Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 665: Leisurely Cultivation

The lecture thus far attracted everyone in the audience and those standing outside.

“Numerous have asked me, Teacher, are there immortals in this world?” Li Qiye spoke with a solemn expression: “I often dodge this question because there is no way of truly knowing. Further deliberation would only leave a shadow in their mind.”

“Today, I think it is safe to say that our realm, in the nine worlds and tenth world, does not have immortals. But this doesnt mean they do not exist. However, they are not like in your imagination. Look up and use your imagination, perhaps you think that these immortals can live forever. But, on the contrary, what looms above could also be devils or unfathomable darkness. Immortals or devils? Devils or immortals? No one knows. But what determines their very being? Their origin? Their race? Or life experiences?”

“None of the above, the heart dictates that, one of the dao. Your dao heart will determine your future path and whether you become an immortal or devil! Thats the main decider, not your cultivation, your clan, or the long years.”

“The dao path is endless and so is a journey. Cultivation is crucial to a certain extent, but your ultimate fate will be up to your dao heart. The heart needs to be vast in order to truly utilize ones talents and see the true immensity of the world…” His voice sounded like an immortal hymn.

He took his time without focusing on the peerless merit laws or ways of cultivation, only about the dao heart.

This simple topic mesmerized the crowd. Even the emperors and ancestors were basking in the content and forgetting everything else. Only his words remained in their mind.

Even Gu Qiheng was immersed in this experience. The content was completely foreign to him since he didnt care about the dao heart in the past. What was more important than supreme talents for a genius like him?

In fact, Mo Qianjun was also listening attentively.

This lecture had a different effect on people. The untalented decided to focus on perseverance; the geniuses wanted to focus on their goal; the truly strong such as emperors became wary of the future.

The emperors were musing on the subject of immortals. What were these beings like if they truly exist? They also thought about how to stay on track on the path towards becoming a true immortal…

However, there was no dao resonation or laws appearing. The cliff itself seemed especially quiet. It was as if the laws and even the supreme grand dao were quietly listening to him.

All along, people judged a lecture based on the dao resonation. However, they forgot about everything else at this moment. No one cared for the dao resonation or how much they were benefiting.

Everyone here was still in a daze from this brilliant lecture. As he was walking down the stage, the group finally regained their wits and started clapping like crazy.

“Clap! Clap! Clap!” The upper echelon stood up and clapped with the greatest reverence while staring at Li Qiye.

The lecture was colorful and extraordinary. Even beings of their level greatly benefited from gaining new knowledge. A new door had been opened for them.

From start to finish, Li Qiye was concise and didnt waste a single word. He didnt provoke Gu Qiheng at all or had no intent to do so in the first place.

“The flower is blooming!” Someone shouted so all eyes turned for the cliff.

There was a clear lack of ripples and waves on the surface. A flower quietly started to blossom like an orchid in the middle of the night in serenity, unbeknownst by anyone.

“One, two, three…” The crowd quietly counted the petals.

“Twelve!” A student shouted after seeing twelve petals.

“No, its not over yet, theres another one.” Right when people thought it would stop at twelve, the flower was still blossoming.

“Thirteen petals! A Grand Dao Flower with thirteen petals!” A genius who didnt like Li Qiye screamed.

Everyone gasped after seeing this achievement even above Grandpa Mo and Immortal Monarch Yiye.

Remember, the monarch had twelve wills while Grandpa Mo was the best teacher at the academy. However, a young teacher like Li Qiye had actually surpassed both of them in terms of dao instruction!

“The third thirteen-petal flower is here.” Teacher Zhou murmured: “It has been a very long time since the last one.”

“No, wait! It is still blooming! Theres the fourteenth petal!” The ones who were still looking at the flower blurted out in uncontrollable excitement.

“What?! That, thats impossible! The highest so far is only thirteen…” The crowd was shocked into disbelief.

But this was clearly the case. This fourteen-petal flower was blooming above the two with thirteen petals.

“So thirteen petals werent the limit.” Teacher Zhou murmured in a daze.

All along, the thirteen-petal flowers reigned supreme on the cliff so everyone thought that this was the limit.

“Damn…” They all took a deep breath.

Gu Qiheng turned pale after seeing this. He has always been confident in his talents. In his mind, becoming an Ancient God was only a matter of time. However, staring at the flower made him feel as if someone was ruthlessly hammering his chest, making it hard for him to breathe.

No one could ever surpass this achievement, not even him who would one day stand at the apex of the dao.

After becoming an Ancient God, would he be more amazing than Immortal Monarch Yiye? Most likely not! Alas, the guy only got a twelve-petal flower while Li Qiyes had fourteen!

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