Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 668: Heavenly Peak Divine School


When it came down to it, these guys would think about taking advantage of the situation! Such as taking treasures from the academy.

This was the strongest lineage in Arrogance with no lack of artifacts and wondrous items – magical trees, sacred mountains, and treasure veins…

Anyone would covet this amount of resources. Just grabbing a tiny part of this could benefit someone for a lifetime.

Plus, it was fine for the academy to fall since they could just return to their own sect.

The three shared the same thought but none wanted to be explicit after hearing about the storm.

“As students of the academy, it is time for you three to help out and protect the academys resources and treasuries.” Gu Qiheng said.

“Yes, it is our duty.” The three nodded in agreement, albeit dispirited – only to maintain a certain appearance with Qiheng.

“The academy will certainly fall if it cant handle this disaster and all of its treasures will fall into the hands of the enemies. You need to risk your lives to protect these treasures until the day when the academy can rise again. Guard the ashes and become the greatest contributors in the future.” Qiheng smirked while looking at the three.

They were startled after coming up with a new angle. If they took advantage of the situation, then others would criticize them for being ungrateful.

However, in another sense, if the academy were to fall as Qiheng said, then they had the responsibility to protect the wealth of the academy from the outsiders and enemies. In this manner, they would be contributors, not traitors. Of course, its another story whether the academy can rise again later on.

One action, two different perspectives, and two completely different outcomes. To be viewed as traitors or contributors? After carefully thinking about it, they thought it was fine to carry this out under the guise of righteousness.

“Youre right. Were students of the academy so we must do our best to protect it! Well certainly guard the resources so that it wont fall into the hand of the enemy.” Their eyes lit up and spoke heroically.

“Perfect.” Qiheng smiled and said: “Study Room is an important location, completely irreplaceable. Thus, I, as your teacher, order you three to guard there. Dont worry, Ill be offering my assistance whenever as well.”

The three werent stupid and understood what Qiheng was implying.

“Teacher.” Rumination hesitated: “Teacher Li is there, Im afraid we wont be of much help.”

“Yes, maybe some other places require us more.” Six-sword felt his heart skipping a beat as well.

Li Qiyes status was as clear as day after the lecture. Even the emperors and older teachers came to listen to him. His lecture was certainly amazing, but one could deduce that he was a big shot after seeing this.

The three pondered again – they certainly didnt want to provoke Li Qiye since he was completely unfathomable.

“Teacher, what is the thing in Study Room then?” Rumination eventually asked.

Qihengs eyes became profound when this was brought up: “Hard to say, but one thing is certain, with the protection of this item, you could fight against emperors and slay High Gods! It is rumored to be something that can rebel against the high heaven!”

The group was rightful astonished after hearing this. If it was something that could go against the heaven, it would certainly be horrifying.

“Is that the truth?” Freesky was visibly interested.

“I cant guarantee anything but this disaster will involve many emperors. For example, the monarchs from your sects might come too.” Qiheng leaked out this information, intentionally or otherwise.

This whole event would be much different if their emperors were to come as well.

“This will be a feast that no one wants to miss. Eleven-will emperors will be common. Perhaps even a twelve-will emperor will come.” Qiheng nonchalantly said.

The group took a deep breath for composure. Freesky then asked: “Which twelve-will emperor will come?”

There were only several – Purewood, World, Yiye, and Profound!

If one of them were to come, then what would become of the academy? The three didnt believe that these emperors would come to protect it. Perhaps they wanted their share as well.

After all, this was a delicious piece of meat. These twelve-will emperors might covet the treasures hidden here.

Qiheng didnt answer directly: “This will be a good chance to prove yourselves. Grasp your own future now.”

The three didnt know how to respond.

“Yifan, your sects beast-taming art is top-notch. Its your time to shine.” Qiheng told Rumination wit ha smile.

Rumination hesitated before answering: “Our technique is certainly good, but Im not an expert at it so I wont be able to completely control these ferocious beasts.”

“Thats just fine.” Qiheng said: “Its a time of chaos with beasts running everywhere. No one can really control them, am I right?

The group immediately thought of something after hearing this implicative statement.


A primordial aura engulfed the academy. Everyone could sense the beasts around as well along with their horrifying, invasive gazes.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye stood in the main hall of Study Room and stared at this world. He basked in this aura with a smirk, seemingly enjoying this occasion.

Jinsheng who was standing next to him wondered who the real monster was? The beasts outside or this fella right here?

“Will the academy be able to handle this?” He asked.

“My Jinsheng, you are underestimating Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor. Their strength is something unreachable for you right now or they wouldnt have started an expedition. Imagine now, the two of them sealed an entire world in the academy, you dont think they have thought of this development?” Li Qiye smiled.

“The return today is partly due to an overwhelming amount of energy accumulation because of the long passage of time. Just releasing then resealing the world will return the academy to its previous state without a problem. The two emperors have left behind preparation for this already.” Li Qiye said flatly.

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