Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 653: Your Disappearing Fragrance

Qiheng laughed and said: “How interesting, I want to meet this teacher then.”

“How can a teacher like him compare to you, Teacher.” Freesky replied: “Hes a firefly while youre the sun. Otherwise, why would he be sent to Study Room?”

“Study Room?” Qiheng didnt expect this at all.

“Yes.” Rumination continued: “Some students thought that he only became a teacher due to connections. Otherwise, why would the academy send him to Study Room with only three students? Plus, they go to Hundred Halls for lectures anyway. The academy is probably afraid of him misteaching the students.”

“No.” Qiheng shook his head and said: “You two are looking down on Study Room too much. Everyone knows that it is a place of idle but thats just on the surface. Its not that simple but rather a place of mysteries and grand creations. Its not that easy to stay there.”

“A place of grand creations?” The two of them found this unbelievable.

All students knew that Study Room only contained random books and scrolls so the majority wanted no part of it.

“Indeed, an amazing place for fortunes.” Qiheng nodded and stated.

“Such as?” Freesky was full of curiosity.

“Hard to say, even the teachers know very little about it. Only the ancestors that dont come out truly know the mysteries of that place.” Qiheng revealed.

“No wonder why some seniors said that you have read many books and have a wealth of knowledge.” Rumination praised.

Qiheng smiled in response: “However, this Teacher Li sounds quite interesting. I want to meet him.”

The two youths became excited right away and glanced at each other. Freesky continued: “Teacher, Teacher Li is very close to Teacher Qianxuan and maybe some ancestors in the academy. Looks like his backing is very strong so you should avoid fighting with him lest others misunderstand.”

Freesky chose his words very carefully. Due to his close relationship with Qiheng, he knew that Qiheng was interested in Qianxuan so he wanted to egg the guy on.

Qiheng was as nonchalant as ever and spoke naturally: “Myriad paths towards the dao with waves rising in the world; in order to truly become someone, one must rely on themselves. I have wined and dined with the emperors and talked about the dao with them, but this is superficial at best. Being friends with everyone or coming from an imperial lineage, thats only a small advantage in the end. The key to success is to make yourself invincible.”

Spoken in a simple manner yet the content was anything but. Listeners would be shaken to hear this.

Interacting on the same level as the emperors? That was the apex of life – how many people could actually reach this stage? The majority could only look up and bow at the emperors but Qiheng could stand on the same level as them.

Of course, Freesky and Rumination didnt think that Qiheng was tooting his horn. As a brilliant High God, he was indeed qualified to be associated with the emperors.

“We juniors are in awe of your accomplishments, Teacher.” Rumination quickly said.

“Alright, I know what you two are trying to do.” Qiheng smiled: “I want to see Teacher Li not because of your feud but a talent like that brighten my eyes and invokes my will to compete. As for your flattery and schemes, go ahead and take it back. Stop believing that youre strong enough to challenge anyone.”

“Thank you for your guidance teacher, we were wrong.” The two quickly bowed happily.

“We will simply be talking about the dao and teaching methods, thats it. The two of you are essentially my students, so I will stand up for you this time. As for your previous feud or perception of being bullied before, let it go, only blame yourselves for being incapable. Lose hope of me actually fighting him.”

“We dont dare to.” The two of them forced a smile, not daring to say anything else. After all, Qiheng has agreed to go gain some justice for them. This was already too much to ask.

“You two need to change your mentality, do not be arrogant all day long and care for the attention of others. The road ahead is not easy, you might not even be able to graduate.” Qiheng said.

“Teacher, you mean we can be expelled?” Rumination was surprised.

Qiheng shook his head: “Not that, but the academy might be in trouble soon.”

“Impossible.” Rumination jumped after hearing this.

Freesky slightly batted his eyes and had to ask: “Teacher, so the rumors are real?”

As the successor of a lineage with five monarchs and being a High God himself, Freesky knew more than Rumination.

“No one can truly tell.” Qiheng said: “But just be mentally prepared and think about your future. How far you can go will be up to yourself.”

The two youths glanced at each other. Rumination couldnt understand Qihengs intent: “Teacher, what do you mean?”

Qiheng smiled again: “The emperors will come out and so will a feast. Whether the two of you are lucky enough or not, thats up to you.”

“Please show us the way.” Rumination bowed his head and asked after calming down.

Qiheng didnt answer, still with a smile on his face.

Li Qiye was only strolling through the garden but suddenly, a golden flash in the distant drew his attention. He smiled and flew to the sky.

There was a valley shrouded in mist and fog all year long in the depth of the garden. Students said that this place made others lose their way. Those who try to enter would eventually find themselves back in the entrance.

No one knew what was special about this valley and the teachers never talked about it.

Li Qiye entered the valley and pointed forward. A click resembling a door unlocking came about. Golden laws appeared inside the mist and wove together to form a dao gate.

Li Qiye stepped inside and was teleported away through space for an unknown destination.

He finally entered an old house with nothing but an imperial bed. Those who knew what it was made of would be scared out of their mind since it was carved out of immortal wood, a single and complete piece. Emperors couldnt easily get something like this, let alone ordinary people.

On top of the bed were immortal bloodstones. This was a very rare method; normal emperors in hibernation couldnt enjoy this treatment.

“Excuse me for my lack of courtesy.” A person dressed in an imperial robe got up from the bed. He looked around the age of eighty in mortal years; his hair – still golden – draped over his shoulders. When he sat up, his aura could shake the thirteen continents and nine firmaments!

“Forget it, just stay there.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and sat down on the bed: “It would be problematic if a Heavenly Execution comes.”

“I dont think the heaven cares for my old bones.” The old man smiled.

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “You coming into being is quite surprising, not something you do a lot after your fathers expedition.”

“Sigh, my old bones cant handle it and are about to break so I have to stay here, hoping that I can be useful in the future.” He said wistfully.

“Save it for someone else, your Eternal Bloodline can keep you jumping forever, as long as the Heavenly Execution doesnt take you.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The old man smiled wryly: “Please, we really cant stand this torture unlike you who becomes stronger the longer the fight lasts. I dont think I have the strength to go on an expedition like my father, the body isnt the same anymore.”

“But youre coming out anyway, I thought you would ignore it.” Li Qiye said.

“This is still my father and grandfathers hard-earned legacy, my mothers too. I cant watch it collapse even if I dont care for mundane matters.” The old man said sentimentally.

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