Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 60: Conspiracy 2

The chapter from the dao sword continued to expand as if wishing to suppress the entire world. It was an absolute suppression; even stronger forces would find it impossible to resist!

“Xshhh—” Under its power, the roots from the ground withered at a speed visible to the naked eye. They had lost their support and scattered all over the ground like grains of sand.

“Rumble!” The entire world began to shake at this moment. The land became increasingly violent as if it was being turned upside-down. It seemed that a cataclysm was swiftly approaching.

An invincible power was drilling out of the earth in order to tear apart the dao chapter and its suppression.

“Hmph!” Li Qiye snorted. His vitality rushed out as he opened his mind and sea of memories. “Boom!” Untouchable dao laws instantly drilled into the ground as if wanting to penetrate it completely.

“Boom!” A boundless world surged in an instant. The silver rings in the sky turned bright and illuminated the entire world!

At this time, the strongest of auras engulfed the entire area. It was extremely ancient as if it had existed since the dawn of time.

“Boom!” Li Qiye took out a bronze box and placed it on the chapter, instantly empowering it!

Next, he placed the green lantern housing the dark flame right below it. This dark flame that could incinerate all in this world at his command jumped up!

“I dont care where you are hiding and I dont care whether there will be reincarnation or not!” Li Qiye coldly uttered: “If you have given up on this world, then get the hell out of here! This new life was brought to this world by me, so I am responsible for it and will be its supervisor from now on! No one will be allowed to interfere. From now on, I am responsible for its life and its future! Interfere and I wont just let the dao chapter suppress this place! I will even turn over this land and kill everything! Trust me when I say I shall stay true to my word!”

His overbearing words echoed across the world. This was the gravest of warnings, the most tyrannical of threats.

He had made up his mind to keep this new life behind. No one would be able to take it lest they risk forming an irreconcilable feud with him! At that time, he would use all of his means and power to annihilate his enemies!

As long as he was determined, it didnt matter who he faced. Even the gods above the nine heavens and overlords of myriad realms better think twice.

Keep in mind that for an existence like the Dark Crow, other beings on the same level understood that he would stay true to his word. If gods tried to stop him, slay gods; if devils tried to stop him, slay devils.

The dark hand behind the curtains, the butcher of eons, the guardian of the nine worlds… these prestigious titles didnt come from nothing. They were built on countless piles of bones and rivers of blood!

Everything finally calmed down after his warning. As long as it was someone who knew about the Dark Crow, they wouldnt easily declare war!

Li Qiye emphatically declared: “Very well, from today on, I am the highest supervisor for this new life.”

Xiaoxiao stood there in a daze for she was overwhelmed by his current domineering nature. This was her first time witnessing his authority! In the nine heavens and ten earths, he alone was invincible!

Overbearing, invincible, all-encompassing, suppressive… she could only use these adjectives to describe him at this moment.

“Poof!” The dark flame from the lamp oozed out and started to incinerate everything along the lines of the dao chapter.

“Zzz—” Eventually, the flame burned the chapter into this world! It then returned to the lamp so Li Qiye could put it away. The invincible laws nailed to the ground also withdrew to his sea of memories.

Keep in mind that these laws had been empowered by Immortal Emperors such as Min Ren, Hong Tian, Qian Li, and the Black Dragon King… This empowerment made this power eternal and have an unbelievable might.

He also put away the bronze box. With a hymn, the Dao Sword and its chapter suppressing this world disappeared as well.

Although the chapter had stopped its task, it had left behind an eternal seal in this world after being imprinted by the dark flame. It would continue to suppress this location with considerable and everlasting power, albeit weaker than the original.

Both the Dao Sword and the green lamp were unstoppable artifacts. One could imagine their combined effort in creating this imprint.

Xiaoxiao eventually calmed down and looked at Li Qiye: “Lets go.”

He flatly rejected: “No, we need to prepare for the new life. This will be a safe home for it.”

“It will stay here?” She found it surprising and stared at the meat lotus in his hand: “We, were not taking it with us?”

Li Qiye explained: “No, it was born here so it needs to gestate in this place. If we take it out, it will suffer from a congenital deficiency. It must stay here until it matures.”

He looked around before stating: “This place is its origin as well as its root, it will grow strong in this world.”

While staring at the little pulp, she asked with anxiety: “But it is only a baby, what if something happens to it after we leave?”

“Dont worry, no other place is safer than here.” He explained: “This will be its home.”

Having said that, he started by pointing at the ground, summoning a spring. A golden liquid oozed out and spread around the valley.

He transformed the land with earth-shattering changes by refining the entire valley. Not only was he making it suitable for the new life, he also aimed to turn it into an impregnable fortress.

Afterward, he left behind multiple items in preparation for the arrival of the new life. Finally, he summoned the group of immortal medicines. They breathed in deeply after coming out.

After looking around, the Ginseng Ancestor murmured: “I see, this is a primal ground, no wonder we cant absorb the majestic lifeforce at Godhalt.”

Li Qiye stared at the group and said: “Two of you will stay behind to take care of this new life. Well do this on a voluntary basis. Of course, I wont make you stay here for nothing.”

The immortal medicines exchanged glances. The first to come out was the Soldier Tree.

The Soldier Tree solemnly declared: “I was born to protect and exist to protect. Therefore, I shall stay and protect.”

The Reincarnation Heavenly Soulvine also stood out: “I have reached my limit. Further breakthroughs would be difficult, so this place shall be my resting place. Who knows, maybe I can still break through here.”

“Very well, then the two of you shall stay. You will still be able to shine one day and see the ultimate era.” Li Qiye nodded.

Eventually, he left behind many treasures for the two. After destroying many lineages, he had too many treasures to count.

After taking care of everything, he created a lotus from a supreme law and placed the meat lotus inside. The lotus flower slowly closed and sank into the golden spring, disappearing from sight.

Eventually, he looked away and told Xiaoxiao: “Well leave now.”

The Ginseng Ancestor and Immortal Injury Peony were very sad. They bid farewell to the Soldier Tree and soulvine one after another. After all, they had always been together since the days at the garden of the immortals. Who knows when they would meet again after todays separation? This could perhaps be their final farewell, they may never meet again.

“Goodbye, brothers.” The Soldier Tree and soulvine didnt want this either, but they still waved to the group. Even immortal beings like them couldnt help but be a bit sentimental with wet eyes upon parting.

“Take care, we may meet again one day. When that day comes, Im sure the two of you shall shine magnificently.” Li Qiye also said goodbye.

Of course, there were some attachments since the two medicines have followed him for so long. If it wasnt to protect the new life, he would be very reluctant to leave them behind.

In the end, the rest of the group unwillingly jumped into his fate palace, and the duo set off once more on their journey.

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