Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 664: Huangfu Clans Countermeasure

The students outside took a deep breath after seeing this, not knowing the identity of this old man shaking after each step.

Nevertheless, just seeing the respectful treatment from the monarchs showed just how incredible the identity of this old man must be.

“Grandpa Mo, sit here.” All the elders stood up while the old headmaster personally brought a chair for the old man.

All of these ancestors were the longest-tenured teachers of the academy, acting as the pillars with the strongest fighting force. The old headmaster was even more unfathomable with a high seniority. Alas, he still looked like a junior before this old man.

“Grandpa Mo!” The students were shocked after hearing this all too familiar name. Even the young teachers were amazed.

“Thats Grandpa Mo.” Everyone understood why the two monarchs acted so respectfully after figuring this out.

Only one person was called this at the academy – Mo Qianjun! The oldest teacher here with plenty of High Gods and emperors who used to be his alumni.

Just imagine, who could surpass him at teaching at the academy? At the thirteen continents?

He wasnt actually that strong in terms of cultivation, weaker than many emperors and even High Gods. However, this didnt deter him from being an amazing teacher.

The most prideful and arrogant emperor around would still call him “Grandpa Mo”.

With his presence, the rowdy crowd of ancestors and emperors became quiet and obedient. Thus, Yao Tings group was even more nervous. This event was like a dream and would no doubt become the most honorable and prestigious memory later on for them.

The ones outside were no longer in a position to enter. Even the young teachers couldnt do so without looking insolent and arrogant. Previously, only Yao Tings group was there so it was fine for anyone to join in. But now, all of these big shots rendered this impossible. The crowd ended up staying outside and kept quiet, not wanting to disturb the ancestors.

Nevertheless, a tempest of questions was raging in their mind. Just a lecture from Li Qiye was enough for Harmony Monarchs to travel a long distance? The reclusive ancestors also came out just to listen as students this time around.

In the end, even Grandpa Mo has come out. This was someone who left a twelve-petal Grand Dao Flower on the cliff. Who in this world was qualified to lecture him on the dao?

Gu Qiheng was completely taken aback now. The smile looked rather forced on his face; his expression no longer as free and elegant as before.

His lecture was quite exceptional since he had prepared very well. Confident he was in being the most gifted, powerful, and versed as teaching among the young teachers. He believed that this lecture could go down in history.

In his mind, this should be more than enough to crush Li Qiye. He assumed that not many students would even come to listen to Li Qiyes lecture.

Alas, the abrupt development slapped him without any mercy. Li Qiye didnt need to do anything and was already crushing him.

The big shots here in person have proven Li Qiyes worth. They stood here, waiting patiently while the young students became more nervous by the minute.

The ones outside who mocked Li Qiye before were pale with quivering knees because of their ignorance. If the higher-ups were to investigate this, they would have no place to stay at the academy or Arrogance. The moment the ancestors made a statement, the imperial lineages and great power would no longer entertain them.

Finally, Li Qiye has arrived. He strolled leisurely towards the stage and was completely calm to see his audience. It was as if this was how it should be for one of his lectures.

After he made it on the stage, the ancestors, emperors, and even a shaking old man like Grandpa Mo all stood up. Yao Tings group naturally copied them despite their trembling legs.

This show of respect naturally stunned everyone outside!

“Sit.” Li Qiye nodded and said.

The ancestors finally sat down, finishing this domineering and unbelievable scene.

“As we look up, just how boundless is the sky and vast is this world? Does our journey truly end at the imperial level? Does our limit stop at twelve wills and twelve totems?” Li Qiye began while looking at the students.

All the ancestors became spirited with flashing eyes. The near-death aura was nowhere to be found as if they had just become much younger.

“What is there at the end of the world? Will we be able to reach that place and find out? No one can answer this question so we must try our best to find the answer. Many have traveled quite far on this path – Origin Heaven Emperor, Deep South Divine Emperor, Immortal Emperor Fei, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun… all of these wise sages have embarked on this journey. Of course, waves of sages have done so in even older eras…”

“But, is strength the most important thing on this journey? Is it about possessing Heavens Wills, treasures, and techniques?”

He stared implicatively at the students and continued: “Theres no doubt that power can propel us further, but only towards the darkness if we do not have a firm dao heart!”

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