Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 59: Conspiracy 1

After stabilizing the baby inside the belly, Li Qiye took out the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. With a buzz, it opened and its flames jumped out.

Li Qiye casually flipped his hand, allowing the fire to land on his palm. It suddenly turned into an icy knife as he prepared to perform surgery on this corpse in order to take out the new form of life.

Xiaoxiao nervously held her breath after seeing this. Of course, she wasnt the only one since the rest of the treecorpses grew tense as well. They watched each of his actions and didnt dare to breathe loudly lest they disturb his concentration.

Fortunately, his actions were masterful. Each cut showed his mastery with their perfection like a skilled butcher. This granted solace to the spectators. The smooth surgery finally finished as he cut open the large belly.

A golden light emerged from inside. Next, he took out something from inside, the source of this blinding brilliance. It looked just like the sun hanging in the sky.

“Success.” Xiaoxiao quickly got close after seeing the smooth process.

She was startled after seeing the object he was hugging. It wasnt a baby like she imagined. At first, she thought that this new life would be a baby regardless of how strange it might look.

However, he was hugging a lotus made out of flesh. The buds have yet to open completely as they were tightly stuck together. Who knows what was actually wrapped inside? Each petal looked like the fat white skin that belongs to a baby. Moreover, it was pulsing as if it was breathing. One could also hear a thumping heartbeat. Even though it wasnt very loud, people could hear it clearly.

While looking at this fleshy lotus bud, she asked with uncertainty: “Hey, is this the new life? Can this still be called a baby?” It was too different from what she imagined.

“Yes, this is the new life.” Li Qiye raised this lotus bud high with both hands and carefully looked at every single detail.

After a meticulous observation, Li Qiye emotionally commented: “This is a miracle of the world, the accumulation of all wonders. It is not only the next generation of treecorpses but a true masterpiece of the heaven and earth.”

At this time, all the treecorpses slowly prostrated on the ground and worshipped the new lifeform in his hands.

She curiously asked: “What are they doing now?”

Li Qiye glanced at them and insipidly replied: “They are greeting their kings arrival to the world. This is their races crownless king, its supreme sovereign. This newborn represents the origin of their race and will herald new hope for them, allowing them to actually have a functioning lineage. Perhaps it will be able to turn them into a new race.”

She stared at it and countered: “But this is only a meat lotus, it doesnt look like it can become a new race at all.”

“No, this is only the external form.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “It hasnt formally been born yet. An existence like this would need to gestate for another ten years or more. It only came into being now because there was no other choice, this is a premature birth. When it actually grows up, it wont look like this.”

While taking a better look, she asked: “What will it look like then?” She couldnt imagine what this lotus would look like in the future.

Li Qiye opened his mouth to speak, but in this instant, he slightly raised his brows. A rustling sound came about.

Little roots as thin as silk crept up from the ground like snakes. After they appeared, many of the treecorpses here were very wary of them and quickly retreated.

“What are these things?” Xiaoxiao was startled and creeped out after seeing so many roots coming out and wiggling about.

While she was still caught off guard, these strips of roots wove together to form a gigantic palm. People would tremble at its sight since it looked like it could grasp the entire world.

“What does it want?!” Xiaoxiao had a bad feeling about this as her expression dimmed.

Li Qiye flatly responded: “It wants to take away the new life.”

“No! No matter what it is, it cant take away the baby.” Xiaoxiao was completely alarmed now. Despite her young age, her maternal instinct still erupted. She waved her hand and a sword array made out of trees appeared.

“Clank!” The trees in the form of swords slashed forward with their branches. In the blink of an eye, this great formation mercilessly aimed for the gigantic palm!

“Boom!” This palm was undeterred. It pressed down and instantly shattered the sword formation and the main trees.

Xiaoxiao was certainly not weak, but this palm was too mighty. Ordinary paragons had no chance to resist!

“Go!” She was driven by her maternal instinct at this moment and was not afraid of any foe, regardless of how powerful they were. She casually summoned five more divine trees and trapped the palm inside.

“Rumble!” Explosions ensued shortly afterward. However, these trees were severed by the palm; they simply couldnt slow it down at all.

Her face changed after witnessing this power, so she told Li Qiye: “We have to take the baby and run, its too strong.”

He pulled her back behind him and insipidly stated: “You are not its match, leave it to me.”

After dispatching Xiaoxiaos divine tree, the gigantic palm unleashed an attack that shattered the void before reaching for the meat lotus.

“Clank!” In a split second, Li Qiye had a sword in his hand. He didnt bother taking another glance before a sword shadow erupted. At this moment, dao laws poured down like heavenly waterfalls. Each of them could crush the heavens!

Its hymn echoed across the sky as he swung towards the palm. It was a slash without any technique or variation. He actually didnt use that much strength either, it was just a simple swing.

However, this casual slash made everything scream. The power of the grand dao, the might of the heaven and earth, the force of myriad beings… everything was suppressed and disintegrated before this destruction.

“Poof!” The gigantic hand was instantly cut without suspense. It was slaughtered like a rooster that stretched out its neck in its final moment. Any existence would need to present their neck after witnessing this sword technique!

All of the roots immediately broke apart and drilled back into the ground.

The weapon in his hand was the Dao Sword that allowed him to be invincible in this world! This was the reason why this weapon was so terrifying. Once utilized to its full potential, it could suppress and annihilate all other forces!

“Rustle!” More rustling sounds came from the ground. Even more roots came out compared to before with an even more aggressive momentum.

Li Qiye didnt care at all. He didnt even bat an eye.

“Clank!” The sword in his hand erupted again with its hymn. He inserted the sword into the ground.

“Buzz!” The black sword suddenly came back to life with boundless dao runes flowing through it.

In the blink of an eye, these runes came together with the dao sword as the center to form a dao chapter that was continuously spreading. It quickly encompassed every single inch of this valley.

This expansion wouldnt stop as if it wanted to engulf the whole world and imprison it inside the chapter.

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