Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 662: Massacring Clans With A Smile

The crowd was waiting outside with darting eyes while the courtyard was completely empty – certainly different from the excitement earlier.

“Wheres Teacher Li?” A student looked around and found Li Qiye nowhere in sight all of this time.

Gu Qiheng didnt say anything. He stood and coolly stared at the stage in waiting.

“Why isnt Teacher Li here yet?” A student quietly asked.

“Hah, who knows?” Someone from Hundred Halls laughed: “Teacher Qiheng did such a good job and no young teacher can surpass him. So now, people would just embarrass themselves by going up there, the guy might be too afraid to accept the challenge now.”

This student clearly wanted to flatter Gu Qiheng since he was a teacher there.

“Hes probably not coming if hes not here right now.” Six-sword smirked: “No courage to even come on the stage, how can he have any face to stay here as a teacher?”

Six-sword already had an irreconcilable feud with Li Qiye so he said whatever he wanted. Plus, his father was Virtuouss dao protector and Gu Qiheng had his back as well.

“Someones coming inside.” A group brought their own chairs to the courtyard – Liu Jinsheng, Goldloop, and Ye Xinxue.

They sat in a corner and kept a low-profile with a humble attitude. It was as if they didnt want others to notice them.

Everyone sneered after seeing these students from Study Room: “Makes sense, no problem for students to go listen to their own teacher.”

“Hah, if they didnt come, he would probably bully them later.” The students standing near Qiheng tried their best to make him happy.

Though many were pointing their finger and mocking the group, they remained silent and ignored everything.

“Someone else is coming.” Another student went inside along – Yao Ting from Hundred Halls.

The content of the lecture didnt matter because Li Qiye had treated her so well. Plus, she was aware of how powerful he was so his lecture couldnt be bad at all.

She joined the other three without saying anything.

“Isnt that Sister Yao Ting?” She was relatively famous in Hundred Halls because of her achievements despite her humble beginning. Moreover, she had plenty of suitors as well.

Several more female students from Hundred Halls came in after seeing this since they were good friends with Yao Ting.

“We should go listen too.” After a clandestine deliberation, more students with weaker background from Hundred Halls also joined in.

There were cliques in Hundred Halls because the students came from all over the world. For example, nobilities like Six-sword and the others formed a group. Meanwhile, the more grassroots students wanted nothing to do with them.

Of course, this group consisted mainly of males and chose to sit next to Yao Tings group of friends.

But the moment this student finished, another girl had entered the stage in the same quiet manner.

“Sister Miao Chan.” This students jaw dropped to the ground as he questioned what he was seeing.

“Young King, its Sister Miao Chan.” A student next to Six-sword said.

The kings expression became quite ugly, turning red then green. He couldnt speak from the sheer shock.

Miao Chan had much more influence in Hundred Halls compared to Yao Ting and the others. Though people didnt know of her origin, she had the support of many students because they would come to ask her for questions. Of course, she was also popular with the boys.

Furthermore, many knew that Six-sword had a crush on Miao Chan. However, he got beaten down badly by Li Qiye and now, she was showing support for Li Qiye? It was the same as slapping his face. No one dared to say anything else.

The ones who didnt like Six-sword also followed Miao Chan inside. In just a short time, more than a dozen students were waiting for the lecture.

“There are people waiting but the lecturer is still late. Whats the point of listening?” Rumination scowled.

The Three Scions were on the side of Qiheng so they naturally wanted to humiliate Li Qiye.

“Yes, this teacher is something else. Even the older teachers for our Sacred Institution arent this arrogant, we dont need to listen to this crap.” Another student added.

“Right, hes trying to act cool as if hes better than the elders.” An Emperor Mansion student snorted.

The elders were the ones who taught in Emperor Mansion. The students there werent too happy to see Li Qiye acting so arrogant, at least in their eyes.

“The dao heart is useless too, it will be too ordinary.” Rumination said: “Everyone from our Emperor Mansion has a firm dao heart, we have done enough on our own, no need for someone else to guide us.”

“Right, no need for us to listen to this dao heart lecture, its a waste of time.” Someone next to him chimed in.

“Excuse me for being late.” Suddenly, a clear voice came about, signaling the arrival of a supreme beauty – Mei Suyao.

She also entered the courtyard and sat next to the other students.

“Fairy Mei is here too.” The dozen inside became excited. In the beginning, only Miao Chan was an important character in their group. But now, this was no longer the case with Mei Suyao around.

“Fairy Mei is going too?” In just a short time, the students from Sacred Institution and Emperor Mansion glanced at each other with an awkward expression.

Her beauty could drive the soul crazy and her talents were impeccable. Some even believed that she was more gifted than Rumination but kept it a secret.

Normally, her fans from the upper classrooms would crowd around her now. However, due to their disparaging comments earlier, it would look weird if they were to follow her in, especially the ones on the same camp as the Three Scions and Gu Qiheng.

If they were to join her right now, they could be alienated from Ruminations group.

“Lets go, my dao heart is unstable right now so this can be helpful.” Not everyone in the upper classrooms liked Rumination and his group so some geniuses decided to join in.

Normally, they wouldnt dare to directly oppose that group. However, the most beloved in Emperor Mansion, Mei Suyao, was in there right now so they had nothing to be afraid of.

This added up to more than one hundred students waiting inside for Li Qiyes lecture.

“Hmph, still no big deal compared to Teacher Qiheng. He had tens of thousands listening.” A student snorted.

Alas, Li Qiye was still nowhere to be found and the ones inside grew restless.

“Just one lecture, does he really need to put on a show like this?” Someone else couldnt help but scowl.

If they didnt want to see Li Qiye humiliate himself, they would have left already.

“Brother Qiye, the students are eager to learn, wanting to listen to your supreme lecture. They cant wait any longer, will you come on stage now?” Gu Qiheng spoke softly but everyone here could hear his words.

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