Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 656: The Huangfu Clans Vengeance

Gu Qihengs announcement excited numerous students. He was a genius who had research supreme grand dao on top of being a seven-totem High God.

This lecture was surely profound because anything less would be an embarrassment.

“Would any colleague like to join me on the subject of the dao? The more, the merrier.” Qiheng offered.

Everyone found that something was strange. Asking someone else to come up stage was the same as challenging them.

Of course, this was fine as well. It was good for teachers to compete since it would promote discussions and improvements.

No one dared to answer the challenge because the dao courtyard was a grand location. No one dared to do it without planning ahead or their fame would go down the gutter.

“Brother Qiye, are you interested?” Qiheng solemnly asked only Li Qiye after the general announcement.

Needless to say more about Qihengs status, this was someone who was world-renowned as a student. Everyone thought that he would become the most excellent teacher who would eventually surpass Grandpa Mo as long as he sticks around.

Remember, Grandpa Mo was the longest tenured teacher at the academy. Not to mention the current headmaster, even the previous headmasters were very respectful towards him. It wasnt due to his personal strength but more about his unique explanation and methods of the dao. Many High Gods and emperors used to be his students.

Even some of these beings came back to listen to Grandpa Mos lectures.

At this moment, Qiheng was not a match for the older teachers but he certainly triumphed over his peers.

As for Li Qiye, he had no achievements in terms of dao teaching. People only knew about his brutality, unlike Qiheng who was well-received in Hundred Halls.

A few smart students also noticed that something was amiss. They knew that Freesky Young Lord was Qihengs student at the academy but their relationship was even more than that – akin to a master-disciple.

So now, the geniuses understood that Freesky Young Lord had found their backing. This was a challenge meant for Li Qiye.

“Lecture?” Li Qiye didnt refuse this direct challenge and smiled: “Since you are in the mood, its good to have one for the students to hear.”

“A dragon versus a tiger.” Some students murmured after hearing the response.

“Thank you, Brother, for entertaining me. Well start in five days.” Qiheng spoke with a cool attitude: “Ill try my best and will be talking about Dao Derivation for my lecture.”

“Alright, in five days. My lecture will be on Dao Heart.” Li Qiye replied right away.

“Sounds good, I will be waiting to hear your golden words.” Many students admired Qihengs attitude.

After settling on a date, the academy got something else to be excited about again. Everyone told all their friends.

“Teacher Qiheng is going to lecture about Dao Derivation, you coming?” One asked.

“Of course, why wouldnt I? A lecture at the dao courtyard is too rare. The last time is like a year ago with Teacher Zhou. Im definitely going this time because Teacher Qiheng is about to wow all of us. Well benefit quite a bit.” Another was quite excited.

In fact, virtually everyone from all the classrooms wanted to hear the lecture. Among the young teachers, only Qianxuan was as loved as Qiheng.

Thus, no student was willing to miss this opportunity. On the other hand, there was a mild response for Li Qiyes Dao Heart.

Of course, this was due to the disparity in popularity. Qiheng was famous several years ago so he had plenty of fans at the academy. Meanwhile, Li Qiye was an unknown teacher. People only knew him for his penchant for violence. However, this didnt do him any favor in terms of being liked by the student body.

Furthermore, the topic itself was not very interesting. Cultivation speed was of the utmost importance, thus any method to increase it was highly desirable or ways to strengthen dao techniques.

As for the dao heart, it was too conceptual and intangible. A few students didnt care for it at all.

“The dao heart is not that beneficial. Probably not worth listening.” One lackadaisical student said.

Outside of a lack of interest by the majority, a small group still wanted to listen and see.

The next five days were extremely long for the students because of the wait.

But suddenly, a loud explosion caused the earth to quake at the academy. More ensued continuously in the form of grand dao exploding. In the blink of an eye, the power of the heaven and earth gathered with all of the essences. They formed a tempest above the academys sky.

This endless power came too quickly and without notice.

“Boom!” The laws of the grand dao resonated with each other and soared to the sky in the form of reversing waterfalls. It was a magnificent and stirring scene.

Fifty-eight Heavens Wills suddenly emerged above; their endless chaos energy drowned the entire academy.

These wills were hard to see just like True Dragons playing beneath the ocean. No one expected them to be here at all.

This was a monstrous power; not to mention the students dropping to the ground, even the teachers were having trouble breathing.

“Whats going on?” The aghast crowd was lost.

An experienced teacher calmed down and explained: “A new Immortal Monarch is being born.”

In fact, the invincible beings such as emperors all over the thirteen continents were shaken by this development.

Everyone knew that from the gathering of the wills to the shouldering ceremony was a linear process – taking from dozens of days to one or two years.

But now, the essences gathered so quickly like a raging tempest to the astonishment of the crowd.

“How strange, is it an extraordinary person ascending?” Gazes from the depth focused on the academy in Arrogance.

“Is this a sign of a twelve-will emperor?” A monarch was bewildered.

In each generation, the world could produce seventy-two wills. Recently, Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor had taken six; next was Jin Ge with four and same with Virtuous. Thus, there were fifty-eight wills left.

“A new monarch…” A few geniuses at the academy composed themselves and murmured.

“Boom!” A figure rushed out of the academy and seemingly reigned over the sky.

He was unstoppable and could look down on the myriad ages. His ancient temperament filled this world like a king coming from the past, capable of grasping the entire universe!

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