Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 659: Opening The Gates To Welcome The Enemy

“Yes, even Immortal Monarch Yiye had lectured here before.” An Emperor Mansion student said with admiration while staring at one of the six flowers on the second level.

Here, the lecturers could choose to leave behind their name on these flowers. Just imagine, Immortal Monarch Yiye had taught here and made a flower bloom with twelve petals before – quite a magical event.

He was the first and the only one in the hundred race to have twelve wills, the eighth all together in history.

Even someone like him had taught here at the academy, indicative of the institutions glorious prestige.

Thus, it didnt matter how talented one might be, all the students here knew it was the time to be humble.

“Grandpa Mo is amazing as well, not a monarch yet even better than one.” A student from Sacred Institution said emotionally.

Only two flowers were named on the second level, Yiye and Mo Qianjun.

Few outsiders have heard of “Mo Qianjun”, but everyone has heard of “Grandpa Mo” and would naturally feel a sense of respect. Even emperors were no exception to this. Immortal Monarch Yiye would refer to Mo Qianjun as “Teacher” whenever they met.

He was the longest-tenured teacher here and had taught too many excellent students. For example, even Immortal Monarch Jilin was taught by him.”

Because of this, there was a saying at the academy – life is not wasted after listening to Qianjuns lecture.

“Sigh, the academy hasnt organized any class for Grandpa Mo recently or we would be so lucky.” An Emperor Mansion student said.

Just imagine, his lecture was on the same level as a twelve-will monarch. One could easily see how profound it would be.

“Well yeah, Grandpa Mo would only do one lecture whenever he feels the itch again. I heard the last lecture was five thousand years ago, so we probably wont have the chance.” A senior said.

“Who left the two flowers at the very top?” One young student asked with curiosity.

The two at the top had thirteen petals without signatures. Since Immortal Monarch Yiye and Mo Qianjun could only reach twelve petals, it meant that there were two people above them in lecturing skills. No one should be able to surpass them in terms of dao comprehension and explanation, so this was quite shocking indeed.

“Its a mystery, one of the most interesting ones at the academy.” A senior shook his head: “There are too many legends about it.”

He paused for a bit and continued: “The most believable and logical one is that they were left by the founders, Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor.”

Everyone felt that this made sense. After all, these were the starters of an ultimate expedition and should be able to surpass Immortal Monarch Yi Ye.

“Not necessarily.” Someone who had looked into this disagreed: “There are many records about these two flowers at the academy but none are that detailed. Theres one reason why Deep South Divine Emperor shouldnt be involved. Back then, the hundred race was still weak while the three races reigned. The divine emperor had indeed taught in this place before but in my personal opinion, it was because Immortal Emperor Fei was his son-in-law, and that he wanted to show his attitude and stance towards the three races. But, if you were to tell me that he would leave his dao essence and learning to ordinary cultivators from the hundred race, I find that very unlikely.”

He spoke with reasons in an amicable manner.

“Then who if not Deep South Divine Emperor? Well say that one of them is from Immortal Emperor Fei, what about the other one?” A junior said.

“Thats the most interesting part. A very long time ago, records about these flowers have been erased! No one actually knew why. Among the scattered remains of these texts, some had bold speculation that neither Immortal Emperor Fei nor Deep South Divine Emperor left these flowers behind.” The senior revealed.

“Who could it be then?” The students remained skeptical because they couldnt come up with another being capable of leaving this level of Grand Dao Flower.

“Well, thats why it is still an unsolvable mystery at the academy to this day.” The senior smiled in response.

As time passed, more students came around. Even a few teachers were joining in.

Gu Qiheng still wasnt here yet but students were sitting down in the courtyard. They were completely confident that his lecture would greatly benefit them via dao resonation.

The Three Scions have arrived as well. After several days of recuperation and taking medicines, Six-sword Young King was perfectly fine now. The injuries were serious but didnt actually hurt his weak spots.

“The scions are here.” The students quickly came to greet them.

While people were greeting each other, Freesky Young Lord climbed up the stage and stared at the students.

“Xuanji has been asked by Teacher Qiheng to start a preamble for his lecture so that everyone will know what the content will be, whether it is suitable or not.” He said: “Please excuse my audacity for outlining the dao derivation lecture first, feel free to point out any mistakes.”

This introduction didnt surprise people at all because the young lord had taken over for Qiheng in the classroom in the past. It was suitable and reasonable for him to do the introduction right now.

After hearing the outline, the students could decide whether to stay or not. This was good preparation done by Gu Qiheng.

Though Freesky was only a student, there was no restriction for people to lecture at the dao courtyard. Moreover, he was a High God already so he was certainly qualified to lecture on this stage from multiple perspectives.

Six-sword and Rumination entered without any hesitation after seeing this to show their support. Remember, they were the leaders of Hundred Halls and Sacred Institution right now so many students followed them.

Plus, this preamble wasnt going to be bad at all. Freesky has done a good job in the past teaching at Hundred Halls.

Some students from Emperor Mansion came as well. They needed to give Freesky some face since he was the leader of this classroom.

Suitability didnt matter too much; the courtyard was already filled with students.

“Today will start with a lecture on dao derivation. It consists of Teacher Qihengs recent findings on the grand dao, the lifeblood of his research, even. Though he wouldnt dare to claim that it ’s peerless, the explanation will certainly be unique and effective.” Freesky began.

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