Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 661: Verbal Extortion

Gu Qiheng began with magical words and the dao turned into the myriad laws. The resonation began not long after his start.

In just a short time, he completely captivated many students, both the seniors and juniors.

Those from the same class were still attracted by the content and quickly sat down in the courtyard. Only a little number of students were still outside for different reasons.

“Hes doing well.” Other young teachers showed up and one of them nodded approvingly. He entered the courtyard as well.

“Teacher Zhou, youre here now? Gu Qihengs lecture is indeed excellent.” The students outside saw this group of teachers and said.

Qiheng was a talent worthy of admiration and would be a big shot at other places. Alas, at the academy, a High God with seven totems wasnt much. There were plenty of older teachers here with ten totems and up.

Plus, most teachers used to be supreme geniuses once and might just be a little inferior to Qiheng, talent-wise.

Thus, the teachers from the last generation didnt come to listen while the young ones only came for fun. They wouldnt have necessarily entered the courtyard.

Alas, after actually hearing the content, they entered because Qiheng was doing an incredible job, enough to tempt the other teachers.

“He came prepared and should have no problem getting five petals.” A student older than Qiheng sighed and said.

“Yes, it is worth listening.” Qihengs peer nodded and said with a tinge of regrets: “Unfortunately, I cultivate only one dao alone or I would think about his dao derivation.”

“What about you, why arent you coming in?” The senior saw a different student who was immersed in the lecture.

“Hmph, were mortal enemies for a long time now.” The guy answered: “But, I do admit that this lecture is good. That Teacher named Li Qiye from Study Room will lose for sure.”

Despite hating each other, the student still recognized Qihengs abilities.

“The content is impeccable so he has a lot of potential given his age. Some older teachers cant compare to him.” The senior lamented.

“Only Virtuous is on the same level as him but hes better at dao comprehension. However, Virtuouss bloodline is a great advantage.” The rival said: “I understand the guy too well. The fact that he dares to do this shows just how confident and well-prepared he is. This Li Qiye messed up by accepting the challenge since he doesnt know Qiheng well enough. Once he loses, Qiheng wont let him off that easily, itll be a humiliating event.”

In the past, this rival had lost to Qiheng before so he was aware of the guys nature. He thought that this person named Li Qiye was quite unlucky and might not be able to stay as a teacher at the academy in the future.

“Qihengs trying to establish his prestige, this Li Qiye guy can only blame his luck.” The senior nodded.

“The dao is the origin of the myriad laws; the myriad laws can be formed from cultivation…” Meanwhile, Qiheng was doing his thing.

The students at the courtyard were glowing with their own dao appearing. This majestic power surged like the spring resulting in a magnificent scene.

The dao cliff turned into a vast ocean. Everyone felt that they were meditating within this ocean among the majestic power of the dao. In a short time, it became easier to understand the myriad laws, allowing them to exert their merit laws to the limit.

“Boom!” Finally, the runes on the cliff rose higher like a tsunami.

“Rumble!” In this split second, a long grand dao rushed to the sky and resonated with the students. Their own dao rushed upward like waterfalls.

There was no doubt that the lecture was enough to create the profundities of the grand dao and caused a sizable ripple to the courtyard. The laws here became animated and harmonized with his content. He had quite a deep understanding on the topic of dao derivation.

A Grand Dao Flower appeared on the wall with petals blossoming. Six was the final number.

“Buzz.” It emitted a faint glow before taking its spot.

“Six petals!” The students cried out in astonishment.

“Brother Qiheng is amazing, I only got four petals last time.” The teacher named Zhou sighed and said: “Hell catch up to the academy elders soon.”

The teachers here agreed with this evaluation. The guy could create a six-petal flower at such a young age meant that he would be able to catch up with existences like Immortal Monarch Jilin as long as he had more time.

“Amazing lecture!” Applauses and clapping came about like the thunder during spring. All the students were excited and appreciative of Qiheng because they benefited greatly just now.

“Teacher, youre our idol!” So many shouted.

“Teacher, I love you! Youll certainly beat Teacher Li Qiye.” Some female students took this opportunity to profess their love.

“This persons fame right now is unbelievable. Let us leave now.” Teacher Zhou smilingly joked and told the other teachers.

“Thank you, everyone. Please excuse any mistakes I have made.” Qiheng remained cool and collected, impressing the crowd even more.

The atmosphere remained excited with students screaming and cheering for him. It took a long times before the waves of applause ended.

Qiheng left his signature behind on the flower since it was a great achievement.

“It is your turn, Brother Qiye. I am eagerly awaiting.” Qiheng left the stage and said in a classy manner.

After hearing this, the students all left the courtyard like a receding tide. There was not one person left.

They couldnt be blamed for their pragmatic choice. After all, Li Qiye had never lectured at the academy before so no one knew of his skill level. Even those who were interested wanted to play it safe first.

Plus, many didnt care about the topic of dao heart. It was intangible and wouldnt help cultivation too much.

The courtyard became quiet again, a striking contrast versus the scene earlier.

“Is anyone staying?” Even those who wanted to come inside the courtyard would find the situation very awkward since everyone is watching.

“Whats the point of talking about the dao heart? We from Hundred Halls have no interest in this topic.” Six-sword sneered and purposely declared this to the other students.

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