Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 667: Yuan Caihe

Everything outside was replaced by a primal world with no end in sight. They were no longer within Arrogance or the thirteen continents.

This place was too majestic and vast. One tree alone covered a thousand miles radius. One peak could pierce through the sky. This also seemed like the center of the universe with stars rotating around it.

Meanwhile, this spot where the academy resided was only a tiny corner of this world. The school was massive but it was nothing compared to this world.

“Whats going on?” The students glanced nervously at each other as if they had been abandoned by the previous world.

No one knew what was up, not even some of the teachers.

“Clank!” The gong and the sound of the headmaster continued: “Return to safe areas or face the consequences!”

The situation felt more urgent so the majority of the students went back. Some geniuses from Emperor Mansion were still confident enough to stay out.

During this time, the Three Scions snuck outside to find Gu Qiheng.

Qiheng lived in a grotto all by himself in one of the safest areas of the academy.

“Teacher, whats going on?” Freesky didnt have an idea and asked Qiheng.

“A type of returning to the roots.” Qiheng remained nonchalant.

“What?” The three were still confused.

Qiheng explained: “The academy is returning to its own world by coming back here.”

“The academy belongs to this world? Is that right? How can that be?” Rumination didnt expect this answer.

Gu Qiheng simply sat there with a smile as if this was all within his expectation.

Freesky asked again: “Teacher, is it true? The academy is not part of our world?”

Gu Qiheng smiled: “No, it is.” He was willing to tell Freesky since the guy could be considered his disciple.

“This is a legend hidden by the academy. Why did Immortal Emperor Fei pick this place despite having Deep South Divine Emperors support? There were many amazing locations in the thirteen continents. As long as he wanted to, he could pick a place like that to be the building location. Thus, the question is why this desolate place?”

The three glanced at each other; they have heard of this particular rumor before but the answer remained a mystery.

“The truth is that it pertains to a legend about an ancient world.” Qiheng explained.

“An ancient world?” Six-sword thought of something: “One of the immortals?”

“No, such a thing doesnt exist.” Qiheng shook his head: “To be more exact, this is an abandoned world with no one left. But who knows whether it is a complete one by itself or just a small corner? In short, according to the legend, no one was able to find this ancient world before.”

“And Immortal Emperor Fei found it later?” Freesky inquired.

“I see, so thats why the emperor built the academy on that plateau.” Six-sword said.

“Thats somewhat true.” Qiheng answered: “Just building the academy at the entrance is not enough. Remember, Immortal Emperor Fei was an apex existence and had the help of Deep South Divine Emperor, their power is beyond your imagination.”

The group nodded without refuting. Everyone knew about the strength of these two emperors.

“The two of them worked together to pull out this particular space and built the academy in the very center.” Qiheng revealed.

“Teacher, you mean that the academy was originally built in this world?” Freesky was smart enough to understand right away.

“Thats right.” Qiheng continued: “The two of them built it in this corner then pulled this spatial area from this world to Arrogance. Meanwhile, this world remained sealed.”

Qihengs eyes slightly batted at this point: “Remember, because the academy is built in a special spatial accumulation, the essence of this world would continue to pour inside, allowing it to build up resources and more! This is the true foundation of the academy. It doesnt matter how many High Gods and emperors have come out, its origin in this place surpassed all of that.”

The young ones were startled from hearing this secret for the first time.

“The academy alone enjoys the essences of an entire world. Damn, no wonder why its foundation is so strong. No other lineage in the thirteen continents can match this.” Freesky murmured.

“Why didnt Immortal Emperor Fei just build it here instead of doing this spatial manipulation to make it appear at Arrogance?” Rumination wondered.

“No one knows the exact reason.” Qiheng answered: “One possible theory is that there are too many ferocious monsters here so its not suitable for habitation. Another believes that this is the best place to gather the essences of this world.”

“Sounds right.” Freesky nodded: “If the academy remained in this world, many people will be able to reach it and the academy wont be able to maintain its monopoly. This spatial manipulation and sealing this world make it essential to destroy the academy first before reaching this world.”

No one disputed this statement. Six-sword went on to praise: “Teacher, your knowledge is incredible, we have never heard of this secret before but you know it so well.”

Qiheng smiled and naturally wouldnt tell them that someone else told him all of this. This was also his purpose in staying at the academy.

Remember, he was a youth with boundless potential due to his talents and great background. More importantly, he was already strong enough and had a chance of becoming an Ancient God in the future.

The world was his for the taking; he had no need to stay at the academy. The benefits and compensation here werent worth it but something else interested him instead.

Of course, he wasnt doing it for the students either. Information gathering was his main goal.

“Are you all ready for the storm?” Qiheng asked.

“What kind?” Six-sword anxiously asked.

“The academy has returned to this ancient world where the beasts roam freely. They are ferocious and will certainly attack the academy. Furthermore, something even more monstrous will assault the academy on this land. At that point, blood will run the ground and it could even collapse. Moreover, the three races are also paying attention with fervor of wanting to join in.” Qiheng said.

The three of them glanced at each other again. Their first thought was not to fight for the academy because they came from the great clans and imperial lineages. They were already strong and famous before joining the academy. Being here was the same as embroidering flowers on fine silk.

Students like them were different from the ones with a humble beginning with loyalty for the academy. They were only loyal to their own clans and sects.

This wasnt the case for the latter. The academy changed their fate so they felt a sense of gratitude and considered the academy as a second home.

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