone could see a horde of mosquito-like monsters but only millions of times bigger, the size of a grindstone. Their needle resembled a flashing sword while they gazed at the academy with bloodthirsty eyes.

“What are those things?” The students were scared out of their mind after seeing so many mosquitoes. They could actually suck everyone dry and still be hungry.

“Clank!” The gong rang again with the headmaster speaking: “Last warning, return to the safety fort. All available, get ready for battle. May the riches be ours!”

Some students thought about it and returned to safety while the confident ones remained.

There werent that many places with this many beast around. The younger ones were several tens of thousand years old while some might have lived for a million years. Just imagine, the blood and dao bones of these creatures were amazing and precious.

They couldnt ask for this good stuff normally but now, they were coming knocking on their door. Thus, powerful students couldnt let this chance go by.

“Remove the defensive barrier!” The headmaster ordered.

“Buzz.” Heavy buzzing came about as imperial barriers slowly came down, exposing the academy to these monsters.

When the defensive formations were still around, the fierce beasts didnt dare to attack at all. Though they lacked intelligence, the auras of the emperors could make any creature shudder.

With the disappearance of the barriers, the monsters rushed into the academy with lightning speed. The first to attack was a group of rhinoceros with lightning currents flowing on their body.

“Boom!” Just one thrust of their horn could destroy an entire building.

“Shit, run!” Some confident students immediately ran after seeing this.

One person was slow and got charred and rendered immobile by a lightning bolt.

“Help! Help!” The student screamed, aghast at the rampaging horde wishing to stomp him to a meat paste.

“Stop!” A young teacher with a grand hammer jumped out.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He smashed the rhinoceros flying, one by one. Their blood stained everywhere.

“Teacher Zhou, thank you for saving me.” The student excitedly said.

“Scram to safety now!” Zhou didnt bother looking at him before yelling.

Next, he roared and laughed loudly: “Bringing me treasure horns? Good, Ive been worrying about money.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” His hammer annihilated the monsters. He then took out their horn.

These horns still had lightning coursing through them and were quite precious.

Next was the horde of mosquitoes blotting out the sky. The academy turned dark with many mountains disappearing from sight.

“Ah!” A student who lingered around got surrounded by the mosquitoes and turned into a pile of bones.

A girl landed from the sky and swung her sleeve, releasing heavenly flame. The mosquitoes were instantly incinerated and emitted a strange yet delicious smell.

This was Yu Qianxuan who was finally showing her great power.

“Boom!” A gigantic ape trampled over a mountain and smashed down with its palm, wishing to annihilate a radius of a thousand miles.

The students nearby naturally started running for their lives.

“Come!” A flash illuminated the entire area as a sky piercer thrust upward.

“Pluff!” The ape screamed since its palm had a hole from being pierced by the halberd.

“South Emperor!” A student shouted after seeing the emperor floating in the sky: “Our Immortal Monarch is invincible!”

“Rumble!” The now-enraged ape ran through multiple mountains in an unstoppable manner.

South Emperor was not afraid at all and exerted the power of his spear and aura. He performed a vertical slash that could cut down the galaxy above.

The ape didnt even have the chance to scream before being split into two by him. Blood poured down like a waterfall along with its heavy innards.

He found a dao bone in the corpse with runes flowing everywhere – clearly a good item.

“Not too bad.” He put it away and smiled.

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