Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 666: Mysterious Carriage

The flower quietly blossomed in that spot without any fanfare. It alone was enough to establish Li Qiyes position at the academy.

The bragging geniuses earlier turned red and awkward. They wanted nothing more than to dig a hole and hide.

This feeling was more unbearable than being slapped in public. If Li Qiye were to slap them, then at the very least, they still got into his sight. But now, the guy didnt even bother glancing at them or utter words of reprimand. It meant that they werent qualified to be yelled at by him, no different from insects!

“Another miracle.” Mo Qianjun said emotionally: “When will I be able to listen to another lecture like this?”

With that, he gently sighed and shook his head then limped away.

The ancestors made way for him while Harmony Monarchs supported his pace to his left and right.

“The hope is still bright in the future.” The old headmaster said, understanding the significance behind this lecture. It also served as a warning to the powerful beings.

He bowed deeply at the flower then left. The other ancestors also did the same with a respectful expression.

The students remained silent for a long time. No one dared to utter a word and break this tranquility. This moment of silence was the greatest showing of reverence towards Li Qiye.

Qiheng was in a terrible position. He challenged Li Qiye and did quite well for being so young. Alas, it seemed so insignificant and trivial in comparison.

So many students cheered for him just a moment ago but everyone seemed to have forgotten his existence or his six-petal flower.

It was too common and ordinary compared to the fourteen-petal one, like a plain girl versus a supreme fairy. Everyone would look at the fairy while forgetting about the girl, letting her drift away among the clouds.

His face was becoming quite hot. Li Qiye didnt bother to look at him once from start to finish as if he didnt exist.

He started this whole challenge but in the end, the stage belonged to Li Qiye – the main character, while he was only an inconspicuous clown in the corner!

In the end, he left noiselessly like a dog that had lost its master while feeling that this was the most humiliating moment of his life despite a lack of retaliation coming from Li Qiye.

Six-sword Young Kings group wasnt faring any better. They also left clandestinely, not wanting to attract any attention.

The academy found peace after the lecture. The normally arrogant geniuses played nice and trained hard without causing any trouble. Li Qiye also didnt leave Study Room and was doing something behind closed doors. Min Yexue and the others got no idea what he was trying to find.

Because of this, they were in high spirits, knowing that they could handle the attack of a twelve-will emperor!

“Boom!” Sure enough, the tranquility didnt last long.

In one night, crumbling noises came about as if something was leaving its shackles. Everyone in the academy heard it clearly.

The students ran outside in order to figure out what was going on.

“Look!” One student pointed at the sky.

Something strange was happening up above. The entire space of the academy was shaking like a tsunami while the academy was a victim ship in the very center. Who knows how long it would last?

“Clank!” The source of the fluctuation came from a little pagoda made from runes, not metal. The entire thing was surrounded by dao chains of unknown origin. Its majestic aura could suppress everything for eternity.

The pagoda was trembling, wishing to escape from these chains. Each vibration was stronger and more violent than the previous.

The chains retaliated by coiling even tighter as if wanting to break the pagoda to pieces. However, the pagoda was a tough one and only grew tougher as the bout went on. Just like that, space itself was affected.

“What the hell is going on?!” The students were startled and confused.

“Ring!” The gong of the academy resounded with the voice of the headmaster imposing down on each corner of the academy: “Due to the unusual occurrence, all students head for the safeguard fort right now or face the consequence.”

The stern warning woke up the students. They finally realized the gravity of the situation and quickly headed for the fort, not daring to come out.

Of course, some bold students thought they were strong enough with protective treasures to stay outside and watch. Others had questionable motives and didnt head for the fort.

The academy didnt bother telling them otherwise. This event could also serve as life-or-death training.

“Boom!” The pagoda finally broke through the chains and created a terrible spatial eruption. This tidal wave of spatial entity engulfed the academy entirely.

The entire place trembled like crazy, on the verge of collapse. The students were scared out of their mind.

Eventually, everything calmed down because this spatial fluctuation couldnt harm the academy in the slightest. However, any other great power would have turned to ashes.

A few students came out for a look and they were met with a primordial aura.

“The, the outside world is gone!” One of them looked up at the sky and screamed in horror. This made others come out and were astounded just like him.

Though the academy was massive, one could still see the outside world from within its territories, such as other cities and countries.

However, it was a primitive world as far as the eyes can see. Gigantic trees blotted out the sky while the mountains towered through it. Monstrous beasts roaming around had the power to devour the sun and moon…

They felt as if they were in a different and unknown world now, no longer inside Arrogance or any place in the thirteen continents for that matter!

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