Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 660: Playing With The Enemies

Freesky was eloquent and well-prepared, speaking as smooth as the flow of water or the drifting of the clouds. This was due to his experience with previous lectures in place of Qiheng. Thus, despite being before a large crowd, he remained cool and collected.

One had to admit that he was quite capable in this regard. If his cultivation continued to increase, he would have the chance to become a teacher at the academy.

“Dao derivation focuses on maximizing the power of merit laws. Thus, he had created a method to invoke their potential, so that the user could maximize the effect to a boundless level…” A deluge of heavenly flowers and dao came out.

“Buzz.” The dao laws in the courtyard began to move like flowing water. Some jumped like elves or danced like fairies.

Just like that, the runic lines on the cliff also fluctuated with ripples and waves, as if wanting to create supreme symbols.

In the beginning, the students were here only to show their support or to flatter the Three Scions.

However, the lecture became increasingly deep and discerning, robbing the breath of the listeners outside. Thus, more and more students made their way into the courtyard from all three classrooms. The majority of Hundred Halls were here and even some from Emperor Mansions came in.

“Buzz.” The buzzing of dao resonation came about as the students became more and more immersed. Their own grand dao began to harmonize with the courtyard with laws appearing and weaving around them. The power of these dao poured out like the surging spring into the students so they became quite comfortable.

In this place with strong resonation, the more they understood, the stronger they became from gaining the power of the dao. It would be much easier to open dao laws as well.

The students here had different resonation level and varying degree of benefits.

As for the one outside the courtyard, they didnt enjoy this dao resonation since it required a physical presence inside. It wasnt that easy to synch with the grand dao; it required the perfect circumstances.

The ones who didnt join were those who had some feud with Freesky or the extremely talented and powerful students.

Just like that, when Freesky was finished, more than half of the students in the academy have joined the courtyard to listen.

“The grand dao is magical with countless arts; Teacher Qiheng is simply picking one path in this ocean…” Freesky eloquently finished his introduction.

“Well said!” Thunderous resonations erupted in the courtyard along with the cheers from the audience. Rumination and Six-sword were the first to start clapping and cheering.

Though they did try to move the crowd, the lecture was truly well done. Freesky could become a teacher at the academy after several more years.

“Buzz.” The wall was rippling with multiple waves of runes. Finally, they wove together to form a Grand Dao Flower. After the waves dissipated, the flower had two petals blossoming.

“Freesky Young Lord is indeed extraordinary, hell be able to stay as a teacher in two years.” Sighs and praises came about.

“Right, he can really become a teacher!” Many students clamored.

Freesky left behind his signature, Wang Xuanji. He then smiled and said: “Please excuse my insufficient introduction, it couldnt completely bring out all the profundities of Teacher Qihengs arts.”

“You have done very well.” A lofty voice answered him: “If you have made your debut several years earlier, you might have caught up to me already.”

A person was soaring through the sky in a majestic and free manner like a scholar coming out of a painting. He had plenty of nobility and elegance instead of an oppressive aura in each of his gesture.

Nevertheless, people felt an uncontrollable sense of respect and would stand up to greet him.

“Teacher.” All students got on their feet. Some students even started shouting.

“Hes so charming, not only is he the number one genius at our academy, hes also the most handsome.” A few female students nearly drooled after seeing his supreme style.

In fact, plenty of girls at the academy had a crush on him – this was no secret. A dragon among men like him would attract attention and “love at first sight” wherever he went.

“Gu Qiheng.” A few higher-level students sighed with all kinds of emotion after seeing him.

At the academy, one could graduate after three to four years. However, some were willing to stay and train for longer. Granted, they needed to pass the stringent requirements from the academy to linger around.

Who didnt know about Young Monarch Gu Qiheng at the academy? He was the youngest High God in this generation and most promising to become an Ancient God.

These students who were in the same class at him became wistful. They were still learning while he had become a teacher with the greatest potential as a High God with seven totems. The gap was evident; no wonder why they became emotional after seeing their peer.

After he made his entrance, the students outside rushed in like a tsunami. Even the arrogant students from Emperor Mansion were ready to listen now.

In the blink of an eye, the courtyard was filled to the brim. Fewer than few students werent actually present in the courtyard.

The previous older students, many of whom were High Gods, had no interest in Freesky earlier. After all, he hasnt reached the right level to earn their attention.

This was no longer the case when Gu Qiheng came in. After hearing the introduction, some of these High Gods felt that maybe this lecture was worth it.

Rumination commented after seeing the waves of people: “Teacher Qiheng has too much charisma. The amount of people here is the same as the lectures from the older teachers.”

“His dao comprehension is far above many High Gods. Hes just young so after more years of training, hell be able to catch up or even exceed the older teachers. Hell be an Ancient God for sure, so his achievements arent something that one nobody could reach.” Freesky replied.

“Hmph, damn right. Teachers lecture will be brilliant enough to take down that Li guy. Hell leave in embarrassment. Someone like him wants to compete against Teacher Qiheng? He doesnt know his own limits.” Six-sword snorted.

He and Li Qiye have broken off all courteous pretense so there was no need for him to mind his words.

On the other hand, Rumination and Freesky only smiled back, not wanting to go all out.

Freesky said with a suggestive smile: “Just wait and watch, Teacher Qiheng is about go and show us something amazing.”

Meanwhile, Qiheng was starting: “In my recent cultivation session, I have learned a bit more about the dao. Not wishing to be selfish with my findings, I am here to share it with everyone. Dao derivation is a common topic for cultivators, it pertains to the core of cultivation and the ultimate profundity of how to create and use the grand dao…”

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