Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 657: Critical Juncture

“Its South Emperor!” The students cried out after seeing the soaring figure: “Damn! Hes about to become an Immortal Monarch.”

Even the extremely proud students from Emperor Mansion were shaken. Only the word, “yield”, existed in their mind when thinking about South Emperor.

His ascension right now was truly frightening. He made his dao debut much later than Virtuous but their ascension events were so close together. He had caught up to Virtuous not long after joining the academy.

“Only monsters come out of Mortal School. Is he really going to become a twelve-will monarch?” All were stunned right away.

Everyone knew that Mortal School rarely recruited students due to the stringent requirements. Someone like Virtuous couldnt join it yet South Emperor was chosen; this was indicative of his talents.

Furthermore, the past alumni of this classroom were simply insane. Six-dao Monarch was one example with his immortal bloodline. This was someone who could keep up with the best of the emperors.

“Rumble!” Lightning bolts descended from the sky straight for South Emperor, wanting to crush him to smithereens.

“Come!” South Emperor smiled and swept his Sky Piercer to destroy everything in its path.

The incoming lightning bolts got crushed by a single swing while South Emperor rose higher to reach the Heavens Wills.

“Rumble!” Dao platforms appeared in each corner of the academy. They exuded divine lights and became connected with each other.

“Buzz.” With this connection, a complete runic chapter emerged as dao lights pierced through the sky. All of this culminated into an ancient dao altar beneath him.

“Boom!” With the boost of this altar, he was covered with dao runes. They wove together and sealed the entire location.

At this moment, people felt as if he had become one with the academy or a part of this supreme chapter. It made him omnipresent and unreachable.

He has yet to ascend but he already had the style of an emperor – simply unbeatable.

“Clank!” The endless runes turned into four dao chains and began to attack the Heavens Wills.

The wills instantly disappeared and turned into chaos energy as if they were the primordial origin. Just like that, the chains still jumped into this vast expanse.

“Whats going on?” The disappearance of the wills astounded everyone. Some had seen Virtuouss ascension before wondered if South Emperor had lost his chance because this didnt happen the last time.

“He wants to go against the heaven…” Ordinary emperors didnt know what was going on but the top ones were slightly moved, realizing the gravity of the current event.

“Get down here!” South Emperor roared with his vitality erupting. The ancient aura turned into an imperial crest so he looked just like a supreme Immortal Emperor.

“Rumble!” The earth quaked as the four chains inside the vast expanse were pulling harder to get something from inside. Finally, four wills were slowly dragged downward.

People, including weaker emperors, didnt see what was so special about these four wills outside of having thicker chaos energy and looked a bit purer. The stronger emperors were much more affected by this scene.

“Not just going against heaven, the brat wants to defy all odds!” One top emperor exclaimed.

“Four Primary Wills, the brat is supreme and bold on top of being so lucky. Maybe the high heaven does favor him.” Another top monarch murmured.

“Four Primary Wills, I see.” An Ancient God also noticed since he had heard of this legend before.

“Incredible, this brat is far superior compared to Jin Ge or Virtuous. Unless something unexpected were to happen, hell be a twelve-will emperor for sure, and if he does, hell be comparable to Flame Emperor!” One more powerful emperor murmured.

A Primary Will was also a Heavens Will. The only difference was that they were the first four to be born in each generation.

It wasnt necessarily powerful in other places, only purer and all-encompassing. In other words, after obtaining these four, one would have an easier time grabbing more wills later on.

Keep in mind that very few emperors have gotten these Primary Wills. It required power, blessing from the heaven and earth, and a closeness with the myriad laws.

Thus, those who obtained these wills were truly the favorite children of heaven.

However, grabbing all four was quite shocking even for the top emperors. Only one person has done this before – Flame Emperor!

This was a supreme Devil Emperor with achievements virtually impossible to surpass. He was the third to have twelve wills and also the first emperor of the Devil Race. More importantly, he was the only one in the records to have four Primary Wills.

Alas, he eventually died to the Heavenly Execution despite possessing a True Immortal Armament as well.

For example, the peerless World Emperor only had three Primary Wills and Deep South had two.

But now, South Emperor was locking on to all four. If he could actually become a twelve-will emperor, he would have a chance to catch up to Flame Emperor!

“Boom!” South Emperor was completely fixated on pulling down these four wills with his chains. Suddenly, a massive imperial might came down from the sky, robbing the breath out of everyone.

Energy in the sky turned into a gigantic palm, reaching for South Emperor.

“Damn!” The students knew what was going on after sensing this destructive aura.

“Another emperor wants to ambush him!” One student shouted.

Even the teachers were alarmed to see this.

This ascension had attracted the attention of all the other emperors. One was ambushing him in order to prevent this coronation.

In fact, most emperors have experienced interruptions before. No one wanted to see a smooth-passing during this process.

“Fellow Daoist, go back now.” Another majestic aura soared to the sky.

The master of the voice stood among the clouds. His eyes illuminated the world and caused its inhabitants to tremble. There was a roar of a True Dragon where he stood.

“Immortal Emperor Yin Tian from the nine worlds!” Someone who recognized him was stunned.

“Its his real body! The emperor from Mysterious Bamboo Mountain is personally protecting his junior, how unbelievable!” One High God gasped at this sight.

Remember that emperors wouldnt easily leave Exploration Grounds because of the Heavenly Execution. At the very best, they would only send their dao avatars to protect their juniors.

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